*Sigh*…quite a season, isn’t it?I mean wasn't it?
For reasons galore big boss4 was a 'never before season…'

  1. To start with there were the moves of Salman to a never before song, which was undoubtedly quite catchy…

Gusse ko peeke aur ego ko khaake,Mirchi pe meethe ka tadka lagake....Kisi se panga toh kisi se yaari.........

Nain matakhe aur beep wali gaali.......
Raat mein neend na din mein aaram(This was so true....they'd to be awake at nights, & get no sleep in the
click here to see the lyrics

  1. Then there was Dolly…& her ‘Baap pe mat jana!’….the completely foul-mouthed lady….who just HAD TO fight with everyone in there.

  1. Its amazing how we remember Dolly’s irritation more than the fact that there was a real wedding out there of Sara Khan & Ali merchant…Oops did I say ‘real’?...Well, for whatever it was it atleast seemed to BE real…until they got out,& now we know that they are separated for god knows what reasons.Well,was it the shortest wedding or are there competitions?

4.  And ofcourse not to forget Veena & Ashmit…or should I say Ash…meet
God knows how good an actress that lady is,but it was the first time ever we saw so much in friendship, for she kept saying she loves Hrishant, & then she was not even sure about that anymore.

5.  Seema & Sameer had to be thrown out,thanks to the so-called non-existent partiality of Bigg Boss.Anyone who had eyes knew better.Seema was hard-working & Sameer had been the gentleman.We’d seen maturity in him when he used to assess as to WHY Dolly was as she was after all,& heck, wasn’t he right!As Dolly confessed to Veena, we got to know of her mis-carriages.

6.  Khali was ofcourse the king, who did no work, who was too huge to do any work….maybe….who got special food from Bigg Boss, who had to fight off everyone who was against Dolly, & then eventually even fight with her.

7.  Finally Shweta won!!!...a woman to win big boss!!..She had toned herself down after the ‘hit’ Dolly-Shweta cat-fight.I don’t know if she was the best one to win, but anyone opposite Khali could have got sympathy & best wishes anyways!! 

Her expressions were damn cute when she got to hear it,& even sweeter when she hugged her daughter Palak
There was another shocking Veena's self selling ...I mean proposal seeking gimmick...when I'd seen it I was 'WHAT IS THIS...??'
Well there were many other things as well like.....they roped in Pamela Anderson & her dhak dhak......sad that people only remembered that!
It was like this time they had done just everything they could do, to get TRP.....they were definitely despos...but when you start feeling like just everything is planned, a reality show never works...but there were some good sweet moments too.

You should have seen the reaction of the ladies in the house when Sameer revealed that Neelam is his girlfriend.

“Neelam, are you kidding me!”
“But, she’s an actress na!”
“But she’s so beautiful”
   Came all the OMG expressions, & exclamations…to which Sameer says…innocently..”Kyu main acha nai hoon kya?” I put a lot of pressure on mah grey cells to find out who was Neelam, & then bang!...I remembered.

I digged up the net to find out, she’s a jewellery designer now…they do seem to be a good couple, don’t they?
Seeing them grinning like this I wonder if they are here for a tooth-paste ad!
But its sweet, isn't it...the way they grin alike..? 
Definitely a sweet couple...way lot sweeter than & Veena Malik

Heard that Sam & Neelam are gonna marry soon....well...let's see..

PS:If there are any more 'never before moments' that I left out,please share!!


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