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6 months in Mumbai?
'I'd learnt so much after my 6 months in Mumbai' Nahi's voice echoed in head.
Would have done it all. I used to conclude.(and reject proposals as utterly used) THAT has changed. Maybe its just that I've grown up or something. My perspective is widening.
To typical Non-Mumbaikars who have never seen Mumbai, and the only source to feed on to build any opinion is movies, TV and theatre, it is a Mega metro where everyone rushes to work, keeps running, has a hectic life, (often imagined with a lot of glam) goes to disc, parties, drinks, smokes, (maybe even drugs)
(You know, those typical bade baap k bigde bachey types)

For all the people in the world at least I could never believe one could afford to be so seedha like me here.
And then you are supposed to get used to Mumbai. Defined as rushing through traffic, daring your life each second and moving straight in front of the huge honda city giving the rude in your face rebel glare that speed is beyond me and no, you can't knock me over.

Also defined as having a lot of energy to rush through and literally run all the way from one platform to another up the stairs and down, walking 50 yards to go to end of a queue and walk 50 yards back when you get your turn for a shared cab, taxi or auto (and never mind it), knowing exactly how to get a cab for even a short distance when they are so strong willed so not to take you(Ok, scratch that. Even a local couldn't. So, guess I'm better off here), knowing extremely well when who what where is to cheat you with a lot of money, fashion street, Colaba Causeway, or even the airport. You know your way and you know how to bargain. You know all the eat joints and all the bake shops.
For they say "Its a sin and you are the biggest sinner if you are in Mumbai and you haven't committed the sin of relishing eating outside".(without caring once about the marginal utility of money if it stayed inside your pocket)
Having come here, I got to know the real meaning of the word. Suburbs. Welcome to the largest city of our country. With as much glam as poverty. Only I'm not so sure about the former. If you are in South Mumbai, it is still possible all you do is go to work, come back home tired and sleep.
Haven't seen one single star, guys. Pity me but don't ask that question again. So, here's my broadcast. Stop thinking and asking as if I'm living in Bollywood. Unfortunately they are two different things.
Time to sleep to get to work tomorrow on time.(Hopefully)
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