Arrests again? What a post to begin the New Year! Sigh!

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What do you want? An Egypt like scenario? What will happen if a billion people come to streets? If protests are repressed in this manner, I am afraid (I am not urging, so don’t arrest me) that this is what will happen. The youth just wanted you to respond. The students, the women wanted you to deliver an effective police protection so that every woman is safe. Is safety a lot that one asks for? I mean seriously? Facebook arrests once again?
We do not have the freedom of speech and expression at all? I remember we have a fundamental right with that name in the constitution. We do, right?
If the Bal Thackeray related facebook arrests or the heinous gang rape in Delhi that shook all strands of humanity was not less, protestors writing on the internet in favour of protests are being arrested.
Enough is enough yaar. See, its not going to help. No. The more you do these things- become so honourable that you come teary eyed just to show your concern after so many days, and yes we believe you, you have people to say that the government cannot come and meet everyone…….fine………but how long do you honestly think you can make it……?
Everyone was still ok, with you, you know? Until you kept doing these things, over and over again. I am still ok. I guess many are. Guess the other options aint any better either. So we aint blaming.
But, you know how highlighted this high profile case is, right? It’s got attention of AMERICAN media, German media, Arabian media, Singapore media…you name it. People are already laughing at and also being concerned for the Indian security and safety of women and the general administration standards at large.
People all over the world are closely watching for whether the six rapists have been punished yet or not.
You know all that, right? I am sure you do.
You really want a No-confidence motion or something? Ah, that wont be possible. Protests in Parliament and outside by normal real people are inevitable when the nation is fuming with anger. And then you take the right marketing move of fuelling the anger further by curbing protests, hitting women, arrests for protests and what not. It will help your brand grow further. Who said negative publicity is bad? I am sure you believe every publicity is good.
Statistics. You know how MUCH of our population is youth, right? Future voters. Assets. Your key to success. You are alienating them forever. Nice move. Nice feelings and sentiments developing in students, the youth at large. Nice move, but how about reconsidering it once again. See, I wish you all good. (So, don’t arrest me! )
Ah.....what a nice start to 2013......Every action has a reaction. Alas, the youth cant be stopped......I just hope nobody goes violent or cause any damage.
A new year prayer that the revolution of awareness and action for prevention of crime against women, goes peaceful, strong , rampant and effective.
For the unstoppable Indian- Renault Duster.....(Blame, me, My head's all blown away already, this ad just popped up in my head.....Come, on! I tried to lighten the mood! Ok, read on the post details of the facebook arrest)

Seriously? Mr. Bagga and his organization began protesting at India Gate on Dec. 22. The day after, the local area police showed up at his home, he said.  Because he wasn’t there, they detained his father for six hours and took him to India Gate to point out his son.- NewYork Times

“They gave me no papers, didn’t charge me with anything,” he said.  “There’s a law – when they detain, they have to produce me in front of the magistrate within 24 hours, but they didn’t.”
Thirty hours after his arrest, he was allowed to leave but now has one or two police officers standing outside his house, he said.
I support no one, or no party. But getting arressted for a protest.What do you have to say!!
DISCLAIMER:  The author of this post is a normal Indian citizen, expressing views , which in no way are for or against any political view whatsoever. It simply condemns crimes against women.
If you still arrest someone for condemning "crime against women", god help what will happen after that!You will prove that you are anti-women, anti-human rights, anti-constitution.
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