S01E03 Meeting Protein Shake | Prelude to the backstage preparation

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Previously on Ayesha Diaries....

Ayesha had met 'Him' and he had said he'd a great time. But they never met again for months and he had been busy. Recently after her many encounters, she had thought why not him. They had talked over the phone. Would anything really happen between Him and Her?

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S01E03 Meeting Protein Shake | Prelude to the backstage preparation

On a boring Saturday morning in office even I was feeling as alive as the pantry door.
Work couldn't have been more paced up when suddenly ishq ki dhoond sprang all of us to our feet, given the unusual tone and the volume bringing life into my cellphone.

'Kya baat hai Ayesha Mam'

Passing just about a quick smile, half frown, gleaming eyes and certainly amused, my fingers answered the touch screen with a nanosecond of delay — just to be doubly sure that it was reality.

None in the cabin had known that it had been quite some time that I had heard this specific ring tone set for 'Celeb'.

'Helllo...' I chirped in, in my usual flirtatious Ayesha style, enjoying the surprise and the tingle of the unknown.

'Hii how are you sweetheart? What's up? How have you been, baby?'

'Look who's talking! Mr. Busy Bee.You are the one who's never there. So, you tell me how come you found time from work today and how come you remembered me.......'

'Of course, I remember you, baby. I always do. What time do you get off work, baby?'

'Haen? Why are you asking that?'

'Because I wanted to meet you baby'

'Ahaan. Is it?'

'Yes, baby. Actually, I'm going to the gym now and I've to meet the director at 5 and I'll be shooting in between. So would you like to come and meet me during the shoot, baby?'

W.o.w. Actually, watch him at work? And especially a work I love?

With as much composure and normal excitement, in absolute contrast to what my eyes were gleaming, I found myself suddenly mature,'Yes. That's a good idea.'

Good idea? Really, Ayesha? That sounds like you are not excited!

'I mean that will be amazing.' I quickly found myself saying, my hands were searching for a hand to clutch to release the extra volcanos of excitement

'but will it be possible?' I was wary of what had happened last time. The production team was overtly protective of their copyrighted creativity before it got released, as if I was a film journalist.

'Yes, baby. Why not?'

'You know. .how. ..'

'Not many people are there in shoot today. The entire studio could be ours.'

That made excitement stop thinking. What was on his mind?

'Yes. Baby. If you come now , you will be bored. I'll be working out,  baby.'

Watching him workout didn't seem a bad idea also. I was certainly not head over heels over him. He is a friend and working out is a good thing to look at. It's time I started. And there's nothing like having a conversation alone with him.

'I'll quit office half day.'

'You don't have to. Ok baby—'

'Of course I don't HAVE to' Did he think he had that power over me or something?
'Ok. If you wish, come baby. Let me know before you reach, baby. I'll tell the security.'

Swirl-turn of my bossy chair in the small cabin, over excitement creaking through the corner of my eyes, all other six eyes were on me( with a 'So?' look).Trying not to be the baby, I enlightened. 'There's someone I know who wants to meet me. Now.'

'So are you going?'

'Yes. He is actually a celeb. Kind of a celeb. Not a big one.' I quickly added as I didn't want to take any footage.'But you see. I've met him only once. After all these months he has asked to see me and he is never free, so I should go'.

'Yes. Obviously you should go, Ayesha Ma'am. But who is it? Tell us who the celeb is.'

Oops.When will you learn to keep your mouth shut, Ayesha.

'These people from the industry... I mean not just him, they have a habit of calling bebby.  After every line-baby. That too, it's not baby. It's bebby. Yes bebby? Bolo na bebby. Ok bebby?....' I giggled to save myself.

'Come on. Ayesha.'

'Tell us Ayesha.'

'See I can't reveal his identity. You see. That won't be correct at all. And there's nothing. Ok. This ain't a date. This is nothing. We are just meeting after all these months.'

Over the next few minutes, I found life and fun in just about everything.  Quickly jumping in Anu's cabin I had the same story to tell. She of course knew who it was. I had tried to set her up with him in Natasha's and my coincidental quest to get her married to good guys of her caste, who coincidentally were also celebs.
As I remembered all of that, I did my quick check. 'You are sure you don't like him,  right?'

'No. Ayeshaaa'

'Haye Haye itna bhi bura nahi hai'

'Han.nahi hai. He's not that bad. I may or may not' mischievousness was alive in the air, it seemed.
'So, you won't be..... jealous?'

'No ' She was blushing with the conviction so typical of her.

'Hawwwww. You? Who was once saying that you would be ok with your husband to be with anyone but me, not cuz you don't trust me but cuz you won't be sure if he would fall for me! And here is someone whom I don't like as of now and who doesn't love me but we have talked about going on a date, so things just may.....'

'I recently realised something. If someone could at the end of the day choose ME , leaving all other girls then he will never leave me'.

Raised eyebrow, amused haww look, we both bursted laughing the moment she said it.

Her office instrument sprang to life. Tring. Tring. Name on the display — Andrew. My eyes glared wide. 'Natasha will kill me and so will Andrew. He has been asking everyone if the lunch plan is fixed since the entire week! Oh Shit! N Naty will especially go mad as last time I had not made it and she had said she had come only for me'.

'Chill. Naty herself isn't sure. You know Hitler. So...'

'Oh. But I would need to talk to her.'

As finally she answered I began. 'Naty. ..it's him.'

'Done. She's cool'.

Anuradha beamed. 'Told ya.'

'So? What do we tell him? Where have I gone?'

'Her landlady created a ruckus again? She had to leave immediately?'

'No. He knows I've changed that place. I had told him she's sweet! I could say personal emergency. ..wait we'll fix that up'

Quickly I ran to Andrew's cabin. 'Andrew...actually. ...I know you are so gonna kill me as I had confirmed every time you asked the entire week for the group lunch but—'

'But you can't make it?' He simply smiled compassionately.

'Did anyone tell you that I'm. ..?'

'No. I mean it was obvious Ayesha, the way you began. But tell me what?'

The story unfolded in the little to share mode which again went up to, 'Come on. Ayesha. Won't you tell me? Come on, now! Ayesha. Tell me who's the MTV VJ?

Desperation when you least need it.

'Is it Nikhil? Is it Ranvijay?'

They are both married for God's sake.

'I can't.  I can't. Chalo, I need to rush. And if he calls for me you got to cover up a little. You —'

'I don't know where she has gone but I met her 5 min ago.'

'Perfect. In fact I should tell all 5 the same thing. Vikas had some great ideas of picking someone at airport and Anuradha of landlady. At least I should be at one virtual place'.

I rush back in electric speed to Anu. 'Personal emergency. Final'

Everything was set or so I thought.

Despite my proactive whatsapp there he was. As if my senior was any less, my super boss was here needing performance appraisal scores. And ofcourse he needed the shittiest couriers to London that had been sitting for months due to his delay to be done RIGHT NOW.

There in his cabin, sitting right next to the lion and the cub I had still not lost hope and hated every turn of the page of papers that were not even mine,  only meaning that my shitty work had not even begun and I was basically made to sit through the time and not be there with him.

Only a while ago I had been telling the others.
'There's nothing but sometimes you need this excitement. You want to be that exicted.  Just like that. You know? I mean all he had said was he definitely wants to take me on a date—'

Mischievousness gleamed in Shanaya's eyes and Raghukant's southie expression attack.

'That's it.' I insisted with my eyes.' THIS is not even that date. We are just meeting!'

Or maybe he has some wild plans. After all, he wants to meet me after I had been pretty vocal about asking him cautiously about his sex life and the last conversation had been particularly interesting, him saying that I wanted to know what was going on in his mind and he wanted to know what was going on in my mind. Him wanting to know was a surprise. Whether or not I was his fan,  him even bothering to think let alone wonder what I was thinking was too much to digest. Of course, no one would believe. And then I'm there in the vicious circle of not believing anything men say and then being blamed for how can you possibly doubt me?

As I rushed with prints, from Anu's cabin to mine to print room, I had been an accomplished juggler with curses.

'That's it.You also have access, yar. I've already done more than I could. It's already 3! He's got to meet the director at 5. You know more than him it's more for the place where he's called me!'

'Yes. Ayesha. Chill. You go. Did you tell him?'

'No. I'll just show my face with this last print so he knows I was here and then I'm gone!'

'Leaving now. Sambhal lena'

'Best of luck, Ayesha'
Luck ki to aisi ki taisi I was already struggling to get a taxi.
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Meeting Protein Shake: When it Happened

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