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The misty blue streaks alternating with the golden sparkles glittered over them like a spiral spotlight alternating in blue and golden, as they swayed arm in arms.,..the girl in lacy blue, the guy in shiny golden.......As they drowned in each other's eyes.....lovely roses....blossomed over their head, filling the air with the fragrance of love, enlivening the soft soothing jingling music......of love........

It was a calm, quiet night, the breeze softly caressing them, blowing their hair every now & then…The night sky shimmered with shiny stars, & a full moon that glowed over them seemed to be more radiant than ever.
The black lake had two snow-white swans, snuggling each other, flowing in the flow of love around these love buds.
The effect was magical, bathing in the moonlight & the sparkling blue & golden dust, they were submerged in each others’ eyes…feeling the love deep within.
Her face glowed even more with the glittering blue light, her soft flowing lacy blue dress swayed as he moved her again & pulled back to his chest, this time a little abruptly…as if afraid to let her go.

She smiled as she tucked herself there, the soft golden satin bringing a cozy feel. His broad shoulders always gave her a protective feel, like she could leave away all her worries behind & be safe in his arms. Slowly, she looked up, eyeing him closely…grateful more than ever…for the greatest gift of god …love. For a moment, she shuddered looking at his face, gleaming with the blue & golden light a little faster now, as the music took pace. He swayed her again, and her gown gracefully moved in an arch….he lifted her and put her down…but she was thinking “What if? How long?”

Women always tend to be insecure. But her fear was genuine; things are never so good in real life. How could she believe what was happening. What if this was a dream, just a fairy tale? How long would it last? Needless to mention, she would want it to go forever. He was just too good for her.
God knows why people are afraid to speak out. You really need to express your feelings, isn’t it?
As she told him about her fears, she got to know… Interestingly, he was thinking the same. When in love, our love appears to us as the most beautiful person in life…and somehow we think maybe we don’t deserve. 
He looked at the swans so deeply involved with each other. He wondered why he was having such fears…even if he wouldn’t have her later…right now, he had her in his arms…
Silly, me! I couldn’t stop myself from lecturing on the art of effective communication. Ok, back to dreamy fairy tale…

As they continued to flow with the rhythm he brought her close, and a chill went down his spine…he smiled at her sheepishly.
She felt the tingling sensation too, and decided not to ponder over what may happen. She could easily picture herself growing old with him; she knew he was the one. Past, future, nothing mattered now, that they were together.

All they had to do now was to enjoy this romantic evening. He held her by the waist and she blushed, the fragrance was so strong, that they both looked up. The rose buds & some white night flowers were in a complete blossom now, smiling down at them. It was like a blessing from heaven. 
The lights by the lake side were flickering, a picturesque contrast to the dark background. He couldn’t shift his gaze; her smile looked so lovely in the light. They sat on the white engraved swing by the lake, her head resting on his shoulder, her hand on his chest; she could feel his heart racing. She giggled as she heard her own heart beats, no less fast…’love is definitely exciting’, she thought & buried herself in his heart again.

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