Before Sunrise was an awesome movie. Two strangers who meet by chance on a train spend a day and a night together talking in the streets of Vienna. They think calling each other will fade the connection they had and decide to meet each other exactly after 6 months at the same place. But it was much more than that, actually. ... It made me search.

I found out about Before Sunset, the sequel in which the two lovers meet after 9 years. Jesse was to be married with a wife and a kid. Celine was to have a boyfriend. There were these discussions about whether they should be together or not, because of the complicated & ethical situations they were in. Some talked about what would happen to the kid and all. I had never felt a lot about the movie, and had thus postponed viewing it. But when I did, I was spellbound.
Ways in which Before Sunset was different was the cinematography, the dusk was captured so beautifully…..the picturization made you want to see it….….keep seeing it…..and keep seeing it.
Celine comes at the book store, where Jesse is doing the reading of the book “This Time” which he has written about that experience with Celine. He wasn’t completely baffled to see her as he later reveals he’d written this book to find her.
Celine explains how her grandmother had died and had to be buried that very day. But we see a difference in the way the two interact now. Every now and then they try to deny their torment and depth of love for each other only to give in a little later.
When Celine asks Jesse if he’d come, he immediately says,”No.” But it is amazing how she gets it from his expression. He waited for her for several days, owed 2000 bucks to his father….and kept wondering why she had not come for 9 years.
One great thing about both the movies is that, in their light hearted conversation, so many things are presented, so assertively. By talking, they talk their hearts out, honestly and you are made to think and ponder on what things they said.
Just as Jesse says I mean the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me
is to really meet somebody,
make that connection, and if I could......make that valuable, you know, to capture that …….

That’s what happens, you really get to know someone ….treasure the bond between a human and a human….between a soul and another soul….its much more surreal…..just as Celine had said in Before Sunrise….that the little space between two people is where,,…there’s God….
People often forget the importance of having another person to talk to, whom you can understand & who can understand you …..the beauty of a bond between two people,of caring for each other,….of seeing a familiar smile on a familiar face and feeling safe and at home….of feeling happy when they are happy…and seeing a concern in their faces when you are not,.,…of …………..having someone………someone you can call………..your own.
They walk into a coffee shop. Jesse says people do not change actually….the inner core and the way they deal with life, always remains the same. In another ironical way, it is revealed that when Celine was doing her masters in New York they both lived there at the same time.They talk about monks, desires.
Celine says ”Not wanting anything,isn't that...a symptom of depression?”
Well, I agree with Jesse that’s its ok to want things as long as you don’t get mad after not getting them.He says,”You know, you realize that most of the people that you meet are trying to get somewhere better, you know, they're trying to make a little bit more cash,trying to get a little more respect,have more people admire them, you know,…….
It's just exhausting! You know, it's exhausting to be one of those people yourself.
And that is so true………we all try to make a little more of everything. While Celine is working in an environmental organization and thinks the world is at a clear mess, we see Jesse being hopeful now, offering a more philosophical take on things.
Yeah, but that's so hard! You know, to be in the moment, and I just feel like I'm...designed to be slightly dissatisfied with everything...You know, I mean, like...always trying to better my situation. You know, I satisfy one desire, and it just...agitates another, you know?
I loved that ’designed to be dissatisfied’…lol
These little things about our life are said so naturally that make it so beautiful and relatable… thing about movies is, you should be always be able to relate with them, to find ‘that connection’.
Life's hard. It's supposed to be. If we didn't suffer, we wouldn't learn a thing, you know?

As they have grown up,Jesse says he’s happy to get older. He now accepts things…and understands them better.
There are many beautiful frames throughout. In portions it gets black and white trying to make it a memory, as we would remember it after it is gone. The way they walk through the gardens, the picturesque frame of the two in the boat, the breeze flowing and the golden hair moving on to her face as she turns to look at him. This is the most interesting part, where she talks about observing details.
She says how she loves Little things. I think it's the same with people. I see in them little details, so specific to each other, that move me, and that I miss, and...will always miss.
You can never replace anyone, because everyone is made of such beautiful specific details.

So very like me. I was bound to feel the connection here….:P
She talks about her relationships and how she has not been able to forget anybody.
I feel I was never able to forget anyone I've been with. Because each person know, specific qualities. You can never replace anyone. What is lost is lost. Each relationship, when it ends, really damages me.I haven't fully recovered.

I guess when you're just believe...there'll be many people with whom you'll connect with. Later in life you only realize it only happens a few times.

She’s clearly portraying the pathos of not being able to understand that Jesse was the one, and that since then she has never been able to connect that way with anybody else.

Jesse tries to capture every moment with her and offers to drop her home, after the boat ride.
Why I think they should really be together is what’s revealed in the car.
She panics in the middle of conversation, wishes to go out of the car and her inner sorrow swells up as she bursts up saying how although everybody cared for her, none of them asked her to marry and came back to her to thank her for teaching love and how to respect women. She says she would have said no, but still they could have asked. Jesse points out that even he is one of them.
The way she says she could find nobody as the one……..clearly becomes the irony, that they are made for each other.Even as he had burst out "Oh, God, why weren't you there, in Vienna?" in the boat.He had known why, but he was still dreaming what if she had…what if her grandmother had died a week earlier or later…..things could have been so different.It shows the longing………and the hope.
After reading his book, she remembers how hopeful she used to be, and feels that night took away from her all the romance she had. She says the last thing I need is a married man!
We see how much she has suffered and then Jesse elaborates on how he has tried everything to make his marriage work but it is nothing more than running a nursery with someone he dated.
He is willing to take up any torture just to be with his kid.But then he again marks that he is worried what kind of upbringing , the child would have in a home that has no laughter at all. It is more about responsibilities that he and his wife are trying to fulfill, trying to be their ideal selves.
The way he had said in the boat,….the ‘who’ of it all didn’t seem to matter. All the men he admired had married, and he wished to be his own ideal self too. But now he knows, although he doesn’t show that………….how much it matters, whom you marry…….
He breaks up into sobs, wakes up in cold sweats, dreaming of Celine going away in a train……finds his wife sitting next to him, million miles away from him.
Everybody is being tortured for the past 9 years…..
The little moments are so beautiful…as she goes to caress his head when he is not looking.,…but withdraws her hand… captures your heart…..the pathos of the situation…..the irony of it all……….
I was glad that this time, they didn’t end it so badly….he went upto her home, sat and listened her play him the song she had written for him.
It said that her heart would always be his till she dies….it says how serious she was for him.
But then, as I had said earlier, they keep denying….so much. The kind of super cool image that nothing affects them, but the eyes say it all……….
As Jesse asks if she would take anyone’s name in the song as she had taken his……she abruptly says a lie…”Oh, yes, of course! What do you think, that I wrote this song about you? Are you nuts?”
But we know….it was just meant for him.
Although she keeps reminding him of his flight that he would miss….the calm on his face as he says ”I……. know…….” tells us this time they are there…..the minutes are no longer ticking by….there is no hurry… the picture fades as they smile….this time….they are not going to make the same mistake…and that Jesse had never meant to take the plane at the first place….lol…..I hope… this time, the end can be more positive….


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