Hasee Toh Phasee review from an insane viewer :P

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This is a real real review. You know, the kinds that don't get paid for and are not biased by any motive at all! ;)

Let me warn you with this - This movie is NOTHING like what it's promos claimed for! NOTHING. Thank God for that.

Hasee Toh Phasee (English: She Smiles, She's Snared!

Yes, blame me for going for this flick dismissing it as yet another happy go lucky typical romantic movie that our Bollywood is so capable of making. OR you can blame the title. OR the promos! 

But no. To my PLEASANT SURPRISE this has got it! Must watch, feel good movie!

Quick details:

(Scroll down for details & beware of spoilers)

Directed byVinil Mathew
Produced byKaran Johar
Vikas Bahl
Vikramaditya Motwane
Anurag Kashyap
Written byHarshavardhan Kulkarni
StarringSidharth Malhotra
Parineeti Chopra
Adah Sharma
Music byAmar Mangrulkar
CinematographySanu John Varughese
StudioPhantom Films
Distributed byDharma Productions
Release dates
  • 7 February 2014
Running time141 minutes
BudgetINR25 crore(US$4.0 million)[3]
Box officeINR18.5 crore(US$3.0 million)(3 days gross)
A softer moment in the film

The film released on February 7, 2014, along with three other Bollywood films- HeartlessYa Rab and Babloo Happy HaiThis seemed a much safer bet. Run of the mill jump to catch a run of the mill movie. BIG Andheri offers soft comfy sofas in platinum that are not push-backCan you believe that!

To us, it was just a let's go see the drama queen song. Lol. But it was anything but typical. It defied the typical formula every second. 

Parineeti was not being the main lady. It was her sister who was the perfect hot & pretty girl (Adah Sharma as Karishma) Siddharth (as Nikhil) meets with the perky Shake it like Shammi number.

The way the movie jumps to this song is a little unrealistic though, given the rest of the movie. But, we Indians never look for much logic, now do we? If we have lived through all these masala films, we can let this go.Just before meeting the trophy girlfriend, Nikhil meets boycott tomboyish Meeta. She's jumping off the fence. We think for her strong character she won't let him help her with the bags, but she does. He accompanies her till the auto.Now, if you've ever been a typical Bollywood viewer (read tolerator), what would you guess after she stops the auto, looks back at him and asks, "Goa chalna hai?"

Yes, who wouldn't?But, no. Look at the dare of the writer, Harshavardhan Kulkarni he does not.

She pesters again, "Kaunsa tumhari shaadi hai!"
Yet he does not.
If the lover of love;s heart is shattered, it is quickly repaired by the 8/10 glamorous Karishma.
The line his friends use is so funny and practical. "Bhai, model hai. Iske liye apko bhi hero banna padega".
And thus starts old wine in new bottle, steps from Shammi, (proven formula to work in Chori chori..gori gori song in MHN). I'd to actually convince a friend that it is copied not from MHN but from good old Badan pe sitare lapete huay..(even the saree is an evolved version).

And then you wish something to be shown on Parineeti. But the movie goes on to show how  much can a guy put in not only to pataofy such a hot chick but also to maintain the relationship with her.And all the way you can't help but laugh on real life situational comedy.

Nikhil says" Main ego nahi rakhta. Maangne me kaisi sharam". He does not believe in dowry but he never hesitates to ask for 5 crores for his IPL project as tender bid is suddenly raised from 1 to 6 crore.

You feel happy cursing all the dowry loving modern day men who either term it as favour or wife's salary,

But later in the movie you actually feel for the character as he explains her father with the shocking revelation.

Amidst the hustle bustle of the (chehel pehel bhara) shaadi ka ghar that most of us love..
Nikhil meets Meeta,introduced by Karishma as her sister who had fled from her home in her own sister's wedding to go to Goa.
Remember something? Lol

Introduced as a drug addict, Meeta manages the most outrageous of dialogues and behaviors. The movie shocks you, surprises you as the characters discover how wrong their assumptions were about each other and themselves. There are moments in the film that you make you fall inlove – true innocent moments.
 It also reveals the grey shades of our character blatantly as many movies in Indian Cinema have got the guts to do recently.
Even the utter carelessness. Nikhil locks Meeta in the room, so that she cannot be spotted by her family after Karishma’s reprimand even as she yearns to meet her dad.
Meeta: What if I’ve to go to bathroom?
Nikhil: Control karo!! Bachi nahi ho!!!!

He goes to a meeting only to return after hours to get his lucky trousers. Even as he is there in the house, he does not remember once. After a while when he does, he quickly rushes to open the door, where she has peed in her lovely pink saree, sleeping like a baby, hungry & deprived.

You feel that guilt that Nikhil is feeling as the camera zooms at the drenched portion.

Meeta explains, “I’d borrowed a saree from Gargi for the puja but I’m so sorry I couldn’t control. . Wo medicines jo main leti hoon na…..” her voice dying out.

You don’t want to hear more. Nobody speaks.

He tightly hugs her, taking her completely in his embrace as camera zooms out to show them under the window, two cuddling babies in suit and saree. Amazing cinematography here! Slowly we see them from the door. Expectant, as I’m, I was wondering if somebody in the family will walk on them spoiling the innocence. But thank god!

You are shocked by the revelation of Meeta being so intelligent. Small moments beautify it. Like I said it defies the everyday template. Girl proposes and guy – denies! “Main break-up nahi karta. 7 years invest kia hai.”
It is so many other things other than the relationship drama. It is about commitments, about new ideas, thought processes, monetary constraints, the conscience of right & wrong.
A lovely takeaway— Chance kabhi bhi second last nahi hota!

They both know they are right for each other and yet they go with what’s happening. I loved the reaction of Karishma, the circumstantial happenings and the ending too— again not the typical.

Situational comedy makes you laugh. All in all, a good watch— happy movie.

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