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Life….is so uncertain at times…and we never understand unless we are in the right places to understand it. The grass always seems green on the other sides.The paths that are not trodden are by default accepted to have been great………great lush green things that we left……maybe…….cuz we do not know what life would have been if we’d have made those choices that we havent made…….

Well, you do not know……….until…… know……..,right?

Life always seems different from different places; from different perspectives.
 Actually, reason for my present insanity(I know ypu’ve been asking..:P)……….is that…I kinda heard something somewhere that struck me….(Ok, I know, I know, it happens a lot…..but ofcourse I am not so ‘less lazy’ to pen it down , now….right?)
Coming back to the point,I heard that you do not know what it means to top, until you do……..and you don’t know what it means to fail, unless you actually do.
True, often we are unable to see life from any other perspective than our favourite……….ours.
It comes, by default, actually.
What is hard is to swap places, or minds…….rather…..You wont know what it is to keep sleeping and yet feel tired, when you cant get up or even still lie down……..nothing makes you comfortable……..No, no I am not talking about those crap nokia “epic choices of life” advertisements……..they are simply …… “just too much”.
But yes,w hen we are kids, we think elders dont understand what it feels when we have so much homework, we are so damn stressed…that we are having burn-outs(I have no idea what school life is these days, though)….ok, a little more literal epic drama?? wont know what is alzeihmer until someone in your family is suffering from it, and more still, you’d still not know that much, if you don’t have to attend your grandmother who’s suffering from alzeihmer.
When we are frustrated, we just don’t understand how people can ever ask us to relax, but we do pacify our friends, with the same dialogues when they are losing it.
Once somebody told me, “You have everything, what more can you ever want………!”
Seriously??? “Step in my shoes and you’d know”
And guess what I heard? “Ya, sure, just take them out, I’ll try your shoes”
Now that was one of those ‘It’s not even any use, tryin sayin anythin!!’ moments….:P
Well……my intention was not about dissatisfaction, at all……..but yes, there’s lot of grief, and tension…and no matter, how badly we say those typical melodramatic lines “I understand……..”
we actually never do;  until, we do….lol……..But, we can…….if we try…Maybe that’s where, high quality acting starts…….(no, I am not kidding!!) I mean you really really feel the character and his pain, right?
P.S: I know I have simply lost it, I know you are gonna hit me, for this mindless post…….but yes, you are used to it, now, arent you?
P.P.S: As an after thought I am kinda thinking(yes, I know that’s frigthening and that’s a rare quality only some crazy people like me can have of so much afterthought on a damn post! ;))….that….one of my friend who’d said I can speak an hour on crap, isnt entirely false, is it?….:P
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