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Balika Vadhu never had been this interesting!!With Shivani leaving Gauri and thrown out by Kunda Tai, after losing everything now, comes the biggest shock of being funded by Bhairon Singh.

Forget about how Gauri will react to Bhairon Singh's funding, I wana see how her parents would.

All this time, khamakha itna kan bhara hai, that big people ruined our life n all......n brainwashed Gauri from childhood,so much so that she even forgot how Anandi n Bhairon had taken care of her when her parents had thrown her to die

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How many child marriages happened in Balika Vadhu?

We definitely see two child marriages of Jagya, himself, Bhairon Singh's son (Dadisa's grandson). We also see his sister married and widowed as a child.

Did Jagya have two child marriages?

For those who don't remember or don't know... Jagya was married to Gauri in childhood by Dadisa,(after her child marriage 1 to Anandi).

Jagya marriages

  1. Child marriage 1: Anandi
  2. Child Marriage 2: Gauri
  3. Marriage in College: Gauri (same woman)

Why did Jagia have a SECOND child marriage?

Dadisa had thought that chhoti Anandi had gone mad...(due to circumstances) and Bhairon and others didn't accept the second marriage. It was declared null and void by panchayat also after proving Anandi's mental fitness.

Was Gauri's child marriage to Jagya legally valid?

No. Although child marriages have to be considered once you're of age, etc. According to Hindu Marriage Act, India, you cannot marry a second time. Gauri's initial child marriage to Jagya was also invalid and proven in Panchayat that Jagya's first wife Anandi was completely fine in sound mental health.

What had actually happened in Jagya Gauri Child marriage in Balika Vadhu?

Gauri's parents had thrown her outside Badi Haveli in the cold. She was married off and no longer their responsibility. She was shivering and had fever. Anandi and others took her in, looked after her, and Bhairon promised to pay for her studies...but Gauri's today's flashbacks are just something else...!! (Wonder, why? Looks like the Balika Vadhu writers are smoking a lot of that stuff).

Latest Twist in Balika Vadhu

What did Kunda Tai say to Jagya and Gauri?

Kunda Tai speaks. (I was kinda expecting it...the way her eyes were coming out as Gauri's mother had said...lomdi hai...n all for anandi.)
Thank god they FINALLY let out secret of Kunda Tai's story!
The way KT(Kunda tai) gave that lecture,IiI absolutely loved it.
And kajal oozing out of Gauri's she cried, when Kunda Tai said:
Saare kunware mar gaye the jo tujhe shaadishuda hi mila?? 
सारे कुंवारे मर गए थे, जो तुझे शादीशुदा ही मिला?
(Were all unmarried men dead that all you could find was a married man to marry?)

lol....high point....!!🤣🤣🤣

Jagya and Gauri deserved this and more and not now but a lot lot earlier, but OMG, just look at them, even after all this they are happy, and not a tinge of repentance for hurting Kunda Tai so much!!!!

Balika Vadhu has been in its best form in the last few days...loved the Kunda Tai act, Shivani leaving Gauri and will Bade Papa also leave her?

Why had he not told her the truth till now??
You know these things, and you just keep waiting when the characters will GET TO KNOW the truth.

Can't expect sense from Gauri, so maybe she'll again blame Anandi.

The fifty shades of Grey in Balika Vadhu

Gehna is Anandi's sister-in-law

Gehna is sweet, being jealous is obvious, but she must not turn negative...!!!

Balika Vadhu rocks in showing various shades to a character, nobody's totally negative till we got to know Jagya and Gauri though...just 2 exceptions...I mean even Dadisa, was never shown ABSOLUTELY bad, she had her grey shades, but was sweet too...and they are just forgetting the whole thing in case of Anandi, showing her as the best. She is also human, she must feel sad, or angry

The story has taken loadsa turns. Now that Balika Vadhu is focusing on social issues, it is back to focus, the entire track on how Anandi manages to educate people about the superstitions and the fraud baba and the recent Phuli’s case, where she manages to get her baby to her legally by appealing in the court of law….all bring it back to its form and cause.Ofcourse one could have nevr expected the fairy tale like story of Phuli to continue for a long time. After all they had to show Naata Pratha is bad. Let’s see what happens next…

+Doveranalyst We wana see him must repent

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EDIT: 27 December 2011, will Gauri have a change of heart??...all she said was she must go to Jetsar....the atma ne dhikara nai was awesome!!
But shocked to see parents' response.

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