S01E02 12 Bajke Chhatis | A date is supposed to be SPECIAL

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Previously on Ayesha Diaries...

12 bajke 36 (Barah bajke Chhatis minute)

Ayesha has been asked out for coffee by a celeb. Will this date be different than all her other dates? 

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Copying or deriving characters from this story or any derivative work based on the theme of the book, Ayesha Diaries, or the characters mentioned in this book, is a legal offence.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The author has tried to recreate locales and popular destinations from her memories of them and woven stories around them. 

Episode 2: 


Enter Hollywood in an old English Charm. And Thank God, that it was nothing as wooden as Irish House.
Men in Black—I mean, dressed in black welcome us with the brightest smiles.
Are they thinking I’m his? Ok, fine. Stop thinking, Ayesha!

I smile as I look around at the brown leather and wooden table décor. We sit in a typical 50 First Dates style bar.
“Thank God, it’s all comfy. I hate wooden places to sit on.” I giggle."This is the first time I’m actually sitting face-to-face. I usually always sit next to the person I’m with.”
He was still settling with his helmet and smiling back at the widely grinning waiter who hands us out the Hollywood menu.

“I don’t know. You have been here, earlier, right? So, you know what is best here. You call the shots!”
“Hmm. Let’s call for the usual menu. This is some special Hollywood menu that they are serving tonight, maybe.", he quickly looks at the waiter, 
"Yes, bro! Show me something in Chicken.So, how is it going to be like.”

I’m still wondering what’s happening.

“Thin crust?”
“Yes,” I nod.
“And anything to drink? Sir? Ma’am?”
He looks at me.
“Umm, no. I won’t drink. And you should also not drink.”

“I don’t drink. I've to watch the calorie. Do you have a protein shake, bro?”
He’s grinning wide, knowing not what to say.

“Serrriouslyy!” I sneak a glare grin between my hands. 

He laughs with his eyes.

"Ma'am, you must try the new mocktail. It is amazing" He goes on with his persuasive skills most of which vaporizes and vanishes in my head, only registering that he wants to sell that mango one.
"Ok, I'll try that"
"Yeah, that for the lady."

My date across the table is dark, thick eyebrows, nice spiky hair. Fit. Okay, I didn't need to even mention that.

He's grinning again goofily, “So, tell me, baby”

“How tall are you?”
Ok. Abrupt. What kind of a question was that! He’ll think you are interested in him like that. 
To hell with it. Can’t friends ask height!
“5’8 maybe”
“Oh, I’m 5’8. That’s why I’m never allowed heels, really.”

We talked just about everything from profession to family.

“Where have you been in Mumbai?”
“Ah, very less. I did tell you na. I've been nowhere. I've been to Haji Ali and Mahalaxmi temple twice, gone to Alibaug, Khandala, Lonavala, Elephanta caves, and –" I sip the delicious chilly sour mango tint with some mint from a more delicious looking glass with the crescent orange sticking out gaping at me, "Jehangir Art Gallery and Princes Wales Museum— does that even count?”
He grins.

“Well, I was new. Now, come on!” I sigh “I like the art, though. Won hatrick first prizes in MBA”
 He’s appreciative.
“I’d won 1st prize in grade one. But that doesn't count. 50 other people also had! It was 50th Independence Day celebration.", I giggle, "Then some consolations and then I left painting and rediscovered myself in MBA again. Went to see if I could still paint” I laugh.

“For me, the gym is everything. And my Royal Enfield, of course. A bike I’d always wanted to have” He mentions some sporting activities that I club as gyming and sport activities.

“Hmm, I think it’s an obsessive compulsive disorder now. " I pout with the straw "Like Farhan Akhtar was saying in an interview”

He laughed. “Yeah, It could be”
"I've always been a state level basket ball player"

"Wowww" I gasp, my eyes showing that twinkle. He makes that humble, flattered gesture.
" I'd always a thing for basket ball. But could never play it. The only thing in favour would have been the height, maybe" I laugh

“You know what, now that I think, I guess I should have had a pen and paper when he was telling me all my strengths one after the other. It was so true and such a nice judgment. Or, I wish I’d a recorder! ” I laugh. “He also said he knows people can look up to me. Really? I mean that’s nice—But, I need to live up to the expectations. Honestly, I don’t know what they saw in me.”
“You can’t. But, I can.”
“What?” I’m shocked and taken aback and sip in a little more of the mango rescue.
Definitely, it is his experience speaking now. He is now the mentor.
“Yes,” He quietens mysteriously making me want more.
I’m not gonna leave him either. So, I probe.

“You have this one thing, you know. You can make—people—believe.”
“Really?” I’m flattered and humbled and excited. And happy.
Oh, God! How many times have I been using the word ‘really’! Well, he doesn’t seem to mind.

“Well, I also do other things.  I mean maybe, you are right. When I’d first danced on stage, no one would have ever let me dance had I said it’s my first time. But I got the guts and I did get in and when I performed, no one could guess it!” I humbly smile with the excitement of a child in my eyes. “ People actually came up to me to say “Ayesha, is there something you cannot do? Topper can dance too!” I blush.
“Whoa, so you are the topper now? Wow.”
“No. no. I’m not the nerd types. Nobody believes me. I was not the one always stuck to my books or something!” Sigh. Now, we are not going somewhere nice.

"Yes, you should order. I just shared half the pizza. I don't usually eat so much. I know, you can't guess that, given how fat I am."

"Who told you, you are fat?"

"You are just being nice. That’s it. From what angle can I look not fat to a fitness freak?”
“No, seriously. I don’t know where you girls get these ideas!”

I laugh. He meant the skinny ones who think they are fat.

“No, honestly. This is— not fat. “ He kind of said the last two words real slow, staring into my eyes and he seemed to mean it. “Whoever told you that? Look at that”
I look at my arms. They look so white(wow, thanks lighting!). And fat.

"See, if you would have been fat, it would have been drooping from there. What's your weight?"
"No. no. I'm not saying that. " I gulp in my mocktail for my rescue." I am, at the safe borderline of BMI but—"
"You are fine."
"My doc— two of them tell me I need to lose weight. You are just being kind. Really."
"You are fine."

We order another chicken salad.
"No, you have. I'm full"

He spoke how he was a self-made man. I got so much to learn and so much respect he earned in my heart. I also felt blessed. How, I never had to do anything or work for my pocket money or living. Thank you God for everything! You learn so much by talking to different people. What a learning, really.

"Cheque" he gestured and quickly back at me, "You wanna have something else?"
"Oh, no" said the girl who'd just finished the lovely dessert all by herself. I smile at his thoughtfulness. He should get a good girl. He really deserves some happiness. I still remember his funny 'Russel Peters' style expressions narrating his over possessive ex and smile.

I jump at the bill and he scorns and scowls and God knows what else at the same time. I'm afraid. 
Soon I gather some guts."Umm, let me see at least!"
"I had called you. I pay"
"That's ok, but you had called me over for a coffee and we had D.I.N.N.E.R. Because I was starving. So, you don't have to."
He scowls again. Wow that.
"Umm..see. We can share, you know."
Third scowl.
I try once again when out, when he again makes me walk in front of him. Gentleman, he is!
"See, it's not a date, is it? If it was, then it is ok.I mean the guy should pay. Butyou see, if it's not a date...Uffff"

"It's not a date"
Something inside me shrinks.

A date is supposed to be special", he adds, "Why do you think so much? It's ok really. You pay next time, ok. Happy?"


" Seee I definitely want to take you out on a date—"

I lit up. 

" But you know, you are—"

"You are what?"

" You are— you are — too innocent. That one would think twice before making a move on you"


"Yeah " he blushes and smiles. " I'll take you out on a date and that will be special."

“I so want to go to a disc. But, that’s the only two I've been to.”
“It’s not very safe these days. One of these days a friend of mine called me. Those guys were….She was so out of control and didn't know what was being done to her. Luckily I was close and reached. They had — mixed something in her drink apparently. She’s never been like that.”
“That’s bad. But, I really want to enjoy Mumbai. Is there Bollywood music somewhere?” I ask hopeful.
“Nope. Nowhere. Though— sometimes, you do have Bollywood nights”
“Come inside with me”
I obeyed and wondered. He had only— Ok, I see. It’s late now. So, he’s protective. That’s nice. Very nice.
“I’m gonna sit as I usually sit, despite the dress.”
“Are you sure?”
“Ya. That’s how I wanted to. That’s why I wore a long dress till my knees, na. Now it’s a long distance till Colaba and I’d be comfortable like that.”

I sat, tied my hair and it was a great ride, cold breeze making my hair flow, the soothing freshness kissing my face.


“I’m feeling a little cold but you were so right. It’s so nice to drive in the night”
Just then a very speeding car rushed by our side. He abused.
“Wth was that!” I snap
“That expression! Whatever was that guy on the front meaning. The way he looked at me! As if a mischievous smirk on his face!”

We soon forget and move on. I keep telling him how I don’t want this to end.
“Oh, we are already in Marine Drive!”

“Would you like to have ice-cream?”
“Hmm, I wouldn't mind.”
“It’s very famous here. Bachelor's”
I just noticed the gleaming silver of his beloved Royal Enfield. It was actually nice. Shining in pride.
“Order?”, comes the lone boy rushing with a plastic laminated square menu.

Shucks! We are again at an ordering. As if I know anything!

“You tell me. You said it’s famous. What’s nice?” I try my luck naughtily raising my eyebrows.

 I need to know all the menu here to even decide! I don’t want it to be a Can-You-Keep-A-Secret, 'I would have wanted the pink cocktail if I knew it even existed!' 

“Strawberry with cream?”
I nod, as a gang of boys, heavily drunk, by the look of it, happily throw a large bottle on the street.
“Hey, bro!” He spontaneously bursts out.

Whoa, what’s happening! Before I know, he’s there. And before I expect, the guy goes, picks it up and silently puts it in the huge bin.

“W.O.W. What did you tell him?”
“Nothing. I just asked him, could you please put that in the bin.”
“Just that?”
“Ya. Please works.”
“Where’s yours?”
“No sweet for me in the night. Only protein, bebby”

"You love strawberries? Badey chaaw se kha rahi ho"
"No, it's just ok. I can count how many times I've had strawberries. I should finish it soon. You have this sudden work, right? You have to go"
"No, no khao khao. Aaram se khao."

"Hogaya. Chaley?"

"Arrey pay to"

"Han han" I dish out 180 and we are in leaving mode.
“Wow, I’m doing it so well, now. In and out, on and off the bike, despite the dress.” I gleam merrily.
I sit comfortably like a guy, my hand resting on his shoulder blade horizontally again, moving forward to talk sometimes. Never had I done this!
It seemed comfy along the muscles. I felt safe with him. It was amazing.
Soon, I’d to get down.
“What time is it?”
“Barah bajke chhatis. 12:36”
I make an appreciative grimace. Nice time to reach.
“Umm…it was too fast— ”
“Goodnight,” He said it absolutely the same time as I was beginning to say something. How stupid Ayesha! He wants to go.
“Goodnight” I chirp in and smile and walk fast home. Or that he needs to go. Don’t think so much.

The best part was when he kept saying I’m not fat. Lol.

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S01E03 Meeting Protein Shake | Prelude to the backstage preparation

Previously on Ayesha Diaries....
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"My hand rested on his arched broad shoulders puffing out of this obsessive compulsive disorder of being a fitness freak." 

“Oh, it is. Protein shake? Seriously?” I join him laughing.

There are so many things available in Mumbai. How would I ever know?

Ufff. Of course!

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