YES I HAD BEEN AWAY...(Just an insane post.........)

So many times in your life, all you want to do is....get it out somehow...Somehow you cant take it anymore.
You want to connect with everybody and you dont know how.You want to do everything at the same time, and you dont know how. All those things that you had mastered so well, sometime back are changed now, and you are no where again. You have to start afresh. (This new blogger dashboard…I liked the earlier colorful version….I hate this one!!)

This internet is kind of a myth, I feel at times…we get frustrated cuz we have believed that it is impossible not to get certain information. But it does happen at times that you get an info on even google that ‘no search results match your search’.

Then, is believing wrong? Is it really wrong to be hopeful. Or is it wrong that we are being expectant in the name of being hopeful? But then as in my blog about before sunset, Before sunset quotes

(not wanting anything, isn't that...a symptom of depression?)
Well……………it’s good to be happy……….really really good to be happy…………but why isn’t that easy, enough?
You would really wana do so many things, and everything would be stuck somewhere, and you would want it your way, to happen all by time, and they wont. Guess I’m just freaking out, and just as I knew it, this is a mad mad post………but the fact that with my super busy life, I haven’t been able to blog for such a long time was also bugging me, so somehow I felt that even it’s gonna be mah worst post, I just need to face it and…….. I just had to get it off my chest………phew!


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