Being Hurt and getting over it

Why does it happen? Why do we get hurt? Silly fights, deep hurts, tortures, abusive relationships, betrayals, feeling of being left out, not being able to fit in, not being able to cope, be there and give your best.............If I had to come up with a list of possible things that could possibly hurt someone, I guess it would just be endless.

From the days of e-mail forwards to whatsapp forwards and wechat pings, we have come a long way and so has our sense of philosophy and our understanding of life.

In this homecoming what is interesting is that in all this time, though we have grown up, had more exposure and seen various people do various things and understood the predictability of people and situations always acting weird and different , often shattering expectations and thereby hurting us, we have got used to it, if not totally insulated by it.

We can get used to almost anything. That's a just a way of compromising with things, says the pessimist. That's just a way to move on and still try to smile, says the optimist. 

At the end of the day, life is how you want to look at it. however, you choose to look at it and that is precisely what defines your life; the choices you make and also how you make them. Somehow when we stop expecting that is when we are close to being insulated from hurt. We expect. It is normal to expect. But the more we are prepared for the worst and different perspectives and even rejection and yet be cool about it and just move on in the Fastrack style statement, the more happy we are and in a cold blooded, pre-meditated planned way, we prevent our own murder by just a tweak in the way we think and see things.

More often than not it is not the people or circumstances that hurt us but the importance that we associate with them. If we choose to pass by and simply ignore, we will never be hurt. Though I kind of sound like Sid from the movie,Shaadi k Side Effects right now, celebrating the full proof idea of preventing something that you don’t want to happen, it actually works at times. I mean, you could just be prepared about-- yes, just about everything. I keep advising people—LET GO, LET GO!! I have surprised myself at not reacting at things I’m expected to react at or at least feel bad about, (given that I’m such a reactive element.) And now, I’m also beyond surprise. I don’t even feel surprise now. The aftereffects are clearly visible when sometimes the default problem in manipulating nature’s natural way of reacting to things shows its prowess in sudden outbursts at almost nothing. But, guess we can live with the side effects as we have lived beyond major life altering situations and managed to be stoic about it.


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