THE MAGIC:A love story Chapter 1

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The Magic is a fairytale series of a teen love story revolving around drastic cultural differences of a small-town girl and a guy raised abroad. When they meet luck by chance, they have a feeling their dream is in front of their eyes. But for how long will this dream sustain? Fairytales don't exist in real world. Do they?

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Chapter 1 | Love at first Sight

She knewsomehow she just knewthis was it. It was going to happen. The 19-year-old girl’s heart was beating faster with excitement.
‘Oh c’mon, Tanu! Where are you! Did you get the deo?’ hurried Sonia.
‘Umm.. Yeah, but what about the tickets?’ Tanu ran past Sonia nearly clashing with her mother.
‘Did you keep the blue scarf?’
‘Umm..guess…so…’ she fumbled ‘Lemme check. Yeah, done!’ Ruffled black hair all over her wheatish glowing face, Tanu seemed the most nonchalant of the lot.
‘What about my bottle?’ 5’8, as tall as Tanu, but leaner and stylish Sonia was in no mood to breathe in her best friend’s childishness at the last hour.
‘We can do that tomorrow morning. Save something for tomorrow guys! Why are you all behaving like we are goingto the Everest or something? We are just going to Delhi!!’
‘Yeah, but it’s our first trip, and
‘Yeah..n my first flight. But, still. Just. Chill’. Tanu sat on the bed, dreamy eyes entering a misty dreamy world. She clutched her pillow snugly to her chest, silently smiling as she lay flat on her cozy bed, rest of her family hurrying around the bed.
Sonia suddenly noticed her and jumped on her bed hitting her head.
‘What the hell are you thinking?’
‘Oh, c’mon! You can’t hide things from me or anyone for that matter. It shows on your face Ms. Actress!!’
‘Uhh,’ she scowled, 'I know!! It’s not like I act in my real life! I don’t want to & I can’tI was just
‘Yes, I’m all ears!!’
‘I was justthinkingI somehow feel like this is gonna be the best trip I ever had’
‘Like you had any!! Please don’t count your non-existent Kolkata trip of 2 days!!’
‘No, I feel like this is itits gonna be magical & beautiful
‘You are unbelievable, aren’t you?’ Sonia came closer to Tanu and hugged her from behind as she smiled sheepishly.
The next day they hurried, early in the morning, everyone with a purpose, especially Tanu hurrying along with her maroon earring, frantically searching for her maroon dupatta, that was right there in front of her. She’d to be nervous. It was obvious. But as she heard the final signal she’d to run just like that lest they should miss their flight. She was a little disappointedshe couldn’t even put on some powder. She’d been late to get up, caught an early morning cold, kept sneezing & blowing her nose all the way.
There was this restlessness building in her heart as they waited for the flight. Sonia seemed quite at ease and mother was busy with the formalities. The seats were amazing & she was still glad that she was flying. As they seated and looked at each other, the girls exchanged a complacent smile, just happy that things were working according to the planat least till now.
Just to their right in the other row sat an old couple, and behind them, Harsh and Akash were still having their cold war.
‘I knew you would mess up! I knew!’ said Harsh through gritted teeth ’I mean I should have KNOWN!!
‘Oh, c’mon!’ retorted the guy in the blue jersey’ It wasn’t like I was the only one in  charge!’
‘My fault I ever thought you could ever be responsible!’
The two young blokes kept quarreling in hushed up voices, muttering curses through clenched teeth. Tanu glanced around and noticed them. They had pleasant faces and looked smart. The guy in the black jacket had bouncy dark hair that slightly fell on his eyes and slight stubs on his handsome face stuck to an appreciable physique 6, 2 with a perfect built. He seemed pretty angry with the other one in the blue jersey, slightly healthier, with a lighter shade of brown hair, who was pretty much on the defensive as he kept turning the pages of a magazine, trying to fight the accuses in a ‘I don’t care’ attitude.
‘Don’t you think it was your responsibility to at least know which hotel Sonia is staying in?’
‘Just chill dude! As soon as we get down, I’ll call her up and confirm, ok!!’
She couldn’t hear exactly what they were fighting on. But now, it seemed they had reconciled. Their faces lit up soon and they were behaving like old time friends. Both of them looked good, and Tanu couldn’t believe that the beginning of the trip could be so amusing. But then she looked at her own self.
‘Who would ever choose me, the way I am looking!’ she thought and only the helpless sigh could be heard.
‘What happened?’ Sonia chirped casually, barely getting out of her sleep.
‘Nah, nothing’ she said as even she laid back her head on the seat, trying to resist the tantalizing urge to look back, again.
‘What do you think?’
‘About what?’
‘No, do you think one of these air hostesses would hook up with me?’ Akash quickly ran his fingers through his hair ‘I mean I know, I am too smart for them, but stillyou know, what if I do consider them?’
‘Oh, c’mon! Pooh!’ Harsh rolled his eyes ‘It’s not like you’ll ever grow up, now will you?’
‘You can never be a little less mean, now can you?’
‘We are not here for girl hunt, for desperately trying to change our single status! We are here to meet our old friend, right?’
‘Yeah, but is there any harm, if we can get the extras too!’ As Harsh closed his eyes in defeat, Akash went on his defense ‘I mean look at it this way, Joy,….whatever happened to your philosophy of making the most out of everything, hmmm??’
‘Yeah, yeah…’he muttered silently ‘As if I have ever been able to stop you, you bear! Go on, find somebody. Let me see, are there any hot gals around’ He finished his sentence mid way when he was looking around the flight, casually looking at the other passengers for the first time. He saw the busy professional people on his left, the teens behind them, the old couple in front of them, and to their leftthereshe was. He felt a strong pull towards her, although all he could see was her black hair and maroon dress.
‘There aren’t any girls; it’s just the air hostesses I always likeOh, hello? Found anyone??’ Akash nudged him, trying to bring him back to his senses, wondering why he was sitting like a statue spell bound.
‘Whatwhat are you lookin so intently at…………’ As he shifted his gaze he saw. ’What? Are you interested in her? Wow, that’s amazing, why don’t you go talk to her?’
Harsh could hardly hear what he was saying. The girl’s dupatta fell down her shoulder, and she leaned to bring it back, and then, for the first time, he saw a portion of her glowing face. He could hear her giggles now. She was so excited, so charmingand most important, he felt this sudden tantalizing connection, likehe couldn’t just stay away from her.
‘Oh, Romeo?? I said why don’t you go talk to her?? Why don’t you go look at her, I mean, you haven’t even seen her face!’
‘Na, Mummy, it’s ok’ she said ‘It’s so tastyummmmdelicious, do want any more, ma?’
‘Don’t you see?’ he said, his eyes still glued to her ‘She’s with her mom! How can I possibly
Akash gave him the shocked expression he often gave when he just couldn’t understand a word of Harsh. ‘How does it matter? I mean, you can’t just let her go, now can you?’
‘And what the hell am I supposed to tell her? Like, hey, you look so tantalizing to me, so interesting; I can’t stop looking at you? That's such a nice impression, it will have on her and her family out there, right?’ he snapped.
‘Hey, wait a sec, wasn’t that voice like Sonia’s? I mean the girl next to her?’
‘Hell, no! How could she be on this flight? Why do always have to be so dumb, Pooh!’
‘Why can’t she be? She is supposed to come from Bhubaneswar only!’
‘Yeah, but she is supposed to be here, tomorrow, isn’t it?’
The flight didn’t seem to be a long one. Soon they were at the Delhi airport. Even as the guys kept on arguing, the women got down. Suddenly, Harsh noticed this and exclaimed ‘OMG, she’s gone! You fool! Why do you have to always talk nonsense at the wrong moment? Shit!!’

‘Okhay, okhay….’ He hurried behind him, as Harsh literally pushed through everybody, running like a mad bull. ‘This is what happens when people suddenly get interested in a girl after twenty-two years!!!’ he thought ‘There, there!’ he shouted aloud, panting. ’There in the corner! Near the luggage section!’
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