Ki & Ka Movie Review | Catch it before it's gone

Ok. So, I decided. I'm gonna do it. I mean these are the movies, man. These are the movies that make a starving D move her ass and write this shit.

Well, literally.

Because this is gonna be a quickie. And quickies are shit. My best friend is gonna be happy with me because I'm saying shit so many times in one single write up.

Alrighty. Before you kick my already sore add, here's my verdict for Ki &Ka, the movie that's still running in theatres, duh.

Always watch a movie in a theatre, if you are not knocked out, that is.

Go watch it. You have to watch it.

How can you not watch it? What's wrong with you?

Yes, that's the reaction. Thank you R Balki for making Ki & Ka.

After such a long long time, (yes, hear me out), after such a long long time, Ki & Ka is one hell of a movie, man!

Such a cute simple movie 

To hell with high heels(though I liked the roti wala DJ). I mean, the movie does have substance and it conveys a very simple message in a very big way. Just the same way as a man might get jealous of his wife suddnely getting more success than he ever did, a woman can too. And why does everyone all the time forget that taking care of a house is not easy. Its damn tough. Its so tough that no one cares to do it!

Well, for once I'm not gonna absolutely spoil it for you. Go watch it before I actually jot down my best moments from the film.

#ki&kamoviereview is fab. Well worth the buck.

Perfect Casting

Kareena does look old on the big screen abd so she should, because her chracter is said to be older than him.

That rail house, though. Sexy.

Amitabh Bachhan & Jaya Bachhan
Omg. That piece done honorarily, (I assume by the thanks), was out of the world. Seriously. You can never see Amitabh Bachhan and Jaya Bachhan like that. You just can't. It's beyond words. That expression. That feel of actually being in their life! Oh, God. Where's the replay button? Anyone?

D critical moment

Slightly over simplified, though. The baby would have complicated a lot of things. Why did Kabir behave so maturely and not take the hurt when she told him so many things and delibrately book a ticket with her card? 

Somehow, that writer's thing to fix everything. Here, the 'problem' wasn't allowed to go to it's best and because Kabir, the character gets so insane when she disregards the job of a house wife the first time when it's his mom, how on earth can he tolerate when she keeps saying, you do nothing. And how did he tolerate that she taunted he might have been lying all along about his mother?

Little too simplified ending to fit the 2 hour slot, I guess.

It would have been really cool if the entire Khamba taunt would have come round in a circle to Kia, where now she is treating her wife as a khamba and not even acknowledging his efforts.

D moment

Did I relate? Hahah. Well, here's Ms.D, an MBA  topper looking for an equally or better than that hot guy to sponsor me, lol.

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