Monologue it is, monologue it is,
Monologue it is indeed.
Cuz you never found your voice,
Or wondered if you had a choice,
And thus never spoke a Rolls royce

A nod, I would have counted as a word,
But whatsapp wouldn't show me a sneer or a sword
So, dialogue it is,
Dialogue it is,
Dialogue it is indeed,
Is something I can't say,
Cuz I never saw Peter send a smiley,
The easiest way, I mean,
To choose to relax and lean,
And do nothing,
That is if you aren't counting the blue tick yelling, "Yes I read!"

Dialogue it is,
Dialogue it is,
Dialogue it is indeed then,
Cuz now I know you are very much there,
A single message, You do not spare
You communicate with each word I type
So despite all the sarcastic hype,
Dialogue it is
Dialogue it is,
Dialogue it is indeed,
I can safely say,
And this time I know,
There's no reason for my sorrow,
Dialogue it is,
The blue tick mark speaks,
Dialogue it is,
Oh, yes, louder than you ever did,
Dialogue it is,
Dialogue it is,
Dialogue it is indeed.

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