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Warning, If you have already seen a plant…its not a big deal for you ….i understand…but for me it was a first time experience….so if you are prepared for my excitement, read on!!
Gosh!! That was one hell of an experience….I was standing 300 feet above the ground…
ever since I’d got myself into the HUGE lift..I knew it was not going to be a pleasant or easy experience.
This was definitely going to be difficult…not that I’d any idea that I’d to jump at such heights….ouch!!
Or see fire at 4000 degree Celsius…gosh!!! Breathtaking….it was lovely…the flame roaring & burning in the furnace…..Doing its job….that was the wow factor of my entire adventure…!!
Actually my work for the day was over…although my bro had promised me, he had not been able to take me to show around the plant yesterday..
So today he marched on…as he told me & his friend “to get a little FEEL of the plant”…lol
I was apprehensive…seeing the huge boilers & huge storage tanks…now I was going to get close to what I was simply passing by everyday on my way to work…truly as said..the real place…!!
Well…for anyone who has seen a plant before…I know you think I'm silly…but I choose to be happy in these little moments of life
That said…let me come back to the topic…
He’s good at explaining …why wouldn’t he be? After all bhai kiska hai,heheh
First he educated me about the coal conveyor belts, how it was powdered like talcum powder, then thrown in to burn at such huge temperature, which produced the power to turn water to steam. The water is continuously tested for PH,there are testing cells,to continuously monitor the acid & base levels .
Everything is so controlled…all those control rooms ,with so many buttons…white buttons are there for giving the first alarm,then there are red ones, calling for higher attention… all seemed like a titanic ,speed or Jurassic park control room….
(ok, I know I'm just too inspired from movies,hehe..)
There were so many wires, & so much to do…..god, that shows how tough engineering is!! Thank god, I  knew I can’t do it!! Lol
There were so many huge generators,that were coated to such extent with insulation & then plastered to keep it cool, yet seemed so hot,…lol
As all this was going on, my heart was beating hell fast….i even tried that punch line….darr  k aage jeet hai…I looked at the ground…it was so low…”god!!” *sigh*
But eventually I overcame that fear a bit…darr kisko nahi lagta, hehe (I wonder if mountain dew people will choose me as their perfect fan & brand ambassador….lol)
but deep inside me, there was a childish wonder creeping in…who had built it in the first place?acres of land with such wonderful structures…how magnificient they would have looked when they were newly built…shining & shimmering.A lover & admirer of art & beauty, for the first time I felt, industrial revolution would have been beautiful too
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