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Edit: To see the sequel post, that has rest of info of Mahi way,
MAHI WAY:The second phase as Mahi is about to marry click here 

It’s a soap about Mahi ; a fat girl ….well, yes that’s the first thing they want us to notice about her…but trust me, there’s way more than that to it !!..........As my friend put it, ‘what if She's fat,She's cute!!’………..This soap touches lot more relevant aspects of the current trends in love,relationships,friendships,job,& family stress & a lot more……
Now,the protagonist,Mahi has a simple dream…to find her true love….SO THAT she doesn’t have to give up & marry the guy her family chooses for her.

She has taken a challenge of 6 months , in which she has already fell for the wrong guy Ishaan,the model.So many fail to distinguish between infatuation & love.(As Mahi blabs about her every secret to Shiv,
including how she did everything,we see, the confusion & the eventual heartbreak…….& each time Mahi & Ishaan face eachother,the awkardness is evident… happens…why would it not?Thats why I call this natural….)The other two important characters are Sid & Roshni,her bestfriends who are nearly enemies of each other, lol
Mahi writes a column in a magazine called MAHI WAY, which is like an agony aunt column..but right now she has been fired, then hired in another job,which she left herself…

My point is…why was she fired?cuz she was no longer the gf of the model,Ishaan……so,there was no place for her creativity!!But, doesn’t it happen?See, I told you,its realistic!!
The point is ,although her life seems completely chaotic with her mother,sister,brother, everyone simply concerned about their own interests…& constantly taunting her for being obese…Mahi herself sometimes talks about how her family loves her (her mom secretly making a collage of her MAHI WAY column,& pics)

Now, currently the hot topic is Shiv, the hottie who has fallen for Mahi…..they are best friends,share the same foodhabits & passions ,he is successful & so talented(ask about his marketing strategy as he sold all of Anjali,Mahi’s sister’s horrible candles,when no one was even buying one!!!)
yet for Mahi he's a compromise (what more can any girl imagine!!Wake up,Mahi!!)& in the latest I saw she turned him down when he proposed her on Diwali
Sid is a designer,who finally got the guts to stop giving in to his boss’s orders & set up his own brand with shiv’s help.Now, this is again a touching end,that we all can relate to…..
Ever felt this uneasiness in suddenly unable to find the courage you had arranged with so much difficulty to rebel & leave your stable job just for your self-respect?
Roshni,the other bestfriend met Nikhil,kissed him,was worried cuz he didn’t  got engaged,fought,broke up….& recently Roshni proposed him in an annoucement in an event,singing for him!!(as in the movie ‘27 dresses’)
On being asked why she had wanted to kiss Shiv….she said she was thinking how jealous Nikhil would have been…!!OMG!!Why cant people accept they love eachother, why mess with others?But, it happens,doesn’t it?
Now,did I mention even Sid was interested in Shiv?But started telling Mahi he's the guy after he learnt he's not gay!lol
And so did every single person Mahi ever met….but still she cant see?And,She's running after that Dave!!yikes…..

Talking of being realisitic,earlier as Mahi’s brother had said,he has to bunk school & work cuz his gf thinks he's rich as he lives in such a huge house….Well, Mahi hates when people start forming opinions without knowing the person,so do I ….Both Mahi & her brother had this problem of ‘lack of self-reliance’ cuz both didn’t have enough money.
She lives in her dreams, starts fantasicizing every second,….preaches to the world,but when it comes to herself,she sucks in advising or taking the right decision,…still wishes to take her own decisions….again the Jab We Met Geet concept,so easy to relate with,hehe
The most difficult & the right thing to do is believe in yourself,that you can do wonders, it doesn’t matter if you are obese or not of the mainstream in any manner,it’s the talent you have got….(even I feel low so many times….*sigh*)
And realise that the happiness you were looking for, was always near you … her case…Shiv…God!!he’s such a great character…who can resist falling for him?And the fact that he fell for Mahi,shows …again that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder…as I was talkin about in SHALLOW HALL….our perceptions have become so biased from movies & television, that all we desire is perfect shapes,looks….bla bla….while we forget the inner depth within…
All in all,it’s a must-watch!! ;)

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