Striking facts I learnt today

Some striking facts I learnt today…..
If you really wana know how to practically practice “Customer is the king”, learn from the roadside vendor. No, seriously, I mean it!
These days when just every other soul has plunged into the sacred rat race of winning the customer’s heart and delighting them, and yet falling short(I seriously don’t get it, how they manage to do it…!),….all the big companies out there need a lesson from the experienced lot.
The mango vendor near BDA, actually came out saying “Where were you Madam, all these days. It’s been such a long time.” (read with all the emphasis and genuine concern)….[although it was just once that we had gone to him and it was a few days ago!]
Then, he was immediately ready holding a mango in his hand….Guess why?
‘Yes, Ma’am, go on choose…!’
‘But, if I pick one from below, your mangoes will fall for loss of balance'
‘Yes, but that is why, I am ready with the mango, you pick one, and I replace this there in the stack. Choose with all your heart…whichever you want.’
So, after all this sweet talk, he also gave a Rs.5 per kg discount(I know, we women!)
The vegetable vendor near Basudev woods, said he doesn’t cut jackfruit. But, oh, wait, the moment we said, a normal ‘Ok.’ And would have possibly made a move to leave, he immediately cut it out then and there.
Shocked, we asked ‘But, it’s not your policy, right?’
You should have heard his lines! ‘Shall we upset the CUSTOMER! Never!’
The cola flavor from ENO, can also be said as Kola………….veri. No, don’t get it literal(even though I wonder if you still know what kolaveri means..Nevermind that is everyone’s wondering section…..You can go on wondering or read my post….). Thing is, we all have kind of been brought to adore it. It tastes amazing..our own Kola innovation, like good old cola chocolates.


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