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Like you all said, if she doesnt marry shiv, it is just point less to show such an entry and also such a dramatic dream sequence....
I seriously dont get it what's wrong with people, who can even think it is really not Jagya's fault.

Be careful what you wish for on a Friday night-Part 2

It’s Shivanandi. All the way !! Call it Shivanandi, AnadiShi , or whatevrer. I dont happen to like the Ansh a lot, personally....sounds so much like a common name....But the sparks all hit n love is in the air..........
Twist after twist, I guess my blog is gonna be a witness of how many latest twists posts I have made now.
Here you go with the translation of the amazing dialogue.
Contrast of Shiv n Jagya is evidently observed when Jagya says "Mujhe NAFRAT hai , Anandi ki achhai se, uske pyar se, uski seva se..."
(I hate Anandi’s goodness, righteousness, her love, her umm………. ‘seva’ means service as in taking care of someone , more as a servant would do for master or a devotee for God…….(and wonder Jagya even hates her for that………..! Actually, it is just a matter of psychology. He’s being defensive. Somewhere even Jagya knows what all he’s done and how he’s lost everything. He is angry with himself but cant really express that cuz of his over self obsessed nature. Reason why easily puts the blame for everything on Anandi, for losing his parents, etc….)

Paradoxically Shiv says "Mujhe PYAR hai , Anandi ki achhai se, uske pyar se, uski seva se...BOHT BOHT PYAAR"

Meaning that he loves Anandi for the very reasons that Jagya hates her for, her being so good, her taking care of people, her concern etc…n then he adds, ‘a lot of love’.
Shiv is absolutely FALLEN for her.And that sweet moment of Shiv telling himself.......that don't act like a teenage kid.....thinking of Anandi as he had taken that glitter paper from her hair...

Had loved his look as he had watched Anandi dance, still unaware of his emotions and how Dadisa had to propose their marriage.
Now have a look at this picture.It was when he was praising Anandi for haveing so much courage and even saluted her. That was exactly what she ahd been remembering again n again while she compared Jagya's n Shiv's behavior towards her, after that night, seeing her prince charming's face in her dream as that of Shiv.

He is the man for Anandi
and NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, there is hell n heaven difference between Jagya marrying Gauri and Anandi amrrying Shiv!
For gods sake she is doing it after she's LEGALLY SEPARATED.

It is so simple to understand, isnt it?

I seriously dont get it what's wrong with people, who can even think it is really not Jagya's fault.
It is so simple to understand, isnt it? Just as in facebook Balika Vadhu page, people put it.Shiv is good and Jagya is bad.
Now let’s have logic for those who still think it’s not Jagy’s fault.
1.  Jagya accepted Anandi after he was 18. According to Indian law, he didn’t express his objection at child marriage till 2 years or report in any police station for rejecting his marriage.
This makes his wedding with Anandi legal.
I don’t feel BV wants to show it was fault of child marriage and not Jagya’s. That’s what Jagya said. He also says Anandi is bad. Do u believe that? NO.
Anandi says the same. But, let’s not forget she’s so much in love with that jerk, she better put the blame on everything else just to lessen her torment, n as such she’s that nicey thing , isn’t it? Supposedly supposed to make everyone feel better.

Men cannot and should not escape the guilt of adultery on the pretext of child marriage, especially when they completely accept their wife to be their legally wedded wife. REASON WHY, our govt has protection for this misuse by men, by making the wedding legal after 18. This is what BV awares us of.
Jagya clearly used Anandi n threw her out of his life, a clear case of “love, sex aur dhoka”, the most disgusting form of betrayal to the most innocent n true form of love.And love I mean here, nothing else.
Minority of even 1 , if they say, it wasn’t love…or a romantic relationship n just “some” relationship……….then was it that of brother n sister?? Grow up guys. People with just some relationship don’t go for honeymoons…!
2. Jagya owes every second of his life to Anandi. Those who don’t remember, she’d taken the bullet shot on her head to save Jagya in tender childhood. Every bit that he lived and breathed, he owed her. Every second that he romanced with Gauri was because of Anandi’s sacrifice, that he was even alive to cheat Anandi
3.  He lived lavishly of Anandi’s money and even let Gauri enjoy on that money which he never deserved.

1.  I mean anyone with brains, who has followed this serial even SLIGHTLY , KNOWWSSSSS for sure, that after being 18, i.e: LEGALLY OLD ENOUGH to accept, he did accept her, had a PROPER marital relationship with Anandi, with love, n suddenly started cheating her, just like any other MARRIED man who does adultery. Its got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the child marriage, I feel. That had other problems, like Anandi not being able to go to school, childhood lost, bla bla..............we all know...............But Jagya cant escape his devilish n uneducated act of utmost lack of any values, by cheating her.
Let's NOT forget I repeat, he owed Anandi more than everything. She'd taken a bullet shot to save him at such a tender age.Every breath he takes is just cuz of her. n THIS is what he chose to do with his breaths, right?? Its not just any rishta............u love someone, have sex, n then was not luv, not friends....just some rishta....what the heck!!!
Had Jagya not accepted Anandi as his wife after 18, I would have had this arguement,But men cant escape on the pretext of childmarriage...on crimes they commit. I wud say chiildmarriage is just 5% responsible, if at all. He was educated, had so much exposure about life, from net, from all facilities provided by his family. He had good sanskar. Why did he betray then?

I was writing this blog, but something's gone wrong somewhere, n parts of it have gone, I'll need to rewrite it.I had 6 big reasons why jagya is wrong, lol..
So do visit again for the edits n changes…:P

Ok, you can thank me for all the deep research and all these pics, awesome SHIVANANDI moments, Though, for these, you guys need to help me. I have missed these portions and dont know the story behind these pics.

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  1. u r absolutely right...he started hating anandi wen he went for studying MBBS...& after seeing gauri...he felt disgusted 2 have an uneducated & village girl as his wife...infact he was ashamed 2 admit he was married to her...i dont agree with jagya's view that it was BV which caused all these problems..k he got married 2 her wen they where small...but wen they became old enough 2 live together...he was happy with her.. it was anandi who pleaded with d family 2 send him 2 d Mumbai for studying...but what does he do...cheat on her & have an affair with gauri...& gauri omg she is another weird character...she knows he is married & still forgives him 4 his lies & accepts him...seriously she degraded herself with just one act...its high time anandi 4gets everything & moves on with her life..& not waste any more tears 4 a loser like jagya.....

    1. I completely agree....thanks for saying all I couldnt...but wud u believe what trigerred me to write was on person said what wud b diff between jagya n anandi then? Omg, hell n heaven difference, I said...

  2. No!complete its not jagyas mistake.dadisa and his parente do marriage in cbildhood.if he marriage afferma 18 and if he leaves anandhi then 100 centro its his mistake. Even 18 is not mature age.parents should Take care about him.bit they alwaya care about anandhi.noone taught him morale values.jagyas came out of house and studiosi if anandhi also cameout and studued more is any dure that sure she wont hate jagyas for any not right what jagyas has done. But its not only his mistake.jagya parente again do mistake by hate him.because not only anandhi met sorrows jagyas totale because what their familiare done totale him balika vadhu.

  3. It is completely Jagya's fault.I am not at all supporting what their parents did.It was definitely wrong but that is not an excuse. I agree he was too young to understand then but after being 18, he accepted her as wife and had relations.By the power of law of the constitution of India and our judiciary, law says if he accepts her after 18( this law is meant to protect women from jagya type men who throw them after they grow up on the excuse of child marriage).... which is also not correct.No one can take advantage of bad practices to ruin women's lives.

    He had accepted her till 2 years after 18 n also after that.They were any normal legally wedded couple and he cheated like any other husband and therefore is guilty!!!

    His family had given anandi n jagya both same sanskar, but he never learnt to value relationships n is now suffering.

    He never truly loved gauri either nor did she love him.It was mere lust.He was attracted to gauri for her intelligence but had ego again when he saw her succeeding.

    No wonder jagya's character has lots of greys.There is no doubt about it


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