By enabling local censorship, we are promoting free expression

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What the hell!!!! No seriously, what is this?
So, companies like Google can do whatever they want, just because they are BIG??(Ok, I know you said, yes…but…)
Yep, this is exactly what I kept saying....n I really wish I was dreaming.....but Seriously??
Whatever happened to ‘across borders’ and something called ‘EQUALITY’???
Really?? We are supposed to be Global!!! How can you segregate like this!!Now anyone who reads my blog , for example, would think, ‘Oh, this Indian girl, wrote like this!!’
No artistic content is ever truly judged if you go by biases, locations etc!!
First they want to track us down from our I.P address in google searches, they force us every now n then in youtube n yahoo n others to have their custom made India page….(Fine, we don’t want it!!!!!!!!!!!!)……….n now even blogger????
I just don’t see this point. How can billions of humans not NOTICE the OBVIOUS irony here?? FREEDOM of speech by CENSORSHIP???
Wow, bless me!!
How can you even claim to be giving FREEDOM by openly saying you would CENSOR??
No matter what, I had always loved the ‘.com’ thing…..seriously we had a page………..n now??? What are we?? Put in blocks, baskets, separated, segmented…..!!! (Did no marketing guru teach them, TOO MUCH segmenting is bad??)
More so, when customers can be too outright outrageous, n frustrated to leave you!!!
But, apart from this , what I have always , seriously hated is this high-handedness……I mean just like this, something is done, n u got to follow it…WHY?
Whatever happened to the charm, the enigma of  staying ‘anonymous’ in the web??
Shucks, it’s all planned-out, all a conspiracy….FINE!!! We knew they knew, but what’s the point letting everyone KNOW???
Already there were so many privacy issues, that people were boycotting gmail n other google products as much as they could…..but this??
No seriously, you mean,…….there would be a main world site, then click on country links, then go for all the blogs from that country??Uhhhhh!!!!
And guess what the worst part is??No matter how much we blab about empowerment, the new free world…….just face it?? We ARE just so helpless even about this!!
All I wana say is ENOUGH to all online marketers out there!! Country based or region based segmentation to give customized content is just overdone!!!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Give us a space to breathe?? Its not a crime if we like something, a normal person from our country wouldn’t?? Why do you want to think that everyone from a country is alike…….more so in INDIA??
You GOT TO BE kidding me!!!!
NOBODY is similar here!!!
I don’t want YOU to decide a custom homepage for me, LET ME do it. Dont put my blog in one category, let everyone know  we are all the same, something called BLOGGERS

I found really cute pics for twitter censorship though....Blogger or twitter, it's really bad to censor what used to be "freedom of speech"

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