It’s a mirage that I am chasing,

it had seemed to have come true,
but just in a dream maybe,
cuz the mist is fading,
and as the bewilderment grew,
I think it was an illusion may be,
these two faces that I  am facing,
shock the vulnerable core….
Is there anything true
or everything's a pretension maybe....
It’s a mirage that I am chasing
cuz none of it seems to be true
atleast …not anymore maybe…
a deceiving picture that life drew
when I  touched it, the colors started vanishing…

the dream was just too good to be true

Suddenly all the glass went shattering,
leaving everything askew,
revealing the reality maybe…
Was it all so sudden….
Or had it been there always,…just that I’d never seen…
Or just that I’d wished to ‘un-notice’ it maybe
The world is not as good as it used to be
I’m not as good as I used to be
Life just seems to pull on the act of deceiving with the mirage…..
And I keep chasing it……….


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