Rape: The mindset and attitude of wolves in sheep's clothes

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There are no consequences.
That's the real reason. And nobody bothers to create them.
Had it not been for the whatsapp forward that people kept forwarding without even knowing who it was speaking I'd have also chosen to take the avoid and stay happy route!
It felt like the guy was echoing my thoughts out aloud.
21 Sep 13: Saw the Crime Patrol episode on #DelhiGangRape.

Sad that it disappointed! Had expected shying away and showing the cruelty but not such a mild treatment! Its pure injustice what punishment the monsters got. The juvenile criminal was simply released and a  3 years juvenile rehabilitation I hear.(I fear all women who will ever come across that monstrous rapist! I wish it is not the judge's or defence lawyers'  or our lawmakers' daughter!)
And the episode brought live the memories of the talent India has in avoiding a situation and passing the lamest of comments and reproving again and again the cheapest standards of mindset men here have.(and some women too)
Remember that painted and fainted comment?
Shucks! And we say we live in a free country! And we also say we live in a country with equal opportunities and respect for people. And we don't shy away or feel any shame before showing bharat nirman ads that cost crores without effectively spending a penny for the safety of its citizens!!
I feel like yelling again out loud to the world. Here I am a young Indian woman, the same age at the time that she was. A real student who actually identifies with the horror and terror that is born out of these mindsets!
Mindset is the major problem. We know it. We do the best thing possible about it. Yes. You guessed it. NOTHING.
Just as the whatsapp forward audio guy,  Nitin Gupta had said, "Kardo bas!"
Jis desh ki police itni tharki ho unse ap kya expect karoge?
There need to be consequences. Horrid consequences. Terrible. Cruel. Mind boggling. Consequences that make you shiver and make that chill go down your spine just as it did when you heard of the incident. Public castration and kill as they killed. Rods for rods.
Things were there for a reason. For an utterly rampant crowd where just about nothing induces fear.(with the only exception of humane witnesses who could help you on street but don't )
We want to blame them. But would you? Would you really not be one of the fearing uncountable summons to court and not helping the blood drenched bare bodied screaming voices on street or thinking about your own daughter that they could rape once they are out of that tiny winy 7 year thingy? 7 year passes fast guys! Even Ranveer Kapoor returned so quick after eight long years in Yeh Jawani Yeh Deewani and had love still as fresh for Deepika without ever contacting her or friendship as strong for his friends.
I remember grudge and vengeance are supposed to be more powerful.
You know what, it's really not the lack of degrees. No. Its about lack of education.
They keep happening. The Mumbai rape, the Delhi rape........you lose count when it happens every second.
But take a break. Look outside the typical abusers. I'm not talking about the brutal kinds. Like a post I'd read. Even good guys rape. It sounds silly. Let me tell you how.
He's a friend's friend, an engineer and MBA. You meet him. He's attracted to you. He's unable to control. He'd try to camouflage it as you are so hot, its a crime to be as hot as you are. Normal rules don't apply. How can you expect me to control?
Seriously? And there's this other school of thought. If you are wearing this seductive dress and you are seductive, you want it to be done. Nitin Gupta: Ya she wanted it. So, she said come...
And you said "No, run! Let me rape you"
At times I'm amazed at the maturity other countries have in terms of understanding of rape and the rights of women.
The good guy rapes post had outlined how after a drunk girl who had flirted and woke up seeing her friend freaked out. She was unconscious. It was not her consent. So, it was rape.
Tell that to a married Indian man. Your wife has a headache. She really does not want it.He would certainly give you a bullshit look, yelling,'Its my right!'
It is complicated in a more than 5000 year old cultural assimilation where this eventually started from. Why don't men understand, it is not their right . Wife is not your property or object that you can use however you want. She's a human being with choices. If she does not consent, it is marital rape.
Or the classic quote:
Even if a woman were to walk naked in street you have no right to rape her
Tell that that to this so called educated engineers,doctors, MBAs, IASs. They would retaliate, "What do you expect to be not men!"
Sad that cowardly impotent men think their so called masculinity is from doing it and always showing the aggression.
Is there a great way to change this?How have tour parents brought you up with those things that made you who's reading this, a better man or woman?
When I tried changing the mindset of the teens I was teaching and I taught them to respect women he asked me an innocent why. I was shocked and baffled. For how to convince? The patriarchal society is badly ingrained that in a so called socialist country where there is supposed to be no sexism, people always refer to men as superior to women.
I'm giving you all real examples. Groom's side will get many photographs first and will give only one pic, see the house, family and demand to see girl in person for being selected in fourth round so that finally the guy chooses to chat after the girl is okyaed in all these levels. Yes. MBA
These instances make me ashamed of the social circle we belong to. Aren't educated families supposed to be decent enough to respect women?
XIMB batchmate asks for dowry. Would you think twice before marrying your daughter to your Mba Or Engineering friend's son?
Even Bigg Boss Arman says ye ladki hai..ladki ko leke ja
Why did Satyamev Jayate figures show female infanticide is highest with these educated young men(I'm sure you added the 'so called' yourself)
What is it saying about the people you meet everyday? The ones you hang out with? In the same college canteen? Same office cubicle? Same building! Shucks your neighbor you see everyday when you open your door! That elite businessman you had a meeting with!
During our Satyamev Jayate brand management project, even the roadside momo wala had said, "My heart grieves when they kill the little ones! Girls are God's blessings!"
I was so happy to find someone illiterate yet educated! (In contrast to the no. of IIM IITs they count in bharat nirman promos.)
Looks days post graduation is teaching people nothing to be a better human being these days.
Normal wolves are easy to recognize. Kind of. But beware of the wolves in sheep's clothes. They are just behind you or even there on whatsapp. You never know the portal guy you choose to marry may turn out to be a msyoginist
So, what can basically be done to cure these people around us?  Those who are at least not beyond redemption? Who can be cured to know if she's saying NO. IT MEANS NO. At least in this case.
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