Now all of us have heard about love AT first sight but love even before that first sight is the trend thats catching on......
Many say that love at first sight is all about desire and ego ,(i guess most of you would have heard about that study....)but then ,this love before first sight has nothing to do with physical attraction as its all about loving the personality of a person.

But the question is..........
is love without ever seeing possible?

The gene
ral reaction that you get is"has he gone mad,how can he say he loves her when he hasnt even seen her?"

But people who cannot see also fall in love......right?

Now this is something that actually puzzles me.If anyone of you has seen SHALLOW HAL it speaks about loving a person not her appearance.Someone who wasn't perfect wanted a woman who was absolutely a perfect beauty.

But then we come to the question what is beauty?
I simply loved the words of the guy who hypnotised h
im to see inner beauty......"Aren't we brainwashed...all that we know about beauty is from magazines ,tv,movies...."

and how true......and may be we will all agree that looks are not everything,but how may of us actually think that looks dont matter at all?

So,somehow we all end up there,....the apparent mirage....without ever thinking about what lies deep within, cuz looks are deceptive!


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