LOVE......& its interpretations...

Love is divine, a sacred bond that binds two hearts with belongingness. Now, that might be any form, mother-child, siblings or the love that gets more attention ;)

Let’s talk about that so called normal thing…
There’s gotta be something that makes monogamy ‘still standing’. There’s this essence that doesn’t let you even look at anyone else!!

True love is when it is unconditional, self-less, giving; without ever wanting anything in return ….
When you do just anything……ANYTHING… see a smile on her face…when you would even be truly happy to see her in anyone else’s arms just cuz She's happy. That’s when you don’t wish to acquire…..
It’s not a materialistic thing; it’s a soft, pure innocent feel, that is if we are talking about the platonic one!!;)

But ofcourse again this sounds like a fairy tale as in real life you find so many different types of commitments that can scare the hell out of you & you can even stop believing in love. There’s this type who think they are in love, have commitment but eventually the love fades away, there's those who think they are not gonna marry but right now, they are honest with each other, others for whom all this is simply a game, they are really good at multi-tasking, aren’t they?hehe…Some are committed but not in love, just friends, but it enhances your reputation you know (God knows how….;))Some who allow equal liberties, like if he goes on a date with someone else, she can go too….or even others, who can date as many women as possible, but each girl should be loyal to him.(God!!!)

Coming to more relevant terms….what those ‘not in love’ think is it’s a burden to be in love, as they have to do exactly what their better-halves want them to. But love buds enjoy that approving twinkle in those loved eyes…

Not that I approve of completely changing yourself for someone else. But a bit is always welcome, like blending in each other’s colors. For me it definitely means serious commitment & that’s why that special someone………(A special smile, a special face….a special someone I can’t replace…I love ya ;)….has to be that special….someone with whom you can imagine the next 20 yrs of your life, people you would love to grow old with..people…you just can’t live without!!


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