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Lies is what I hate most. Lack of integrity comes next. If you say something you better mean it. I mean what is so abnormal about it? We ARE supposed to mean what we say, or aren’t we? (Ok, stop that rofl and thinking that I’ve from baba adam ka zamana :/)
Why cant people be upfront with what they have in their heart? Fine, don’t speak about it. Atleast don’t go about speaking the exact opposite of what you feel!!

You hate a person or think she’s worth nothing. Dont go and tell her, she’s the most valuable person. You laugh at someone or think something is really pathetic. Don’t go explaining how much you loved it again and again……and again.
I don’t know why people just “Love” giving false impressions to people. It’s all a game, isn’t it? Emotions don’t matter to anyone, now, do they?? And trust? Why that’s another outdated term, now, isn’t it?
I feel we have no right to give anyone a belief that forms a false perception of the person of the world. I have seen people give compliments of the highest level you could imagine and when the person goes away, talk things like “He really believed it?” I tell them, it’s not a joke! He never asked you anything. You go from your side, say you are great(read ‘the most horrible person’). No one is really in love with critics. But critics are way better than this species. Atleast they are honest about what they feel!!
But people like this can kill you. Or maybe they wont. Cuz it’s 21st century and everyone knows we are NOT SUPPOSED to trust people.
And it’s not really what people would do. It’s how they would let people know that they did it. Some kind of charm or joy in it, is it? I am trying to get into the criminal psyche. Alas! M too bad at many things. (Count this as one.:/)
Is it just a kind of sadistic pleasure or is it a peer pressure? You cannot definitely be supporting (really supporting) a weirdo who’s different from the crowd. If you are, you got to mock about it in public, deliberately letting everyone know that you are just ‘pretending at being the friend’ when you are not! Who wants to be an outcast? (I remember my grad lines of cowards, “Humein hostel me rehna hai”. I wonder how people sell their ‘opinions’, persona, outlooks, thoughts, for being accepted no matter what the compulsion maybe. We are supposed to stand by what we believe in, no matter what happens, right?(Ok, I heard ‘no’…shucks!! )
But it frustrates us, doesn’t it? What would you do, if this ever happened to you.? Just imagine how bad it would be if you were the victim of something like this? Would you prefer being killed once or be fed like a bakra, treated like a king, had to have a feast, worshipped, friends smiling and whispering , ‘You are the best person (read bakra) I have ever seen.’ And then stab a knife at your back and laugh as you manage your ‘Et tu Brute’.
If it was me, I could burst out with frustration  saying “You don’t have to do this. Really. I don’t know if other people are really very different. But seriously repeating the ‘Communication golden rule’ for giving a bad news never works if you keep re-doing it, especially with someone who knows the trick! Good news or a false pretense , or a buffer as you call it and then the bad news. But you really don’t need to keep repeating over and over again …..something ‘sugarcoated’(read ‘false’) again and again each time you justify  how you are right at completely contradicting yourself on something you had assured a few hours ago.”
I can take it. It’s not like I am supposed to be best at whatever I do. Not like everything I touch turns gold. I can fail. Miserably. I know it. Guess everyone does. Everyone can go wrong. Just say it. What’s the point in going in a GD way. “I really agree with your point , ‘but’……..”
Why is everything so superficial? Why does this world have no place for real bonds, real friendship, real emotions, real well wishing(why even writing the word seemed so alien in dictionary…:P)….real feelings (human to human) and real PEOPLE? Why do people do it?
Do you know a better reason? Is it sympathy at the poor, harmless dumb soul that s/he wont be able to take it and probably have a nervous breakdown?
What I hate most about such revelations is that people cant trust any single word the person said earlier then! If this is what they do, then nobody means nothing to them. If they ever call you ‘nicest buddy’, they mean ‘laughing object’.
There’s also a kind who pretends to be your very good friend, denies their own statements, puts you in problems and why yes, you should be there with them when they need you but they are sorry as they couldn’t be with you when you needed them.
There’s the kind that expects just everything from you, who would have their own rules, would expect awe at moulding some of them for you as if they are so superior, they could never do it and then you keep doing things, they keep reminding you of the once they had helped and then your simplest of message can shake all so called ‘deep friendship’.
I wonder how deep the friendship would be when a person cant take a word you say, when you cant have your abhiman, when you cant give your friend a piece of your mind, when you are sad, when you need to think before you speak(Whoa!!….m definitely going  wrong somewhere…..Isnt that the going contradictory to a friend’s definition?)
This fast, superficial, materialistic world cares not for a caring soul. They don’t give a damn for anyone with a heart. They think its foolish to even feel pain.
I know its a small matter...m just making it big. We all know it, dont we? We still do it! Our fault...We deserve the torture!!  We know we should never trust anyone. We know there's no one a friend in MBA. We know, life's a dirty game of using each other....or being used!! I dont see many on the latter, though....Nobody cares....What was the last century when people used to care......(I mean, 'if'..........there was any time like that).
Wide awake happens in real life.
Before this year(Ok, not one but many….I wonder how many…..maybe 15……when we were just kids…)
Friends used to be friends
Best buddies were supposed to be best buddies
Life used to be a lot easier than this.
People used to be a lot simpler and understanding than this
It's like I was asleep before and finally woke up.
Know what? I'm wide-awake now.Oh, no, not really………I am still in a trance and not really awake as yet. It’s still a  dream (read ‘nightmare’)

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