WIDE AWAKE..Quotes and my thoughts..

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I had loved the movie, the moment I saw it.I keep watching great movies and then forget them. Somehow I keep promising I will keep a track…….but here’s a start.
WIDE AWAKE (88min) 1998 movie.
Joshua A. Beal: Before this year bullies were just bullies for no reason,
weirdoes were just weird,
and daredevils weren't afraid of anything.
Before this year, people I loved lived forever.
I spent this year looking for something
and wound up seeing everything around me.
It's like I was asleep before and finally woke up.
Know what? I'm wide-awake now.
I wish I was (wide awake) ever……..*sigh**sigh*.
Saw that line in red? I loved it. For anyone who has ever lost a loved one, especially in childhood, this means more than what it means………You look at the innocence of the kid, who reads out this speech as is customary for each kid to read one at the beginning of the year.(or maybe end…sorry I forget…).The little kid Joshua had not dealt with death.
For most of us there’s a first time. I mean for all of us there is a 1st time….our first encounter with death………..
The innocence of childhood is tantalizing……..anyone would love to be there(except kids!!I know, been there, done that, wanted to grow up,………until I knew what it means to grow up)
How cool it would be…………if people I love lived forever……...AND stayed THE WAY THEYA RE………..
Going above to the 1st para (yes, go back pls)……….the meaning here is, we do not try to see the inherent meaning behind things we see everyday(nor do we care to). Nobody cares why one is a bully, or why one acts like a weirdo or why do people feel a need to show they are NOT AFRAID of anything.
We hate the bullies, ignore or raise an eye-brow at weirdos(or for people of the same community, as me, we give a smile…:P)
Come back to our life…………we have all seen people who are weird(most common example)…………people who wana show off, people who wana bully…………(maybe cuz there’s this defensive mechanism, the need to grow over their own deep insecurities and prove their worth to themselves by overpowering others.)
Often we un-notice the small little details around us, things that matter so much……..we just miss our own life, as we live it.
If we just open our eyes, we could see EVERYTHING…………whatever life has in store for us, things we are missing out…
Joshua A. Beal: My name is Joshua A. Beal. I live in Philidalphia, Pennyslvania. And I believe in two things:
(1)-not all angels have wings And
(2)-six grade has got to be easier than this
This was another high point…..Not all angels have wings..so true….we encounter, so many people, who by chance, save us a lot of trouble. There’s an amazing fun angle at this quote…you just……….love it.
FRANK BENTON  "Hey Josh, is today tomorrow?"
JOSHUA A. BEAL  No Frank, tomorrow's tomorrow. Today's today, and tomorrow's tomorrow.
However, I couldn’t understand the meaning of this one………only guess I have had is maybe one keeps on worrying that whatever he does today will affect his tomorrow and finally Josh gives the view that, Chill…today is today, live it, enjoy it….tomorrow will be a new day, a different day,…..n a better day if today wasn’t nice.
My question is about my aunt Denise. She's not baptised, so that means she's going to Hell right?
[the Kids start clamoring nervously about their many non-baptised friends and relatvies] No, that's not what is says in the book. If you'll notice, on page 4... Ok, alright, quiet! No one is going
 to Hell
Funny....hilarious..what do I say? Heheh…Ok, fine!!!!!! No one’s going to hell………so sweet……..:)
P.S: The moment I think I’ll write about something………you know where I end up.But I just had to make this a separate post!..:):):)

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