S04E02 | Be careful what you wish for on a Friday night BIRTHDAY

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Previously on Ayesha Diaries.....

S04E01  | The After Party

An engrossing dance tune makes lazy Ayesha get adventurous and get out of her apartment. A chance encounter makes her meet Mr. Picked-you-up on his birthday. Would the party go exactly as expected? Would this date be her best date?


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After all, it is his birthday. I'm just being kind. Ayesha is a warm neighbour. That's all.

Enrique's All I need is a rhythm divine fills the air as I am led arm in arm with Mr. Picked-you-up amidst the sprawling crowd. I smile at the ground noticing his fair skin peeking out of torn dark blue jeans. He does have some thighs unlike, typical men who are bones below the belt. It was dawning on me that it was even more awkward walking as we were amidst colorful glazed spiral party danglers that were hanging on gold, silver, black & bright violet balloons in patterns from ceiling to floor.
Thankfully he lovingly let me loose, 'Would you like a drink or something?'
The semicircular bar has a bartender juggling colorful drinks and just did a fire stunt.

'I—I've left drinking. Really. Thanks'

'Something really weird you did the last time you got drunk that you stopped drinking?' he teases.
Only that it was true. My last date. And that vodka. I'd rather not talk about it. My note to self was bold with red highlight dangling in the air —No drinking on first dates. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

'Have a beer'

'No, really, Ritwik. I'm fine.'

'What about an orange juice? You cool with fresh healthy homemade juice?' I slightly open my mouth and he takes it for a yes, 'Babyji k liye fresh orange juice chachi. Ekdum achhese han'.

With a casual smile, he's looking into my eyes. From the hat stand, he picks a black sequin hat and puts it on my head and a silver one himself. I pull the hat, half hiding my face, posing till it nearly drops off my nose and join him giggling. As our ring of laughter tired us, he settles stylishly with one elbow on the bar, 'She's with us since I was a baby. Always taken care of me. And let me tell you, Ayesha, she's the best chef in the world. Half the times when I go out with friends I purposely eat less so that I can come home and heat something from the refrigerator'

Cute smile. 'Well, I could use some orange. Thanks! Alcohol even makes me put on weight. Only red wine is ok but what's the point of drinking if you don't wanna be high'

He smiles unusually again. 'You don't need to be bothered about weight. I don't get it what's with women perpetually wanting to lose weight'

'Oh. Hulloh! I'm not some size zero whining about being size negative.'

'You are seriously OK, Ayesha. You are gorgeous.'

'You've amazing eyes.'

'You didn't have to compulsively return a compliment'

'I didn't. I—I always mean what I say. Especially compliments.'

'Oh. Thank you, then Miss.' He charmingly bows.

The orange juice is heavenly. Surprisingly he has one too.
'Hmmmhmm...I've never had such orange juice before!' Told-you-so look on Rits's face. 'But why orange juice for you?'

'I don't like drinking'
After my office Mr. Mysterious crush and the model, little did I expect to hear this blatant lie the third time.

'Wh—h—what? You don't believe me, Ayesha?'
Oops. My brows. I do wear my heart on my sleeves. In this case sleeveless.
'No. I mean— I've heard that before. Just that it's hard to digest.'

'Hey! Happy birthday, Rits!! I got ya your favourite! So, when are you taking us, man!' A tall well built man suddenly grabs him in an embrace. 

'Yeah, bro. Soon.'

His circle had a typical habit of seeing a new face and that identical group shock. 

'Rohan, Ayesha. Ayesha, Rohan.'
I shake his straight extended hand with a metallic watch studded with stones. Maybe diamond.

'Pleasure, Ayesha. Have never seen you before. You are Katy's friend?'

'No. Mine.' Their Rits gets a pretty stern suspicious look for this.

'Rits! Come here, man! I gotcha show you somethin' A larger than life clean shaven fattie drags him this time. And I'm stuck with Rohan.  I can't obviously follow the birthday boy everywhere! I've to be reasonable. After all I'm the intervening member in the seemingly closely knit friends' family. Getting into a party is not that tough but blending in, sure is.

'So you are Rits's friend.' He's got a wicked smile.
'I nod. What about you? Since when do you know him?' He helps himself to a beer.
'Since childhood. I'm not able to give him much time these days. He's left really lonely after—'

'Hey, Rohan. How are you, man!'

No kidding. It really was a reunion or something. This super hot girl in a bright red figure-hugging crepe dress was clinging to Rohan a little more than he wanted, maybe. Her gold earring dangles were getting inside his dark green shirt's collar and his neck. The dark green shirt was liberally buttoned showing off his clean well-toned chest. She literally ran her shining bright red index finger seductively down his stubs and neck.

'Oh, come on. Rohan', she grabs his belt and ash grey trousers. Her fingers keep tugging at his smooth ruffled dark brown hair, now visible, as the Ms.mI-want-you is all over him pulling his gold sequin hat down his chest and abs. And now tugging at more than just his trousers. Rohan looks at me. I dig into my orange juice.

Rohan is seriously handsome. He's just as tall as Mr. Picked-you-up. Must be 6 ft or rather a few inches more as he's above me despite my heels. Cheekbones, deep penetrating eyes, lovely wide lips, the kind you would love kissing and quite a masculine voice that suddenly distracts me from my reverie.

'You come on, Tania!' He barks losing his patience and embarrassed more than ever 'You are fucking drunk!! Hey! Amy, just help her out ya'.

Petite Amy in a strip of white laced front and tunic plain black rest, helps the long legged lass in bright red stilettos nearly collapsing on the textury grey sofa with pearl white cushions.

'I'm—I'm really sorry. Ayesha, right?'

'Yeah. That's OK.  You can go on with her. Don't mind me'.

'Tania? No. Are you kidding me? No! I'd rather be with you.'
Whoa. Wait. What? Rewind please. She's fucking hot. And slim unlike me. 'Which sane man wouldn't want her?'
'I—I don't know.'
'What is it about me that you want to be with me?' I smile unbelievingly. 
'I don't know'
Wow that. Men. Do they ever know anything? 

'So what about life fascinates you, Ayesha?'

Quite a thing to ask.'Umm...the little things in life? The fond loving eyes of a puppy, the fragrance of first rain, the color of freshly blossomed flowers, an adorable blink of an eye to an eye to say yes—You know how you—like—blink slowly like this? Oh. I must be boring you to death.'

'No. Not at all babes.' He's looking at me intently.

The birthday boy is still being hugged. The entire place has a wooden finish. Long french windows with frosted glass, lined with buttery draping curtains. The mood lights change from blue to dark yellow to devil green and many hues of red. Patches of lavender glows are constant on the walls. Chandeliers of soft glow lights are really dim and old colorful lamps decorate the place.
'You want anything else to eat, beta? ', Chachi asks.
As I just get my glass refilled at the counter Tania is again rubbing against Rohan.
He carefully puts her on the sofa. Kisses her forehead. Pats her head onto the pillow and I turn back. He surprises me tapping me on the shoulder. 'Hey. wana dance, beautiful?'

He leads me with his hand into the floor. OK.  Even I get into the feel.
He swings me backwards and catches me back. 'But you knew all the words to say'
As he turns me swiftly I look for the birthday boy and our eyes meet as he's dancing with a hot woman. We keep looking at each other through the full turn. He has killer eyes but so has Rohan. Oops. He's drinking me right in, grabbing my waist, jiggling hip shaking. I follow him with proper eye contact now. He smiles mischievously. 
'You dance beautifully, babes'
'You too', I blush.
Kesha's Tik tok started from nowhere. I mirror every word in my eyes enjoying more than ever. Rohan is quite a dancer. He's quick to have his hands on my waist, back, I'm bent backwards even in this fast beat and up and I'm swirling. Way to go belly dancer. He quickly holds my palm straight to his, and front and back. Innovative steps really. I play along with a confident walk to Two playful smiles to this. Rits is back with us.The common nod of the heads is contagious as Ricky and Roxy also join our circle.To my utter luck, I hear the four of them chorus the lyrics, Rohan and Rits walking by my sides taking turns. I laugh dancing my wits away.

Rihanna's hypnotized. Wow. DJ's playing cool numbers. I play along with the lyrics, smiling as well Rohan and Rits are both pretty sportive. I could have got anything if I asked for it today, maybe.
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