Two years of MBA literally fly

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Warning: Don’t expect literary  genius in this one. This is one of those posts that you just feel like expressing and really reflecting at life, one of those posts, that you just sit down to write just after you know you have a quiz on an intimidating subject after a few hours and you cant get yourself to do the needful, even with all the effort.
Two years of MBA life just flies. I mean honestly how quickly things move on. It really is a RUSH and so life changing for so many people.(Yeah, I was watching MTV Rush: loved it).

48 hours of a fest lived in 12 different ways for 12 different people. Point is I wana see all of them together. Anyone knows anything about it?
Think first year. A few ultra-courageous take the dare to show their talent the moment they step in as if they had been planning for this moment from the rest of their lives. You get fresh faces attempting to woo the audience and create an image right from the beginning. Some would definitely jump into the Ms.Fresher, Mr.Personality, MsMaverick types. That reminds me, I had kind of thought maverick means ‘intelligent’. But you know, its more or less the same. The majority however pretends like they enjoy the whole event the most, taking lovely snaps for their great investments for the day, attending the cultural and eating. DJ could be the best attraction of a freshers party, actually where in the real sense of the word, the crowd participates whole-heartedly. I mean nearly everybody. Some confident moves in the dark, some still lost, whishing they had just not come, some wishing to dance with some and not getting those ‘some’. And some, who still kind of chose to just sit back and look at the ‘some’ enjoying ones or to browse in their rooms pretending they had a lot of other important stuff to do that commands their time. You know, rockstars generally don’t have time for all this little affairs..;)
Classes. The un-faceable part for most. ‘Why didn’t anyone tell me, we would be having classes too!’. Lol. So many concepts on so many different topics and so much little space in the brain. You wished you could hire some extra on per use basis. Well, amidst queues for washroom entry  and booking/reservation systems , you keep preparing for all case studies and you are called for none and the day you fortunately decide to go with the stats and less-prepare, you are unfortunately called to present and you are clueless of what you are speaking. Mid-semesters, semesters, great cheaters deceiving the authority, some asking fellow friends, some carving the desks, toppers cursing the less deviation from the cheats; presentations and presentations and presentations, one big fest, lots of mess, some emotions, some relationships, some confidence, some disappointments, some heartbreaks and rejections, some betrayals and lots of learning. First year over. Just like that.
Internship on your head before you could even finish the hangover of the last paper. Joining and work. Lots of practical insights and gasps. Back to college and before you know it , its time to welcome your juniors. Whoa!, wait. Wasn’t it just a month ago, that you were the fresher? Umm…yeah. Maybe not.
And yeah, you curse the anti-ragging affidavit. (Just kidding). Millions of hopes for the single guys and millions of ‘Oh shucks!” for single women. You suddenly wonder how fast the world is moving. Things you learnt just now, that you really have to read the pink, the companies that are coming and oh, yeah ofcourse the ordeal of choosing your specializations and the papers from amongst a host of options in just one day, are all prime concerns for just entered first years.
If you first year was tough, God just decided to prove you wrong. Second year is more like a game. One at which first you need to remember all your papers and their schedules that change everyday and the room numbers or you simply decided to go a little early and ask your co-friends in the paper on the way, “Which room, yaar?”
No, the latter often never happens, cuz coming early is just not…………….yeah, you got it..
You don’t get time for breakfasts or lunch and before you know it dinner time’s over. The only time you ever get is spent in the most noble and divine way no matter how much you plan for it, it always goes sleeping! Before you know it, it’s time for the fest. Someone’s doing something. And you wonder, what’s gonna be my part in it, if so…given the chance to enter the mix if you earlier hadn’t jumped in the well. Before its over, and between the rush to pre-placement classes, its time for placement and you are as clueless as you were wishing you had had some time to revise first year concepts as they are the ones that are asked, they say.
Well, I have kind of ranted a lot. So here’s me signing off!
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