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This has always been quite close to my heart….Raymond’s as such defines class, style and sensitivity…
.Raymond’s Complete Man has always shown various aspects of being a Complete Man.This one came in just after the “Saamne ye kaun aya dil me hui halchal” wedding backdrop one, that showed the extremely romantic and loving husband and father. This touched a sweet chord…in the heart. You have seen her act so many times, but how beautifully does she play this mother…!!
As the son comes in with his job abroad, she’s so happy. He hugs her first..(a true portrayal, I felt..)……and then as there’s a tinge of sadness due to separation, he quickly draws out his mother’s passport and touches her feet…..a mark of our tradition, respect and care for our loved ones…….a story of emotions so deep, said within a few seconds so nicely………so beautiful…I call it art.

The Raymond’s Complete Man was a turning point in advertising as you can check out in Nita’s blog.

The Raymond’s Complete Man was a turning point in advertising as you can check out in They had the first mover’s advantage as they had taken the risk of emasculating the typical man of brawn to someone with sensitivity, emotions, humour, respect, love and care. They have been successful for more than a decade and as people who’d doubted them then are copying them now, only the original succeeds.

The Raymond’s campaign is still the most influential and better than any other competitor. It was created by Rajan Nair and Arun Kale and backed up and followed up by Aradhna Athawale -Chitins, Sanjay Sure, Samir Johrey and Sunil Shibad in Nexus Equity.
‘We wanted a real man, a 3-D flesh and blood figure, the kind of man who is our target audience,’ says Rajiv Agarwal, CEO, Enterprise Nexus. The Raymond’s man was more believable, real and caring, a revolution in Indian advertising
Some of the later Raymond ads featured a man who takes time out from his busy schedule to hunt out an old disabled friend. Another had a guy spreading his arms at the edge of a cliff – in an apparent desire to take flight.
The gentle Raymond man who tucks his daughter into bed and plays the violin might be just ideal, thought some.
“ ‘It’s alright in the metros, but I do not think it will work in middle India,’ says Shivjeet Khullar, national creative director, The Joint. ‘Or perhaps it works for Raymond, but no other brand.’ Pranav Dewan, Creative Consultant, Mudra, says that The Complete Man may not have completely arrived, but he has aspirational power, and in a way has given an impetus to the change in the metro man, even though not all of it has been voluntary. ‘It’s now accepted to be that way, and aspire to be that way. For some it has been a reluctant change…but in a way it’s a feeling of relief, to be dragged kicking and screaming to the altar of sensitivity.’”
I feel it’s much better than the clichéd ‘the man gets the girl due to the suit’ theme. There’s no point roping in brand ambassadors who cannot add much.It’s more or less Bollywood and cricket. Though things have moved into product based advertising, focusing more on features and price of the product itself, one cannot deny the power of branding and the success of Raymond’s. You got to accept, that’s the brand image they have created…you feel attached, and you think quality. And that’s good advertising. 

Personality based advertising has worked. But then not to be complacent or smug, maybe Raymond’s must add a little product approach to it’s great strength of intangibles. That’s how you better yourself in competition. Raymond’s also needs to adapt to the new age of India and especially to the extremely potential market of ‘youth’. The ‘Come and See’ from Raymond shop with VJ Manish catches up with the youth of today. It’s a lovely ad with elements, right from RajKapoor’s old umbrellas, to modern styles, and the tap is so touching. I had wondered how it would keep up it’s aspirational power with this, but then, as they say “shehzadon ka nazrana”.
It’s feel good ad……..you just feel nice about the brand even though you are not exactly a buyer. But yes, I do influence people, when I have to..;)
And if you ever wondered if this campaign really worked and changed mindsets, here’s a comment I deeply admired…in nita’s blog.
March 30, 2007 10:10 am
This article was very fascinating to me. I’m 25 now, and still, I have a distinct memory and perception of seeing those Raymond -complete man adverts in the cinemas in India…..back when i was a kid in India. It represents quite a special memory for me….I clearly remember how each time I saw that advert I was struck with awe, at how fancy the ad was, how handsome the man, how confident his style, how the very environment around him seemed to approve wholeheartedly at his mere existence. I remember wishing that I cud grow up and be a complete man like him. Even now…..whenever me and my friends talk about ideals and societal behaviours…i often quote that raymond advert….saying that to me that man represents completeness and a balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual part of a man’s life.
To date, much of my perception around a modern indian man’s position in life has to do with my memories of that advertisement. I’ve always tried to believe that completeness in character, beliefs and attitudes is what will allow a man to live life to the fullest. After reading this post, I got somewhat introspective and realised that the ideals and beliefs I have cultivated and developed through my teens, into my early 20′s and now into what I call the beginning of the mid 20′s….they are very heavily congruent with the attitudes and vison that was conveyed by the Raymond Advert. Even now, I randomly get a vision in my head about that scene from the advert..when the man is standing on the cliff top, hands spread wide, and the advert presents a wide angle arial rotating shot of him from the sky….that pose struck a chord with me as it represented the intermingling of that very complete man with nature, with the cosmic consciousness…it instilled within me a belief that completeness of emotions, character, attitudes, behaviors and physicality is what allows one to experience the full range that life has to offer.
Certainly, I believe strongly in that concept of completeness…and i suppose i’ve subconsciously developed my own personality to try and match that ideal. I’ve gone through that phase in my late teens when expression of my machismo and tough guy image was all important….to a mindset now where I’m more about acknowledging that men too have a very strong emotive side, and a real man owes it to himself to understand that emotive side and develop a level of sensitivity (not to be confused with “being” sensitive…to me possessing sensitivity is a far higher and more subtle concept), so that he can derive the most satisfaction and feel most rewarded from his relationships….with his partner, family, friends, with the world.
EDIT: check this site for more campaign info and credits are,...

Client: Raymond Limited
Creative Agency: R K SWAMY BBDO
Media agency: Media Direction
Executive creative director: Sangeetha N.
Senior partner - creative: Gautam Pandit
Client Servicing Team: Shailen Sohoni, Sujit Inamdar and Hemen Patel
Director: Raj Tambaku
Production House: Lemon Yellow Sun Films

In this foreign posting ad of Raymond's (tvc)..the son is played by Anuj Sachdeva.
If anyone knows name of who plays mother, let me know, so that I can ans "Anonymous"..:)
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