A day in my Life Vlog | Will I make it?

Have you ever been late for anything?

We all run late, at times. In my case, all the time. Then, there's this fear of losing. But we got to overcome this fear with tons of positivity & calm.

Like a typical damsel in distress, I
spent my day taking a risk with luck and time, rushing to the movie theatre, Regal Cinema to watch Baar Baar Dekho.
Whether or not I made it, I do have a bit of a discussion and what I feel about Baar Baar Dekho. For the first time ever on the doveranalyst blog of Slice of Life, we have a video review.

Till now I was pretty faceless. After so long on this blog, finally it's time to make it a vlog. Let's make the family way more vibrant. So, do comment and let me know what you feel. My thoughts are in free flow and some really honest doubts. What do you think of them??

Do you agree with me? I'd love to know what you think.

Get to know doveranalyst a little more, overanalysing things. https://youtu.be/VZCAHKBk-DI

AUDIO: This was shot earlier, so, it has me testing the Samsung Galaxy S7 default microphone & I added a bit or two in the background as this sounded really feeble. Hope that clarifies what I did through out the day.

Here's the link to the first part: The Home Alone Vlog | Shoes | Cock.

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Here are some promos of doveranalyst vlogs. Make sure you check them out too. They are one minute long, in case you are running for time.

See, for those who do not know, vlogs essentially are 10 min long and it is essential to hit the YouTube 10 min mark. But, obviously I won't just put a picture and let the rest just stay and prolong to increase the time on the video. For those who don't know much of youtube, well that does happen. I've so much footage right now that I could totally date an editor. Tinder alert. Lol.

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