From Outrage to Slumber - We love ignoring things and then complain of an attitudinal crisis

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First you get outraged. Fuming with anger you debate how can such people be so much a ‘slice of life’ of the patriarchal curse that we are talking about. Then you get sad and pity the state you are in. Then: YOU FORGET.
Let that not happen here!!
Crime Patrol has postponed airing the Delhi Gang Rape case. Reasons ? You guessed it!

But we won’t stop. People have finally woken up and it’s no time to fall back to sleep again!

Let’s not talk about the negativity here. It’s time we fought with our deepest desire to brood on the negatives, the non-happenings, the sad (read ‘pathetic’) condition of the country’s mentality. It's been a while-we feel angry-people (read ‘potential rapists’) have commented such disgusting and repulsive statements that one needs to divert the mind to eventually digest it. But, I am not going to talk about them here. Free ka footage kyun de!(Those misogynists are speaking to gain footage, still in the stone age thinking any publicity is good publicity…..somebody tell them it destroys their brand reputation beyond repair!)

Every now and then you try so hard to believe, they try to crush your thoughts and run a bulldozer over it. Two utmost disgusting lawyers took the case. I am not naming them. They don’t deserve to be named. Debates that taking the case would bring them suddenly to limelight from being a nobody to somebody or taking the opposite stance of defending the rapists in a GD by a B-School student, puts the stark reality of a sad new India. People are ready to do anything to get what they want. Values have disappeared. (To those who again tell me, it’s happening everywhere, I know.I am not being country specific, but as it is my country, I guess even addressing the 2 billion plus population isn’t less).The positive side of it, are the protestors who are selflessly proving on the street, again ‘in your face’ that humanity is NOT COMPLETELY DEAD. There are people who respect women and are here to support them, to show the power of numbers. Let’s hope that the pressure really falls on the government.

 One reality has dawned on me, that we are living in a world of so-called humans which is increasingly filled with two parallel worlds,……humans and the likes of Asaram Bapu who could stoop so low that humanity would curse him and God must be shamed to the core, to have someone so low in morality call himself a spiritual guru. Guru? I thought it was a joke! But no, he has followers who STILL support him. A guru creates the likes of him.The President’s son thinks women have no right to put on a lipstick. Pity him. Laugh at the poster that said ‘Don’t stare at my lipstick listen to what I am saying. Sad ; in your face; gruesome reality. Stop the masses from following the misogynists!!!  No wonder a woman gets raped every 8 minutes in India!  the have nots not create the likes of them.(Have nots in terms of sensibilities, a heart, and definitely a SOUL).

Only yesterday I heard some lines that daggered me in the heart. Because they are so sadly ; true!

A speaker was saying, ‘What shocked me, when I stepped in Mumbai was the extreme poverty all around staring at your face….! And how people were taking no notice of it……and what shocked me even more was that; how even I got so used to it in just 2 weeks that even I started behaving as if they are invisible….as if they don’t exist..I walked past them without seeing them like everyone else.’

Let’s face it. We get used to it. ALWAYS. We find great many excuses for it. We get along with our normal life like nothing happened. The humanity today is more insensitive than ever before. Another speaker showed us the grameen bank video, and the way things could change with a little effort of one man being the guranteer was impressive. What was even common in a story of Crime Patrol that I saw today was that people who work in affluent middle class or upper middle class families increasingly get exposure to a life they can never afford. They planned a high class kidnapping and executed it, got caught and had a miserable end.

 We are living in an extreme world filled with a never before divide within the urban India itself.

Update: I'd written this ages ago. The irony is that- NOTHING has changed. Talk of class and talk of pilots, engineers, MBAs, all the highly educated men. Only yesterday says a man, Oh, look at her. They look so hot and they want us to control ourselves. I told him the standard line-Even if she walks naked you are supposed to control. She never said yes. Somehow the men feel not doing anything is not being a man. Glad that he later agreed that HE is a man who would not do anything without a consent.
I know we love lazying around, forgetting everything. We should get Nobel and Oscars for ignoring everything and being aloof. But if you encounter a mentality as this, do try to change your own encoutners and ask them to change 3 mentalities, maybe. Who knows Jai Ho could work.
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