Cross roads...the lush greens luring me...

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Everyone has once been in this situation or else Robert Frost poems wouldn't have clicked!!Choosing between the certain and the uncertain has always been a tough decision......It needs a lot of guts to go for the uncertain (just cuz u like it), when certainty is knocking at your door.......!!!

Flowers of every color n hue so promising...Lush greens still wet with due, so luring.... (Hey, seems like I have started poetry..;)  Opting for the path less travelled by, does make all the difference.....
.but we are all afraid to think different ..........we all run the same race.....and when it comes to TAKING THE DECISION..........a sort of despair haunts me.
Yes,I am afraid...We have all heard......"dream ur dreams.....u can never b satisfied if u don’t do what u love to do.....or if u do what u hate .Either ways u will always be depressed and sad ......and may be later in life you will wonder......"what if.........what if I had tried that mysterious path not dared by many............Whenever it comes to something that we haven’t tried ................ambiguity rules.
And thus.......on second thought..........taking the difficult path can still wonder,what would have happened with my life,had I taken the easy way out ?
You would never know what would have happened if u wud have done that what u haven't done. It’s always easy to say ...but gathering up the courage to go for unfortunately not that easy! 
And specially when it’s the same familiar scene (which we see in lots of our movies)....that of u standing still ....alone in a busy street and the rest of the world moving with an alarming if they are all running for their life;)it gets very difficult to choose to be left behind to choose not to do what everyone’s doing;to choose to be DIFFERENT.

Having said this .........I realize ...this word called Different is never going to leave me. All my life I have been said I am different, sometimes I have tried to be like others, tried to be normal.......But then I have realized I can't help it, I am different.

Some think being unique is great, but god knows I have never taken this as a compliment. When we were at school a senior had once given a speech “learn to make yourself distinguished in a crowd........that’s how you will know how to have your own identity”But having a unique self already ...I know it’s not easy!

We all strive hard to get accepted ...........we are all social beings n though we can choose isolation, we can’t live all our life, all alone. We need friends...we need a social circle......and none of us would want to be an ugly duckling!!!!Infact I had read an article titled....."How far will you go to be accepted?"

I have realized it’s no use changing.I choose to be myself ; good or bad, unique and one piece in my own way. I have learnt we have to find happiness in whatever we do, and thus it’s no use thinking all compliments are fake, or are said just to keep my heart, it’s better to believe certain things without analyzing them!!! 

So I choose to be me,afteral rare things are precious!(may be I pulled this one very long ,ought to have saved it for another post!)There are two things in life....dreams and reality.We can do whatever we want in our dreams or....thoughts,but when it comes to reality we have to be practical.The less travelled path does have a lot of risks along with its adventure thing.

And in this materialistic world which is full of competition ,where there are thousands for one..........where one would be afraid of even speaking a new idea aloud lest anyone would steal it and make his own share of profit from it!!!! It gets all the more difficult to try things out. You need a guarantee in everything now-a-days for there’s a lack of certainty in everything.

Nothing is permanent or fixed. Moreover our own life is NOT JUST OUR LIFE!!!!!!!!
It belongs to so many other persons as well, all those people who love us. What we do with our lives affects them too. We don’t have any right whatsoever to change their lives because of our decisions. So I choose an intermediate thing, which definitely is not my long cherished dream but it is different, hence all stuff like,"u have gone mad “comes with it, but it’s not completely out of the way, it has some promising flowers too.I choose the path less travelled by,that would make all the difference & I wait to see if my sigh would be one of relief like Frost's.
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