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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018

Oh, it's that time of the year again. 
No, not Halloween. You're an IBCF - Indian Born Confused Foreigner. You have been watching everyone go mad on Christmas themes and celebrating from every angle and you don't know what to do. Indian Christians usually celebrated their biggest festival quite silently before. You want to join in too in the festive celebrations. But you probably don't even know a single Christmas carol. 
As a marketeer, finally it is time to target them Christians, and everyone else looking for a nice holiday bargain.
Cuz who hates a discount?
Not an Indian, for sure.

65 feet Christmas tree in Mumbai?

Size of seven storeyed building, grown over 45 years

India's tallest Christmas tree grows in Mumbai. And what a fascinating story, that is indeed. You can read more here.

Mumbai Christmas Vlog | First Collab!

What to do on Christmas in Mumbai?

When you're a twenty something in a city of dreams like Mumbai, you're usually expected to go wild on Christmas. Last New Year's I was so good at planning that I had nowhere to go. And the Church welcomed me. I literally attended the midnight mass. It was an unbelievably liberating feeling to enjoy the Mumbai night air, sink in every bit, and also be out late, "officially". That is one day, you tell your landlady, "I am stepping out at 12 a.m."
Landlady, "Yeah, go go".
I'm obviously not a Christian. But it was amazing to sing those carols. (I was not even in a Christian school or college.) To those habituated to stuff like this in schools, it might be huge nostalgia where you feel like a kid again. The father was so entertaining that none of us slept and were pretty awake for the cakes and coffee for later.
  • Afghan Church
    Afghan Church I had been to this one, just to visit. They don't have what you usually expect. It is amazing from an architectural stand point, though. Reminds me of the first time my friend Khusboo drove me to a church near our place. I was dressed in a red and white flair skirt, looking like a baby santa claus. (Picture of some foreigner dressed in absolute ethnic in an indian wedding comes to mind? Yeahhh).We were expecting to see some statue of Christ. Most of us are pretty ignorant about the religion. Sheesh. We learn.
  • Holy Name Cathedral (Colaba) frequented this place quite a lot. Beautiful architecture.
    Holy Name Cathedral
  • Saint Michael's Church (Mahim). 
  • Saint Thomas' Cathedral (Fort)
  • Gloria Church (Byculla).
  • Saint Peter's Church
  • Saint Andrew's Church (Bandra), 
  • Orlem Church (Malad), 
  • Lady of Immaculate Conception (Borivali). 
  • The most popular mass in the city - Mount Mary's Basilica(apparently, Kareena Kapoor & Malaika Arora attend this one!)

Some fab Christmas Mumbai events offers

You can check out some restaurant deals and ish from

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