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  1. My opinion
    There are too many colors..which strain eyes of any readers.. specially the yellow is a bad color..Thera are too many things on the page which distract a person from reading the actual content also delay in loading the page. You may think upon cutting down the gadgets.
    Another point.. I have observed you are collecting a lot of information and kind of providing a point location for your readers for content but you have to also give due credit to the original author (be it popular news website, blog etc)by giving mentioning the source. This again is going by your caption for copyrights that copying is criminal.

  2. Are you seeing this on your mobile or desktop?The mobile version has a lot of yellow and I know it hurts.I want to fix it but I dont know how.Searched a lot.Tried with codes too.

    Gadgets.Point taken.Removed some.

    I do not do this AT ALL.Infact, the Delhi Gang Rape series was the first time ever I collected.I always write original.Fiction, poems, pot painting.Each work is by me alone.Everything original.Hence, the 'copying is criminal' as I have a copyright as soon as I blog it.
    I had mentioned TOI, IndiaTimes, time and again. I thought newspapers publish to spread news.I was not there that night.I am obviously not a journalist.How else could I have put the whole incident together, if not, newspapers?
    I thought it was OBVIOUS.
    I have never seen a newspaper suing anyone for violation for creative right as their duty is to report real incidences and people have a right to keep each other informed.
    It is not a original creative content.

    The parts from news is in quotes also.Especially highlighted ones.Portion in white and green is my thoughts.

    I have always put links when I have taken from a blog.There are two such posts, where my post is a reply to theirs. Proper link is there and they have visited too.

    In this case as it was such an important issue, n I was in such anger and rage that I thought the message should reach first.


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