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Update: The images are all lost as it is an old post

:The second phase as Mahi is about to marry
So quite a lot of people have been googling "does ishan marry mahi","when does shiv propose mahi"
Well,so finally decided that I need to bring out my long long waited post...on the rest of the story.To see my earlier post on MAhi Way ….click here.

Well, as I have already said how Mahi had a big time crush on Ishaan, the model....

she rejected Shiv's proposal when
he proposed to her on the Diwali night.Mahi's nani had watched the whole of it & was furious on her to reject him!

Although Ishan had used her, & she'd given great many advices on how to be strong in a break-up,to throw away all gifts, dress well,go to eat ice-cream.....she actually did just all of that :P

Nani & her friends teasing Mahi about Shiv
Shiv had been there for her all the time, although she never wanted him.Nearly everyone in Mahi's family could swear how good Shiv would be for Mahi, but Mahi was Mahi!!

Just look at her expression...we get more troubled when we get what we had wanted?

 In Mahi's own words....."Be careful for what you wish for, it might just come true!!!"
And so it happened,...when Mahi went out with ROshni & Sid to relax in Goa....both of Ishan & Shiv were there....Roshni & Sid tried to hook her up with many, but in vain.

Back in Mumbai,. he finally fell for Mahi, & became too good a dream to be true.He'd changed, he came to rescue Mahi leaving his meeting, (which he'd have NEVER done earlier)..........when she was on the verge of being embarassed by her new credit card, he'd given her as Mahi Singh & not Mahi Talwar,in the candle shop, where she'd signed Talwar......after shopping for her wedding.

He even came to family dinner, served everyone, to everyone's utter amazement,.....mostly Mahi's who kept watching him dumbstruck.
Now even her Dad was convinced that Ishaan had changed.

He even took her out to eat at road-side!!

Well love can make you do a lot of things!!

Mahi changed curtains, cushions...& what not....but did she stay in that dream house?

And what happened to Shiv?
Well.....poor Mr.gentleman,,...took it very nicely & showed his maturity, as he sat next to Ishaan applauding for Mahi's sister Anjali who was contesting in a beauty paegent despite being pregnant.Anjali changed too....& showed lot of love for Mahi......& she realised her family was not that bad afteral!!

As for Sid....he started his new label....with the help of Shiv,.....& designed everything for Mahi's house & wedding.
SUCH a sweet duo....these moments are to be cherished...laughing at the funnier part of ourself...making a place for oneself in the crowd.....or should I say the crowd got placed in the frame!.....
Roshni'd patched up with Nikhil & had married him.....(That was the party where Mahi had burst out & told Shiv everything about her)
She'd been angry with him again I guess......but she eventually smoothened things by proposing him again over the mike....
But things kept troubling Mahi all the time, her own feelings, & decisions of right & wrong......Shiv & Mahi sat on the night..eating ready-made pani puri......& having a great talk,....before the wedding day...He asked her if she was happy....& told her he was to leave for London & wouldnt be able to attend her wedding.
I guess the way they met on their terrace, all the time....without anyone knowing.....talking their heart out....was very sweet...:)

She even found herself digging the ground to see their childhood box....& stuff that she'd buried with Shiv, where she'd told how she'd marry Shiv when she grows up.....
on the day of the wedding.......when everyone was set to enjoy it...just before the warmala....Mahi declared she cant marry Ishaan.....she said...evryone had put a pressure on her......cuz she was 26.....she told about her mom's condition.....& how badly she feared arranged when Ishaan came into her life.......she thought she loved her.....but life is not finished.....she wants to her life.....& then think about marrying..& she ............RAN.........(Mahi's tyrannical boss had made her the editor when she heard she was gonna marry Ishaan....but it was gonna change now anyways...:P)

Mahi ran...& the entire bride's & groom's family & relatives ran after her.....yelling at her to come back & not be immature....
But luckily she got a taxi.....& realised how hungry she was...........& decided to halt at McDonals...or something like that.(It was not McDonalds)
She didnt have much money...& wanted to give her jewellery to the driver....but he said....consider the ride as a gift(I wonder if we really have such good people anymore?!)

But at the counter....she fell short of some money after she’d ordered & wanted to reduce her order, but the people standing behind her, contributed & made it for her!(Again a little less realistic)

And as Mahi happily munched on....Shiv called......saying I kno you might be busy at your weddin.............what?????? ran away from your wedding.....& you are at MacDonals???OMG...Mahi!!!!
But after this initial exclamation....he seemed happy (maybe cuz he thought now he has a chance again!! ;)
Then we hear Mahi asking...."Why? You are returning?But you'd some work at London, didnt you?"
"Ya...but ti's over now..."
Mahi continues to eat & says how free she is feeling right now....:)

PS: Viraf Patel & Rahul Bagga play the lead in YRF's new Kismat.....(I don't quite like Viraf with the big side burns!)
Pushtie who plays the character of Mahi,used to be a vamp in Kareena Kareena...Recently,she  was seen at an award ceremony... for television...saying today's leads in Tv can be dark,short,or even XXL....:P
Well...glad that we are being free of prejudices about the ideal girl, whose story we wana hear..:)
And did you know that Pushtie is Vrijesh Hirjee's sister?

And yeah Sid is coming in the new series Khotey Sikey....I kinda like this curly look :)
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