undo deleted pics from picasa web albums!!how would you feel if your whole blog is suddenly gone!!

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It is irritating to lose all your data. All your pics, stuff, that you had treasured for so long vanish in a second!!

In fact it's more than frustrating, a loss greater than even money

Till now somehow we had thought that only data from our pc could be lost ,cuz of some horrible virus which would manage to have its way even through antivirus protection. But no, there's more news!! As if google was doing anything less to make itself less popular, here's another!! If you delete the unnecessary files or folders from anywhere, be it picasa web albums or google +, your entire blog is gone!!!

There's absolutely no way to know, which of the files are actually being used in a blog post

All the pictures put in, in god knows how many years, with many hours of patience, how much love, affection.....I mean ask me what it takes to put in a pic next to everything i write!!!!
Seriously what's wrong with all these people?? How can they delete it just like that???

Ah, I wish Life had an Undo button

And there's no undo button, no option, nowhere?? Where is google?? Who are the mad brains in charge of picasa web albums who don't know that humans do make errors?? How can there be no undo option in 2011???
I mean, fine, there can be mistakes, there can be idiots, but they got to be idiot proof...!!! How is a blog supposed to be affected by one random folder somewhere??
And if so, they must have clearly communicated that when we did start a blog, in the first place, years ago!!
They must have told us that "Look, there is a folder called this n you cannot delete it....."

What the hell....this is devastating.....seriously devastating.....the feeling that people would have when they see exclamation marks in places of pics, for my blog.....I mean, this is impossible!!! How could it be possible.....that they have no back up option, no restore location??

I have been updating my many many blogs.......it's like re-doing the entire thing again....!!! RE-DOING!!
And my Madhuri blog is completely picture blog, i changed some pics, but then it's so difficult to know which of the 25 pics are there, n which are not!!
But touch wood, I wont be saying that, cuz a little while ago, when i felt i fixed the prob with some posts, the pics that used to appear again went away....!!!
I mean fine, they can expect people to have a back up of very dear pics, even if they have it online, but blogger??? Small little pics of a pen or a paper or a heart sign, adds so much to what we write, but we cant be storing them forever.

For God's sake one would think that once you put in on your blog, nobody can change it in your blog, unless you made any edits!!!

This is devastating, .....to keep on thinking which pic i had put where and with what tag, there are captions, and it doesnt even allow to just change the path, re-browse and let it locate the file now as it happens in windows movie maker when we change file locations.

And ofcourse, not to forget the alignment problems!!! Each time you put a pic, it doesnt fit in,you want to make it bigger, but then the text wont appear where you want it to., just one word will come down and destroy your entire work. All the patience for nothing!!

And I had expected that if I would upload all the blog pics used into that album again,then I would be able to get it back in all the respective places, like nothing had happened!!! But no, and even when I am trying to put the pics back in place (those that i happen to have in back up) there are alignment problems!!You move it left, and then the exclamation error part wont be removed, it doesnt go, and again both freshly substituted pics shoot up, not being where they are supposed to be!!!

And to think that only today I had been happy seeing that there is an option now in picasa web albums not to allow download of pics............why did i ever got there?? Sigh............

Anybody who blogs, never delete your album in picasa web albums,(Google plus photos, now) cuz the fools don't have a recovery option. Seriously, do they expect people born with recycle bins to the rescue, to be always alert, to such aspects that are beyond reasoning. There's no logic alive here.

But I am tired, it takes a lot of courage to blog with blogger with pics,to locate each pic and to put i there, exactly where you want it to be.....its not easy like MS Word,.....and of course it wont even accept copy paste from word!!!

The words would be pasted but then , the pics would again be blank.....Why can't blogger improve??? Blogger people are you listening??? I am fed up.....and especially why does blogger need to depend on picasa web albums!!!!huh

This is a lot less yelling I am doing here than I am supposed to!!!Google is defintely not customer oriented, firstly to make everything public and interlinked from buzz to private stuff and then this!!!

Done with the rant, for now. But hey, catch me on youtube, maybe?

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