Alright…this draft was coined a long long time ago…Right now, I don’t even remember what the other movie was…:P
(That’s exactly why I keep telling myself not to delay posting!!!
I recently saw two great movies...
Actually it was not about those movies but about those few moments...
In the first was Raincoat....the scene that touched my heart was....the lover proposes just the day before the girl's marriage...
and there was a pure and perfect display of irony and pathos.....
For every line the lover speaks about their dream life ,the girl speaks one about the next day ;the day of her marriage.
While the lover says ,"I will take a loan and buy you the car,....
there goes the girl "Wear something nice for tomorrow.....its a special day....after all ,my in-laws would see you...."

"I will do everything to keep you happy, we will be fine.........."that pain and impatience evident in his voice......

"I had told them to match the car with my wedding dress.....even the jewellery matches.....!!!"

"Why are you......."the guy was so restless….unwilling to give up….his last chance
(After all ,the girl wasn’t married as yet..:P)
But the girl was so practical.....she knew ….the last chance was gone….already!!
Every preparation was done….everything was arranged….there was no way she could flee now, risking her parents’ reputation….so much was at stake now….
Both of them loved each other, ….both were frustrated…  
Finally she swelled with anger..        

“Now? Now.. you realize you love me? Just when they are about to come? Couldn’t come any sooner, could you?”
And what does the guy say?
He was afraid….lol….

My point was not to show the incredible timing of men’s realization for their love…!
I simply loved the way it was filmed. Two contradictory mindsets… so whimsical….still living in a fairytale, …that everything would finally turn out to be good…..& the other,….calm…seeing the EVIDENT
They both realized their fate, sat down & began talking on how to cope with it.Cuz life is not really a dreamy fairy tale...but I'm not being cynical....if we do right things at the right time....there are chances of a fairy

Later on, as we see both of them giving away all they had just to keep each other happy(even though they cant get each other now)…shows the depth of their love…

I wonder….at such instances…do people ever forget their first love?
Men ,women ,the way they think,the way they are different & movies ,have always seemed fascinating to me…I don’t know if it is always true…but as said in the ALCHEMIST ,one can simply open a book at any page ,yet always find  a connection with what’s happening. May be that’s cuz stories are mirror images of our lives..:)


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