And I was in's really difficult to pen down what it felt like
..Okk...for those who are still in's to your enlightenment....heheh

Actually I’d never really been on a real train.. 


Till now in 20 years of my life, my only journey had been on a chair car train…which I definitely don’t count as a “real train”
(It was so much like A BUS!!)
But…I still remember the looks I’d got in Std IX…when they had heard about it…….people were like…
“what? You saw platform for the first time?”
Now, now…don’t start thinking that I'm some Shahrukh khan who actually sat on a train after hell lot years when he was doing SWADES
(Nope, haven’t got any offers, yet….when I do, I’ll let you know ,hehe…)

But things were extremely different this time, it was no longer childhood, fun trip, or sightseeing….it was work...*sigh*

Nevertheless my joy knew no bounds…we were going on a second AC
All that I did on the train…resulted in my family telling me…
“Come on!! You will prove everyone here that you are here for the first time!!”
*sigh*…I couldn’t be so obvious…could I?
(Ok, ok…I know…what you are whispering under your breath!!!*sigh*)
Not that I cared!! Lol

yeah...i was kinda mad like kareena(i dont like her at all....but she was good in jab we met....n even this dress...isnt it?)
btw did anyone notice....the guy on the whom Geet says the killer line..."Ab to mera hath chhod de.,..itni b khubsurat nahi hoon"...It was Elesh!! from sasural genda phool :P

The best moment was when I actually went out……..,stood near the door…gosh!!..I was actually looking outside, with the air blowing on me…the ever so typical filmy scene…we passed through lovely scenic beauty ,mountains, greenery terrace farming, & even caves…hehe
No, don’t worry…as advised by my many friends, I was not trying a Aditya Kashyap(JWM) stunt over there!!Not that he would have let me to……who equally knew, what I could be up to….lol

Fine, I’m insane but I'm not that insane…lol
We had army men for companions..I kept hopping from seat to seat, giving everyone in my family the opportunity to have a chance to enjoy my loved company…lol
Alright…alright….now,…don’t beg me to come back to my senses…hehe
Damanjodi is a place surrounded by mountains & greenery…

But unfortunately after toiling hard for so long, I couldn’t return by train…!!!thanks to the Maoists, train was called off…and we had to come by car..
PS:I didnt meet Aditya Kashyap
    I didnt die(c'mon, how else am I writin  this, hmmm?


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