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Well, this has been a long waited post….maybe I have been lazy…(well there’s no maybe about it!!)
Writing a blog, isn’t that easy, now is it? (especially, if you are as mad as me!!)
You will need…..ummm….
1. Some really mad thoughts (the easiest to obtain)
2. A great zeal to actually go sit and start typing in the lappy (the toughest one)
3. Pictures (no matter how much I try to resist….I eventually fall in to it…..(it’s really good to have some visuals explaining your words, isn’t it?)
4. A steady internet connection!!! (only if you are lucky!)
5. Patience to actually fit each pic next to the words so that it makes some sense!! (only if you are not so tired)
So, I finally did it, here I am….
Red hat – Feelings & Emotions
Time to put on my red hat…. Yes, you read it right; you again have to bear the emotional me!! 
All this while I have been wondering how on earth people get so many comments on their blogs, or how people actually keep appreciating and discussing about their blogs…….well……not that I haven't been appreciated….I have had all those great people who loved my blog (And….happened to be the only people to comment…well majority!!)
But, the main thing is, there are many people who get people from the web to read and keep reading their blog…that’s something I could never know.

Green hat – New Ideas
Of all the things I have learnt…(count, the blog designing, I did myself…the gadgets I kept adding, the change of fonts,….and the recent wibiya bar at the bottom,….nobody never really taught me,, I learnt it the hard way….trial and error!! But I am there to help others…:P) I just couldn’t understand if the huge happy fat number on the right (number of page views…currently 3809) actually belongs to people who revisit…
And people who do revisit (minus the trusted ones from my real life, I very well know, do revisit every time, happily contributing to the increasingly fat number of Indian audience in my blogger stats)…why don’t they comment?
Well I recently read on problogger, that comments should be easy and you must ask for them and you should reply back to them.(I expect people to, so I do…but who actually visits back the site to see if the blogger replied?)
I recently even removed text verification, yet no comments….So many people call me up, text me, IM me, telling me I am good, I got a great blog, but no one even clicks in the reactions!! At least tick mark in the reactions at the bottom of the post….I even added a “i like it” option owing to the fact that, post fb, people only understand “like”
But still people seem to be too lazy even to click!
Well, look who’s complaining ?me?...ya, I know you said that….talk of all the “as you sow so you reap!”
When I search for pics, on google, I rarely visit the blog, I just go back after saving the pic.(cuz the blogger, post it from url never works for me!!) But I do try to read many blogs and comment on every blog I like, even the ones that require text verification (every single comment I’ve posted had needed it!!)
Sometimes, I have shown perseverance to even write the same long comment thrice if I had a net problem….
It’s not that people do not get comments, they do. That is exactly what troubles me, they do nothing….nothing at all…..they keep writing one post after another, and then they have so many comments in each..sometimes 18, ….even if we divide by 2,(for replies by the blogger herself)..there are still 9 people who took the pain to comment, right?
Maybe it’s right that we speak everything about the topic and leave no scope for answering…(yeah, yeah quite likely!! *sigh* )
But asking can be worse…what if people do not comment even after you ask them!! (That could actually be a hint to people who’d happily assumed that you have turned off comments, maybe!!) 
Black hat – Being Cautious
Same with the blogger awards, I couldn’t figure out who would be so grateful to give me one, I don’t seem to have amazing connections with generous bloggers (All I have is readers, who say they would, definitely give me loadsa awards if they knew how to)
That’s the most interesting part, isn’t it? I should search up, and ask people to give me blogger awards?? Isn’t that insane??
Well, I suck at asking for votes, so if you think I actually deserve any of the below categories of blogger awards, (which I finalized after a lot of difficulty)....please go to the links and if you are a member, well and good (I won’t hear you scream at me!!) cuz by signing up, you can simply put one click, and I get a vote....

Today when I googled my blog address, I was pleasantly surprised. I got all these vote links and realized it had been ages and even I had not voted for myself….(told ya, I am lazy!)
Yellow hat: being positive and optimistic
But then I copy pasted each link!!! (Now that’s not being lazy!!)
Well, the more interesting part was somebody actually liked my post so much that he posted a blog giving a link to my post!!!
I would have never known if I wouldn’t have googled!! And I’d been wondering all this time, whether people actually liked the translation!!
Edit: He even tweeted about my blog!!! 
"Impressed with the blogs of @ThoughtXpress.Read her thoughts at"
Then this site also had my site…and there others too…but check this out.

blue hat: bigger picture
PS: Looking at the bigger picture I am happy, maybe there are people who come back but won’t click on reactions or comment, but still thanks to everybody who ever liked my blog!
PPS: people are not so bad, guess what, viraf patel had actually replied to me on 11march,just when I’d lost all hope!!!!
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