Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, book vs movie part 1 and 2

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Whenever we read a book, we imagine with the imagery and when a movie comes, we do expect to see our imagination come alive, which, ofcourse never happens and we are left fuming, and raging…lol.
But that’s natural, now isn’t it? Often we love a book completely, but we may wish to alter some sequences, and if we had to make it, maybe we would make it our way.So they are also entitled to make it their way. But needless to say, in the Harry Potter series, the changes made in the movies are always a complete waste.The books are always much better and the final Deathly Hallows is the best of all the books.
What was too good to watch…….
1. Thankgod the seven potters scene was good enough.The way people went smaller and taller, Fred and George joking about it was great.
2. The patronuses, one that came to announce danger in the wedding and the silver doe, both were cute.
3. The best part was Snape’s memories in the pensieve and the way he cried when Lily died,holding her in his arms.I burst into tears,
went back, saw the scene again and cried again. Seldom do I enjoy a sad sad scene but this was so touching I wanted to see and feel it again. We’ve always hated Snape, but as we come across the reasons in the earlier series, his childhood, the way Harry’s father was the bully and in this book, about how much Snape had loved Lily, even after she’d married James, how he’d begged Dumbledore to save her. He’d always cared for her happiness and Dumbledore had won him over to protect Harry, by saying that he has her eyes.
He does say that in the end “You have her eyes” as he dies. I wish Harry could have a flashback of Snape’s last words. The best of the best was when Dumbledore is amused that Snape’s patronus is a doe like Lily’s, and says “After all these years, still Lily?”
And Snape says “Always”.
Just one but a very powerful word filled with emotions.This broke my heart……Snape’s love was shown in the movie better, and we realise what a hard job it was, infact the hardest to be there (as in the opening scene) with Voldemort, see your friends die, and not even let a drop of tear out.
4. The entire final fight, protecting Hogwarts, shielding it was amazing and Professor McGonnal looked so sweet doing it with pride.
5. The Kings Cross scene was surreal and a treat to watch.The baby clearly looked like Voldemort.But in the book Harry’d not been able to understand who he was.
The lines of Dumbledore were retained
“Do not pity the dead Harry, pity the living ……..and those living without love.”
 “Of course this is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth must that mean that it is not real?”.
6. The action sequences in Bathilda Bagshot’s house, Gringott’s break in,Dobby saving Harry, and the final fight and the forest was all well shot.
7. Final misty scene with everybody aged (Ginny looked great, but Hermione still seemed a kid).Thankgod they retained the Albus Severus dialogue.
What I missed most………
1. Dudley’s confession!!Where the hell did that parting thing go? It was so sweet when Harry had realised that Dudley was actually grateful that Harry had saved him from dementors and might have kept the coffee cup for him, when he said Harry’s is not a waste of space and how later Harry said Dudley saying this much is way more than saying Thankyou.It was an important part, symbolizing a bond, at the very end with Dursleyes!!That if you do good, you get good.
2. The escape: Hedwig was in the cage in the book unlike fighting with Deatheaters to save Harry.And instead of moving out on muggle roads and directly to Weasleys as in the movie, they’d crashed in Tonks' parents Andromeda and Ted’s house who were nowhere to be found in the movie.
3. Harry’d seen Stan Shunpike, the guy from the Knight bus,I guess, with the Death Eaters, and decided only to disarm him instead of stunning him and sending him to his death. Harry had used the same spell, Expelliarmus, against Voldemort when they had met three years previously. This helped them know which one was real Harry in the book not Hedwig fighting for him as in the movie.
4. The tensions:Somehow the tension in the air in the book due to the sad waiting with apprehensions and no news was missing due to the fast pace in the movie.When Mrs.Weasley and those who first arrived were waiting anxiously for the others to arrive, they kept going out and returning without any news, but in the movie they just popped in one after the other immediately.
5. Same was during the later hide out time of Harry, Ron and Hermione.It had taken ages to sit, wait and do nothing.This feeling could have been shown by a change in time.But it all seemed like it was happening over a few days instead of months.Thus Ron getting angry was not in place.
6.  Harry’s birthday!!!I kept thinking there has to be a mistake!!I definitely wanted to see what a snitch cake would look like…and the entire scene….everybody sitting around the big table, the magic decorations and celebrations suddenly interrupted by the the Minister of Magic who appears at the burrow on the same day as in the book. Harry had felt so nice with family and friends….
7. Ron giving Harry 'Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches' book, the jokes regarding Potterwatch, and hilarious bits of conversation at Xenophilius Lovegood's house.
8. But in the movie, the Minister just comes out of nowhere.Infact the whole movie is so fast and abrupt as they’ve put so much into such less time frame….but I’d have wanted to see the anger in Harry’s eyes.They all seemed to be in harmony, when he was reading out the will.But in the book, he constantly suspects them, for he suspects Dumbledore to be involved in dark arts and Hermione cant stop taunting him, when she says they should have known there isnt anything hidden after testing for so many months.None of the three showed that rebellion and Harry didn’t hold him by the collar.
9. Bill and Fleur’s wedding and Victor Krum!! Krum is disappointed that Hermione is with Ron. And Harry was unable to understand why Ron gets so irritated until he saw Krum, later thinking Ginny is pretty.The way Harry tries his best not to let him dance with Ginny, even though he had promised Ron to stay away from her.It shows his love and helplessness. Later,it was Krum who points out that the deathly hallow sign is evil, in Xenophille’s locket.
10.             Harry didn’t even take polyjuice potion! Thus no cousin Barry.No wonder they wanted more Daniel Radcliffe than Harry.
11.             Invisibilty cloak; nobody seemed to like it maybe….It’d have been so nice to see them sneaking as was written in the book…But they were all out in the open. Thus the entire fun of Harry hiding in invisibility cloak and Ron and Hermione ordering was lost.
12.             There was absolutely no planning for invading the Ministry although in the book, they spend ages planning.The entire scene of Remus coming and wishing to join them,Harry shouting at him, Kreacher forced to obey Harry and learning to like Hermione also, offering to prepare special food for them, the day they get nearly caught in the ministry was all gone.Kreacher’s part was really sweet in the book, with a change of heart.Even they were feeling sorry that Kreacher’d be waiting and wondering why they didn’t return.
13.             The Ministry Polyjuice potion!! It never ran out within the Ministry. They were all in their form, and Harry in his rude, dark , saddist image had convinced the gatekeeper to let them out. But throughout the movie his polyjuice character didn’t seem that angry or repelling.He instead seemed afraid at times.
14.             Luna’s room!! I’d longed to see it………I was really really looking forward to see it. But when they did go to the Quibbler editor, they never strayed to Luna’s beautiful room, walls filled with pictures of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville n all, friends forever written in gold that looked like frame and the cobwebs indicating she hasn’t been here for a long time. As they were all running to end the movie, this portion of suspense and hiding and pretending was all bleak.
The entire part about finding out the hat like thing that later helps in knowing the diadem, and escaping by showing a portion of Harry and Ron in invisibility cloak, so that they don’t kill him was lost.
15.             The sadness of waiting was lost and they never see Seamus and overhear his conversation.The radio program was introduced later in the books, not in the beginning.. and they forgot that Lee Jordan was the host of Potterwatch.Thus the relief they were getting out of hearing voices of their own friends and the fun of code names was all lost.
16.             I missed Hermione’s grief.It was not enough when Ron had left and Hermione & Harry's dance was totally not needed and stupid.
Though some say it is a brother-and-sisterly dance between Harry and Hermione still it was crap, out of nowhere, wasting time that could have been used for showing so many other things and that awful Harry-Hermione kiss when the locket that torments Ron could have been better.Harry didn’t even tell Ron how he loves Hermione like a sister and how she has been crying for him.
17.             Godric’s Hollow:As far as I remember, they had taken polyjuice and had become old couple, and were in invisibility cloak but they were out in open in movie, which is explained in the end that Nagini could know they were inside the invisibility cloak as she smelled them, she didn’t see them. They don’t even see that quote on the tomb of the elder brother.Hermione stays downstairs in Bathilda Bagshot’s house just like that though in the book, she protests again and again to join Harry.
18.             The snatchers pop out of nowhere.The entire thing about the name ‘Voldemort’ being a taboo to locate Harry as only Dumbledore and Harry Potter can dare take his name and Ron yelling not to, but Harry in his anger saying Voldemort was gone.
19.             Scene at Malfoy Manor . Bellatrix's sadist nature was visible but there was not much torture,no Imperius or the Cruciatus Curse.Ron didn’t seem as sad as was mentioned in the book.He was desperate to save Hermione in the book. Hermione’s screams were also not as powerful.
20.             The door to the dungedon in the malfloys house was a solid door in the book. But in the movie, anyone would have noticed the light from the delluminator.
21.             Peter Pettigrew. In the book, Pettigrew’s silver hand strangled him to let Harry and Ron go to save Hermione. This had a meaning as Harry had stopped Sirius and Lupin from killing Pettigrew four years ago and the magical debt that Pettigrew had to Harry was symbolic of the goodness of Harry's actions. But in the movie, Dobby stunned Pettigrew and that was the end of his appearance in the movie.
22.             Harry didn’t even see the blue eye clearly in the mirror.The entire story about Aberforth and Dumbledore’s reality was also never revealed.The scene outside his place in Hogsmeade could have been better.It was all so sudden and cakes too small.
23.             Where the hell did Bill and Fleur’s house go?It came in so late in the movie, though in the book,Harry had buried Dobby in their courtyard. Harry’s physical labour of digging it without magic was also not visible as there was no passing of time.
24.             Remus Lupin coming to announce birth of Teddy!!Infact Mr.Teddy was totally absent, except one point when Harry asks, what will happen to your son.Even Tonk’s pink hair was no where to be seen.Even in the end we miss a young Teddy doing what he was doing, lol….and Harry, Ron and Hermione’s reaction to it.
25.             I’d expected the dragon at Gringotts to be a little less paler too. lol
26.             The entire rebellion at Hogwarts was not even shown in a flashback.
27.             In the book, Snape’s killed by Voldemort in the Shrieking Shack. I was looking forward to see it again.But in the movie, it takes place in the Hogwarts “boat house”.
28.             Fred Weasely’s death gone wasted.In the book he dies in a hectic battle with Death Eaters, as Harry and Ron close by. In the movie, instead of watching him get killed in action, we see his family mourning over his body in the Great Hall. The depth of the scene is completely lost,so is that of Remus and Tonks all seen dead in the end, just like that.
29.             In the Kings Cross Dumbledore had tied all loose ends and explained eevrythign to Harry in the book.But in movie, it was very short.Absolutely nothing was mentioned about Grindelwald and his friendship and how his sister had died.
30.             Neville doesn’t get the hat himself!In the book, Voldemort mad in his self-pride, becomes so insane that he himself puts the sorting hat on Neville’s head, from where he draws the Gryffindor sword as he deserves it. He stands up as a leader when Harry’s dead. But in the movie Neville happens to get the hat himself and is seen killing Nagini, the snake, when it tries to attack Ron and Hermione.
Harry had only told Neville, that he must kill the snake, when he knew he was going to die.But nothing like that happens in the movie.
31.             In the book, Harry confronts Voldemort in the Great Hall in front of the entire crowd of Hogwarts students, teachers and Death Eaters and tells him the entire reasoning why his wand will not work. In the movie, however, Harry and Voldemort fight alone in the courtyard and when Voldemort is killed, he explodes into a million tiny pieces, but there’s no one to rejoice.

32.             Harry doesn’t repair his wand at the end of the film. In the book, Harry uses the elder wand to repair, before disposing of the elder wand itself.  In the movie he simply breaks the elder wand in two and throws it away.

P.S: If there's anything else anyone wants to add, you are most welcome..:)
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