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‘You’ are no longer ‘you’, cuz somebody else is ‘you’ now. Your bank account is no longer yours, you don’t have any money left, all your savings are gone forever, your house is no longer yours, the project that you’d worked so hard on is no longer yours, nobody knows you made it, cuz there’s absolutely no proof, nothing that you had, not even your name, is yours any longer….!! That’s what identity theft can do to you.
This fear of misuse of information often restricts us from being ourselves, being free & open…..Infact this fear is probably even more gripping than the bearish market trends…..I mean, even a little kid wouldn’t talk to his teacher about his science project, thinking its too good, and what if……….what if ….the teacher actually stole the idea and took the credit for it! Well, not that it doesn’t happen….it does….so many times, in highly research oriented stuff….that sometimes has shared names of the professor and their scholars, you do not know, who did most of the work…..and sometimes, your research guide wouldn’t even consider giving you any credit for it and instead publish it in his own name….
Fear….is one of the worst things in the world……it...kills you. You cannot even write a simple blog post, cuz somebody would copy it. You cannot write a song of your own and post it on youtube, somebody can easily download it and say he had made it….nobody would know he didn’t, unless they find your work on youtube too….especially if they are not going public with it, and its just their college function, and the guy brags to his teachers how he spent hours writing that song, I bet nobody would know…..and the cream of the joke….unless this somebody,…in god knows which part of the world…and god knows how many kms away from you ….posts his performance on youtube too….. you have just no way of knowing about it!!
Well, you will probably tell me that plagiarism is everywhere….there’s no way escaping it, that doesn’t mean we would be a frog in a well, does it? Well, I do not know. It depends on how much you care!! I would really like to post songs, videos, photos….and all that, but I could really freak out if I found it on somewhere else, completely tampered with, degraded and what not. Not that I am saying about the horribly bad stuff, misusing and taking advantage and all that,…but even the fun factor of making things comic…I cannot take it …..somebody playing with my stuff. Although I still do not know of any site, where we can upload things that cannot be downloaded,…(if you do, pls do tell me!!)…..well……………….as they say….people can still take a screenshot anyways!!!....So, there you are, wishing to unleash your creativity….wishing to share….but then you can’t!!
Well, I like picasa web albums private feature, where you can just let only those people see them whose email addresses you have put in it, and the best part….you can even remove the addresses later on, and they cannot always go back to that link to see it.
Its generally the friends only option on social networking sites like orkut and fb that scary.I mean …we are “supposed” to trust all our friends….but we are also “supposed” to add our friends’ friends, cuz it would be rude otherwise, and we are definitely supposed to add all our classmates…even if we have never actually known them…but then there have been instances of “so called-friends” who are there all the time with you in school,college, take snaps every now and then, in groups, flocks, whatever you call it…you wanna be in them….its their cam, so definitely you don’t know if they make a pig out of you or a cat…or…..worse still……choose the worst of your photographs to be showcased on your farewell night infront of a bunch of two year juniors and all your teachers who could just be wondering “OMG!...She looked…like…that?”
You could tell me that they are always the intellectual property rights…but ofcourse you won’t take a patent for your invention….god knows if it is even worth it….n god knows how many years could go in taking that….and the copyrights………*sigh*
Tell me about it…!! According to the law, the moment we create something from our mind and actually publish it, or share it in written form, i.e.: posting a blog on a said date, or even mailing it to somebody….its ours…just ours….we are the sole copyright holder,…and anybody who publishes the same work in his name on a lter date can be easily sued.
Sounds great, right? You don’t have to apply for anything…no registration fees …nothing…In any case, paying for a registered copyright, is just a proof of the date…that you can later use in court.(Anyways given the frequency at which people blog, there’s no way one could buy a copyright for each of their posts!!)
But how many people actually know that it is a crime to copy completely or even portions of something and say its your own and that they can have legal proceedings against them for that? Well….you guessed it!! Not many!!! I mean…seriously…in this age of internet, where nearly everybody in a urban world is a netizen, it’s a habit to copy paste.
An acquaintance of mine, asked me the other day,…’Hey, your blog looks great….do you mind if I copy that post of yours and tell my girlfriend that I wrote it?’
My eyes were goggling out, yes. And since then I have this little “DO NOT COPY” sign on the right hand side corner of my blog.
What I actually thought after this incident is….he asked me, what if there are so many who haven't asked me and,….and whats the guarantee that he wouldn’t ….after…I said no….I mean…c’mon, there’s no way I could know!!
I tried the sites that search if your work has been copied anywhere…I mean they search for duplicate stuff….
Recharging on the net, transferring funds, paying for charity, is so cool to do just from your lappy. But then you always have the fear……….is it really safe? I mean I freak out completely if I do not see https in any part of the transaction!! Call me paranoid for that. But then you can’t blame me. These newspapers keep pouring in news of this and that all the time! And not that, its just a hype……..know….it happens!!
I saw that my fb account had been logged in from NewZealand the other day.And…yes…I freaked out!! I ran a search, went to the facebook security….changed passwords…always run it in https now,…secured connection…do not go for apps that require a http connection….
Sometimes, its really funny that https is not only secure but also fast, then why don’t the browsers run https in default !!
I just wish things could be safer and easier at the same time.
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