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If we say a lot, it’s a problem, If we don’t say a lot, it’s still a problem,….yeahhh…something like what Cherry Blair had said, “You are darned if you do it, you are darned if you don’t do it”.
Anyone heard that news? That people tend to be more sad, the more they use facebook? Every now n then they see their friends posting popping heads, jumping with joy, friends, and places, gfs n bfs, one after the other, (well, honestly I didn’t even know, people loved posting their kisses too!....Blame my aloofness……Ohk…fine!! I have also heard more than just that being posted…but!!)
Coming back to what we have been kind of blabbing since a lot of time, in a lot posts, that people are not happy.
Nobody can be. Always.
Agreed everyone has their ups n downs, n more of downs. Agreed life never is as easy as it was when we were kids. Agreed life makes everyone suffer. In their own way of course……..
But then? What’s wrong? Why do we always feel, it’s just me!! Why me!! Why does it take such a long time to dawn upon us the fact that, just as we say we are fine, others say too.
I knew someone who, hated me always telling the truth about how I was at the moment. Well, hey! Aren’t we supposed to just say that, when we are asked “what’s up? How are you?”
Well, blame my English knowledge for whatever it is, I still understand “how are you?” as HOW ARE YOU.
How utterly disastrous I am , you must be thinking. I used to say I am sad, when I was sad, n the next thing, you guessed it………………. “Why, what happened?”
Now what one Earth are you supposed to say after that?
“No, nothing happened, I just kind of had a whim of discovering what life was on the other side, n thus had an intense desire of crying……………..just like that!”
Silly, yes I know, very.
So, if you do the obvious of “Blabbing”….be very very careful, who the person is.(Not everyone is the best therapist, not at all, if they know you, n the characters involved in your story)
What’s the other option, now? The one that I had began criticizing….in the beginning but kind…of forgot midway…..just like always…!
So does that person do? He’d always say “Mast hoon”
So saying that I am great. Never been more happier before this moment…or some crap like that….makes you feel better, does it?
Where does all this pretense lead to? Why are people so afraid to admit, they are sad? Why, of course, cuz people are waiting to make them despo, weird, saddies, rondus……..you name it, they are all set with their armories to give you a nervous breakdown?
Seriously, what’s wrong with people…..
UPDATE: As I write this, people are wishing someone liked their post, else they lose face…….
I mean, why………..why……….(no, not why this……kolaveri)
But why has our life become like this? Isn’t it pointing to a serious hazard out there?
So many people longing for catharsis, wishing they could just TALK to someone, someone……..who would listen to them, n not tell it to anybody……….
We all know( I generally presume you have common sense)……….that solving others problems, actually helps us a lot with ours. But then, why does this match not happen? What are we seriously missing in our everyday?
Are we not WIDE AWAKE(Yes, this is called post promotion, check my post, here)………
Well, no seriously……..(oh, were you so sure I was kidding?)………ok…….so seriously seriously, where are we missing?


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