Like I was saying…in my earlier post, Relationships n the distance within...people have changed…people have changed…..we have no idea how.
People we knew so well once, we know nothing about them now.
(Ok, for all of you, who are wondering if it’s my another attempt at pathetic poetry……, it’s not!)
And people who are right next to us, we know nothing either…….We are least aware of the suffering that a person breathing amongst us might be going through and so are people absolutely ignorant of the deep torments that we go through……….times when we are tearing from within……….times when we have cried our eyes out……times when we don’t remember when was the last time, we had felt we had suffered like this.
We see people, around us, wishing not to make a scene.We see people asking us, ‘Is everything fine?’
Not many people will say no, though. So we know the standard answer. ‘Yeah, everything is fine.’
Time n again I have witnessed a lot of such instances. We laugh, enjoy and share the same spaces in classrooms. I had no idea why a person kept cutting herself.
But then I can’t blame people having suicidal tendencies……..we all have our low times( anyone who said , ‘Not me!’, is the biggest liar we have here).

C’mon, let’s face it. Nobody can be always happy. Though I do not know the startling answer to the question “How many of us know that we want to be unhappy?”
Well, atleast I don’t………I said startling cuz I guess even the qsn is too startling, isn’t it?
The professor of Psychology from US who had visited us lately had told us we must share our feelings and emotions. We must never ever text a person five feet away……….(even if we have free sms!) that doesn’t make us great in people skills but in texting skills.

In any case we are somehow being drawn away from the human presence next to us……..talking with a number of people is important for psychological wellbeing.
At another extreme, we are wondering whether or not we should ping our long lost childhood friend who’s online, cuz we know nothing about what to talk……

Is it a time to start knowing them afresh as a new person? Should we not really drag our lazy feet and make some effort to know the new people, we think are cool enough and alike………..n who can be great friends………But what if they think we are being intrusive (read chipku….nosy parker)

Well, indeed it is not easy to be in everyone’s ‘close’ zone……….being close to everyone and knowing their heart out.


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