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What can you safely order from amazon?

I don't know about you but I get really stressed when it comes to online
ordering. And I order a lot of stuff online. While, I have shared my research process on safe make up(here) and what I learnt from it, I will also share some of my very tried and tested products with you today.

I hate flipkart for always adding a delivery charge! But maybe it's ok when you want something real quick. Let me put this very straight to you—I'm a very cheap person. I will never pay for delivery. I'm spoilt to the T with free delivery.

Snapdeal and Amazon give you this great comfort to add Snapdeal fulfilled or Amazon fulfilled items and expect a free delivery. Before I get into my rant, let's move on to the list of things you can safely buy from Amazon.

Amazon Pantry offers some great usual everyday personal care products and beauty products like kajal, etc. in next day delivery. Amazon now offers 2 hour delivery in metro cities.

 1. American Garden Apple Cider Vinegar 

We have all heard a lot about Apple cider vinegar and some like me have also used it, tried and tested it over the months. It is a funny story, to start with. When I left the luxury of keratin, of harmful chemicals in the drugstore SLS filled shampoos, I obviously went on searching for everything natural for my hair. While cleaning your hair with SLS free shampoos might be a huge effort, (there's usually no froth), trying to even imagine what to use instead of conditioner is killing. Because, jhaadu hair is not a rare sight!
Although I did consider Apple Cider Vinegar very much for the no poo method of keeping your already damaged hair better, its other uses really stunned me.
It is a blessing for maintaining and losing weight and also for the skin. I did consider the organic ones and what not.  Let's face it. It's a lot of quantity and it works just fine. Ideally, there should be a reason to switch.

There are tons of great uses of Apple Cider Vinegar.
It helps remove acne spots. Or any spots for that matter. I've personally used it. And so has my mom. She can't stop raving about the weight loss especially from the waist area. And you all thought I worked out! ;)

Scratches from shaving, or from a little hurried use of pumice stone and all those villainous spots! (Alright! Maybe I'm the only one always in a hurry! And if you can relate, please comment below!)

Also the lemon juice with DILUTED Apple Cider Vinegar did actually help me get naturally white underarms. (I mean, when it is shaved). Not like I'm suddenly Caucasian from the underarms. But, for the first time in history patches of my skin in different parts of my body are a single color. When I say, white, I mean, the same color as my skintone and not a blacker shade. Duh.

Also, this beauty American Garden Apple Cider Vinegar, is often in Amazon's LIGHTENING DEALS. So, it can come down as low as ₹150 or even ₹146. And, I don't know if you've a sale on these items in the Great Indian Shopping Festival or sale, whatever they call it, but check it out.

2. The gourmet Section and some lovely biscuits

Hey! You know you can't go wrong with your tried and tested brands of biscuits that you have been having for ages! You get the same thing from amazon that you get from your local store. While some of you might downright judge me on having lost it for not buying it from the local store, some will know the pain of falling short of 60 bucks for free delivery.

Fret not when that happens! Simply add your favorite biscuit or wafer to the cart! Or the nail polish. (More on that below.)

I've ordered Organic India Green Tea, Duke's wafers, Goodday biscuits,  Dabur Honey, you name it.

Some like me wonder if the food items are stale. Well, they are not. Let me tell you the catch, though. The only downside of buying perishable items is that they do not believe in shipping everything together. But if you don't mind multiple packages and are always home or your guards don't judge you for buying so much, you are good to go.

If you buy from the same seller and multiple quantities of the same product, chances are they might ship it in the same box.

But that may not be true all the time. While you can make use of the Great Indian Festival which is coming back and Amazon's lightning deals that really reduce the price, (if you check out immediately), be prepared to get two wafers in one box and one wafer in a different shipment.

I'd personally guarantee Amazon's service. Not that nothing goes wrong ever. Once my honey came broken. But Amazon was sweet enough to send me another 500gm of honey for free.

One HUGE TIP about online shopping in India is to always record yourself with whatever camera is available(most of us have a cellphone camera). They will need the pictures as proof. But that's it. The customer care is decent and they listen.

Here are a few links to the stuff I mentioned.

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is usually a very expensive item to buy. (Try being broke in a big city and you will know what I mean). But you have to buy that devil anyways. It has helped me tremendously in my weight loss and I stick to it. I've not been able to tell much of a difference in the various brands I've tried. I just bought the Disano Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Amazon.  Usually, they say olive oil in glass bottles is the best. But I was worried of glass bottle breaking, so I stuck to this sasta sundar Kifayti option.

Household supplies at Amazon

4. Coldpressed Olive Oil or any Coldpressed Oil

I've seen that sometimes a lot of things that you conclude as being inaccessible are available with Amazon.  Although I won't downright recommend the Extra Virgin Olive Oil above, as I'm yet to try it completely, I can definitely root for Soulflower Coldpressed Olive oil.  It is a carrier oil that can carry all essential oils.

I bought this though it was very expensive, hoping to save some from the extra virgin olive oil for cooking that I earlier used for massaging. This one here cannot be consumed. I hoped my landlady won't steal my olive oil now. But guess she doesn't read the label.

It is a great texture, and feels awesome to the hand and body. I have used it on both hair and body. The bottle which looks nothing like this picture is super cute. I just hope they haven't changed the super slim and sleek packaging.

Diluted with water, it acts as amazing leave in conditioner for hair. Also, if you have long hair that does not understand or communicate with oil applied on scalp, and is eternally thirsty and grassy, this is it, my love.

The lower ends of our hair are probably on a permanent fight with the oil. No matter how much Castor oil, Olive oil or Almond oil I apply to them, (when I remember), they still ask for more as if it's candy or sandesh. My hair is at least magic. The easiest to go oily on scalp is parched down. If I apply oil when I'm stepping out, (Yes, you read correct. Cuz that's the only time I care!) the moment I turn my back to the oil, it needs more again. But that's just my hair. I'm sure.

But, hey, coming back to the goddamn point—Try asking a local shop for cold pressed organic oil. It's like asking for a 36 G (UK size) or 36 I (US size) bra to a local lingerie shop. They have never heard beyond DD cup. It's ok. Breathe. Even Marks and Spencers in India always run out of that size. No one is going to know about cold pressed oils or essential oils. I'm planning to get sea salt. Anyone bought kya?

I'm not a huge fan of this. It is ok. But if you want to buy Almond oil and cold pressed, this is the cheapest value for money option. Laugh as much as you can but I've actually calculated price for how much ml we are getting. The major contender for almond oil was obviously Khadi. But I got this. And reason why I bought this from Amazon was that even New Beauty Centre in Crawford Market, Mumbai had it for more price.

 5. Skin care and staples 

UPDATE Oct 2017: This Mooi Naturals seems to work. I am testing it to see the effects on the darkest dark circles in the world, a.k.a, me.

Other than the oils, you can always add to cart, your favourite facewash, if it is on a deal. I bought a lot of Aroma Magic stuff from Amazon, on deals. DO NOT BUY when they are at MRP. That's just stupid.

Of the Oxy pack, Lemon and Neem face wash, strawberry facewash, I liked the scrub the most and the only one I might repurchase.

 6. The Impulse Beauty Shopping 

I don't know about how safe Maybelline New York Falsies Push Up Waterproof Drama Mascara, Black, 9.7 ml is. But it sure is waterproof, spidery long lashes (not much volume), but even oil proof. This baby won't smudge or budge.

Be ready to click your favourite lipstick brand or nail polish, or do a price low to high sort option, (with the goddamn amazon fulfilled checked in option!) and see the steals! If an awesome brand and category is available, it never really hurts. Everyone has a certain amount of band that they are always ok to order. Sometimes, D should leave her overanalyzing mind to rest. Why? Because it's not wise to be penny wise pound foolish. It's ok to cry between Macbook Pro and Dell Xps 15 but do you really want me to do a vs search for a ₹50 item?

For me, this happy number I-won't-ever-think-about before spending is ₹10. For my friend Divya that is ₹1. (I hope, by now she's ok about ₹1).

But Doveranalyst analyses the true worth of a product. Lol.

Lotus nail paints do sell me with the chemical free tagline. I do not mind putting one in the cart if it is anything below the ₹120 MRP.
For starters, you don't get Lotus cosmetics in most of the beauty shops in Mumbai and for desserts, it never hurts to have a new shade of nail paint.

Recently I've seen the chemical loaded nail paints perform a little better than this. But till we can afford other free ones, especially in Durga Puja and Diwali season when we are bound to eat traditional dishes with our hands, chemical loaded nails may not be a great option!

The black currant Lakme lipliner is heaven! If you are a lazy makeup person like me who would want most of their lipsticks to go with one lipliner, this is it!

In the deals, I got 2k worth of eyeshadows for Rs.228. It is not amazing but definitely good. I use their lipliner though, which is fab and comes with a sharpener.

If you use red coral undertone or very orange shades this won't work. This is a very dark plum color, like our natural lips. Lakme Scarlet drill lipstick goes perfectly well with it. I also own the Lakme Crimson Call Red, but I will not recommend that as it is shimmery and feels a little unreal, and is not as smooth. Crimson red is supposed to be from the matte range but Scarlet drill is heaven. It is so buttery smooth and a very oastel sober natural mauve color. Of course, as I blog about safety, I will again assert that we do not know how safe Lakme products are. But we can't really get anything that compares to eyeconic performance, right?

I personally used black over the years, blue, Royal blue, Turquoise, Regal green. I don't like the Royal Blue as much as it is very light. Others are all great and come what may don't smudge. Removing them is the worst task.

Talking of lipsticks again, though not sure about their safety but a cheap steal used to be Elle 18, at Rs. 100 or less, sometimes Rs.80. But during the festival, it is at a whopping Rs.200.

But should you are, these are two amazing tried and tested shades of Elle 18 color pop lipsticks which are heavily pigmented and a must buy if you are on a budget.
Apple Springs and Rosy Blush

Clothes from

I'll tell you what was good. You can safely buy Masha brand. I had bought it from Myntra first. But Klamkotten sells the exact same thing. I got it at crazy deals from
I own three pairs of Klamkotten now. They're all good.

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