dOveranalyst Vlogs | Promo 2

Aha, so it's here. The much awaited second promo of the channel, dOveranalyst, that marks the conversion of this blog to a Vlog, is here.

Till now, you got to read my thoughts. It was just an internet connection and my thumbed words, (from a tablet or a phone.)
Then, it was my voice at Bubbly. Ofcourse, you showered your love on me, with more followers than on my facebook page,

Do check out the second promo, if you haven't already! Please do SHARE, SHARE SHARE! It will mean a lot to me if you watch the 30 seconds of the ad. It will, in all truth, be a possibility of paying for food. So, do support if you like to see a mad crazy combination of a rebel, an outlaw, and a shy vlogger, constantly checking herself in the camera, (Oh, no, I meant the viewfinder. Someone has to make sure I'm in the frame. Like, come, on!)

Kidding, I'm getting better at it. The first few videos on the Indian Youtuber's vlog channel are going to be messy as they have the older footage. If you are new here, my love, here's the back story. I've been trying to do this since ages. I went on a trip from kanjus to dildaar and now I've actually spent a lot on this and I'm serious on standing on my feet. (I mean, I'm 5 feet 8 n all that, know what I mean.)

The Marketing MBA topper with a creative exposure brings in a new Mumbai, a city you see from an overanalyst's eyes.
Well, hey! Did I forget to say I also get to be an Odia youtuber and bring in Bhubaneswar also.

Here's the first promo, if you haven't seen it yet. Comment and share! Show your love. A single click on social media can change someone's life today. Now.

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