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Fatigue of pretense 
With the last inkling of sense
When there is no more patience
The burden of innocence

You seek credence
Thrusting every bit of defense
But again losing out on confidence
Filled with diffidence

The need for acceptance in the insistence,
that leads to the pretense
striving hard in persistence
with lack of consistency
as each time innocence overtakes pretense

Meaning of Poem

As you always see analysis on doveranalyst.com of various song lyrics, it only makes sense, that I give you an analysis of my own original writing.

Aren't we all tired of pretending?

Each time someone asks us, how we are, we respond hiding all our pain, putting forth a face of toxic fake positivity. Because deep down we know that no one is willing to really listen.

Nobody cares.

We are tired of pretending constantly that we are fine. The innocence is lost the first time a child is sad but has the mind to say otherwise. The habit of saying the truth, however, we are is just gone.

We want to be believed, to be accepted

Credence means belief in or acceptance of something as true. We want to be accepted. 

Diffidence means modesty or shyness resulting from a lack of self-confidence.

When we give it our all, to be believed, constantly defending ourselves, after a point in time, we do lose out our confidence and are diffident, or shy. We try so hard to seem put together, to be ok. Our persistence, our constant attempt lacks consistency when we give up within ourselves. The grief shows through bellowing eyes, brimming tears. The truth of innocence now takes over every attempt of pretense. Our real sad self is visible in our eyes.

This will have more I swear, as soon as my mind opens up again, come back to see rest!!!

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