Affordable Best Safe (2021 Updated List) Non-toxic chemical free make-up in INDIA

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Our skin is the biggest organ. And whatever we feed it, is extremely crucial.

I'm including links for each product so that you can buy it easily, lazying on your bed. 

You can buy from the links/ by clicking the amazon listing of the exact product.

Safe Chemical-Free non-toxic makeup alternatives in India for each category 🗂️

The idea is to find the perfect in each make-up category. Click on the below to jump to section.

Safe Affordable non-toxic chemical-free make-up in India | Why

I stopped having cold drinks after manufacturers openly published they put DDT in it. Why would anyone knowingly consume chemicals? Right? Same for the skin.Many want to shift to safer makeup, at least switch some of their makeup either completely or all of their full face of makeup staples to safe makeup alternatives.

Searched all possible combinations of keywords online; "safe makeup" "list of safe makeup alternatives available in India", "chemical-free makeup in India", "Safe" "natural" "chemical-free" cosmetics or safe organic make up, safe affordable cosmetic brands in India, "Chemical free cosmetics under 10$", you name it.

Tired. Never do you get relevant results for safe make-up! Why Google India, why? 
It is irritating to get results for US-based cosmetics. Even, does not house any details on Indian make-up brands like Lakmé or Elle 18, etc. 0 or EWG verified is completely free from chemicals, and 10 is the most toxic.

Safest✅ 0 1 2
3 4 5 6🥴
7 8 9 10 toxic🤯☠️ is an NGO kind makeup database site that lists what's safe in makeup.
It takes a careful observation & research to read throroughly under each rating


What is the criteria of this list of safe non-toxic chemical free makeup alternatives available in India for each category?

For starters, I am an actor and RJ. As much as I am seen in a full face of makeup, I am quirky and weird enough to go absolutely sans makeup or with a bit. There are no rules.
insta @ rjmrunmayee and youtube: doveranalyst. That's me. 

The safer alternatives to Indian makeup should be:
  • 👌👌👌perform ok to good, 
  • ✅be available in India

For desserts, I have a lot of experience with makeup and have tested most of these on myself. You're welcome. 
You'll find updates with dates, throughout this post, based on my #honesttrials. I am not as concerned about organic here as long as it's safe. As much as I respect animal rights to not be seen with lipsticks, let's face it, we are using the same lead lipsticks. So,ot stressing too much on cruelty-free either. If it's mentioned cruelty-free added bonus but not a prerequisite for this list.

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FACE MAKEUP | Safe Affordable Makeup in India🤨

Chemical Free foundation

What are affordable safe chemical-free foundations available in India?

I have nearly stopped using foundation. There, I said it. Somehow a full face of makeup on my concealer has startling results. More on that later.

Is Lakmé safe?

My first foundation was Lakme. But as explained in depth in the master post, we don't have any data to say Lakme is safe, and we have enough proof of lead in Lakme lipsticks. 

Can we trust makeup claiming to be toxin-free actually safe?

In my research to list the safe products, I consider marketing as well. Of course, they can be lying in their advertising. But if a brand does not even have the guts to even "CLAIM" it is free from some chemicals, it is maybe worse than those who are openly claiming and taking the risk to be sued, I guess?
And, brands at have EWG verification, at least there’s a rating. So, as per budget, try and avoid toxic.
Safest✅ 0 1 2
3 4 5 6🥴
7 8 9 10 toxic🤯☠️

Lotus Herbals Ecostay Foundation

Lotus claims to be absolutely safe. Did a huge organization like test it? No. There are no such organized centers to test safe makeup in India.
Who tested it? Well, me. I have over the years repurchased some shades of Lotus foundations.
It is a huge bottle- 30 ml. So, it lasts longer if you don't use foundation frequently.
I have it in the shade Royal Ivory and then tried a slightly darker Bright Angel as well
Buying Links
👉👉Lotus Herbals Ecostay Foundation SPF 20, Bright Angel
(or you can click on the amazon populated image here, showing the current price now and links to the exact product)


  • Lotus Herbals Ecostay Foundation was good. (PRO TIP: It does not work if you try aloe vera as a primer. Let the primer dry, it can be really awkward with some primers. I guess it was fine with glycerin but still LET. THE. PRIMER. DRY. Else, this will be one nasty bit on the face. Just by itself, the foundation works way better, for lazier days.
  • Never noticed anything in SPF 20 but told my heart, ALL IS WELL, because it says it has sun protection, I can skip on sunscreen ) I am the laziest!🥱😌😛)
  • The shade Bright Angel was a tad not fitting to me. I tried a deeper shade later
  • The size 30ml is too much as you need very little of this. And, I have a huge face.
I know, I know, this is expensive. Read the whole blog post to see how you skip buying a foundation altogether! You can thank me later.

😯CONCEALER | Safe chemical free Non -toxic

Chemical Free CONCEALER

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Remember I said you can thank me later? 

Now is later. The BEST CONCEALER or any face product made in the history of mankind is : (drum roll, please)

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer updated rating is 3. Usually, makeup products tend to have some amount of chemicals when it comes to darker shades of the same product. However, I am ecstatic that this dream makeup formula, (too good to even exist and be true!) was first available on Amazon India and soon in Shopper Stop counters in Mumbai. Now, Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer is everywhere. 



Understanding Shades for Indian Skin Tones

  • I first bought the shade: HONEY (Perfect for Kashmiri fair Indians). I used to use it as a highlighter. (watch my complexion here or videos here).
  • Finally, it was available in CARAMEL :The darkest there is, so far available in India.

What shade of Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser will suit Indian skin tones?

Caramel is the shade for most Indians, going by their dark circles. Remember our dark circles are darker than our normal complexion. You got to buy it darker and preferably orangey tones, (NOT YELLOWISH), if you want to skip the step of an orange color corrector for your under eyes. My Celebrity makeup artist friend also bought it on my recommendation. She LOVES it. She is Chinese, extremely fair and therefore, white if you will. She uses shade SAND.
Also, available in Shoppers Stop, Mumbai. I'm sure Sephora has it.

Buying Links
Amazon India: 🇮🇳 Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser
Amazon international Buying Links:
(This shade range goes from all colored women skin wheatish to darker browns. But, honey has a slightly pinkish undertone and others have more yellow or orangey undertones.)

Both Honey and light honey tend to have pinkish undertones.

Somehow the whole marketing team of Maybelline is the most stupid EVER. They thought Indians are white and launched ONLY till Honey in India. I don't understand what level of stupidity will miss out on advertising campaign for the safest makeup available in India.

Please note that Maybelline is NOT a completely safe brand. It's lip balms are THE MOST TOXIC EVER. If you've any, throw them out.


  •  It works for my darkest dark circles of the world. Sometimes just on its own. Or at other times, (for flawless occasions, I will use it over the NYX orange dark circles color corrector). 

What are affordable safe chemical-free color correctors available in India?

NYX Orange color corrector

Safest✅ 0 1 2
3 4 5 6🥴
7 8 9 10 toxic🤯☠️

NYX color corrector verified purchase user Review 

I have used several jars by now. It is really good. (Still performing great). Both LA Pro Girls and Nyx orange colour corrector are compared and revered for performance.I have used Nyx orange color correcter directly on my skin (without moisturizer or primer.....(I told you, I'm lazy sometimes or in a hurry ;)) but it hasn't caused any damage yet.)
✅You need to use just a little and the pan does last long
  • I bought it for ₹990 on amazon deal (retails at ₹499 Amazon India). However, EXTREMELY CHEAP in U.S. Once my brother had got it from there. Physician's Formula Mascara (1$), E.L.F 1-3$, NYX1-3$ - These are extremely cheap if you can get like that) 
  • This dark circle concealer is not as affordable but is rated 2 and for those who need color corrector for extreme dark circles, this works! 
  • Buying Links
    Amazon INDIA👉👉 
    amazon International👉👉NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Jar, Orange, 0.25 Ounce

    You can, however, skip it, if you don't want flawless and 99% is achievable without a good orange tone concealer. But NYX orange colour corrector is the ONLY SAFEST option you got in this category. LA Pro Girls is horribly toxic with a lot of chemicals.

    Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer vs MAC

    • I have noticed the least creasing as Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer, is a very thin, light, watery magic formula. 
    I also use MAC NC42 cream concealer pan, which somehow blends my dark circles to the rest of my skin, which seems to be MAC NC42. I mean, as magical as it would be, MAC NC42 has the ability to make my skin look ONE COLOR. My dark circles vanish with it. But, you see, it is a cream concealer after all. 
    amazon M.A.C Studio finish Cream Concealer Pan

    • Maybelline dark circle eraser is also extremely pigmented but SLIGHTLY less than MAC. But helloh?! Maybelline retails 700 MRP and MAC is 2500 MRP, when I last bought it. So, ROI, girls!
    As far as safety goes, I read some articles that said MAC is safe! Although I will not want to believe that, but let's say we calm ourselves down. As you can clearly see, I keep repurchasing the Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer.

    LOTUS Concealer VS Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer

    I first bought Lotus. Duh, obviously. It is cheaper! Retails at about 300-400 bucks. Easily available in all major makeup wholesale markets in Mumbai, Delhi and Bhubaneswar and the tiniest of ladies corners. I have the stick based Lotus Ecostay concealer (bought a few years ago), in the orangey shade (They've two).

    Performance Review 

    • It DOES NOT WORK for Long long long-lasting situation demands
    • It is cream-based.
    • but safe
    For some reason, the Lotus counter lady genuinely seems to believe it will dry like mousse powder and not crease? Why? Open your eyes, lady. In short, in my attempts to finish the goddamn stick (cuz I am too cheap to throw expired products), I tried using it with a brush (because I have broken the fragile stick), for my gym visits. It can last for an hour or two. But, my makeup demands are to last for over 24 hours, sometimes. So, No.Just to be fair, I have never faced any issues with my under eyes with the LOTUS concealer. Looks like it is really safe.It can work the best with fingers. No. Beauty blender didn't work. Brush didn't work.

    Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Make-Up Stick:

    • SPF 15
    • Quantity: 10g
    Comes in 3 shades now:
    • Natural Beige
    • Honey Beige
    • Creamy Peach
    Buying Links   Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Make-Up Stick, SPF 15

    e.l.f. Studio Complete Coverage Concealer - Dark 

    This bad boy,(3 Pack) e.l.f. Studio Complete Coverage Concealer - Dark is said to be safe. Haven't tried it though. when my MAC concealer gets over, will try this.

    Back to 
    🗂️ or 🔝
    Makeup (Top value to price ratio wise)Performance
    Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer✅SAFE
    99% at par with best ★★★★☆
    Nyx Orange Colour Corrector✅Safety
    maybe game changer for bluish dark circles of Indian skin tones. (to be used in ADDTION to, under a normal concealer)★★★★★
    Lotus Stick concealer🤷‍♀️Safety
    ok ok for shorter outings, less melting weather ★★☆☆☆
    The best but EXPENSIVE ★★★★★

    3. 😊BLUSH | Safe chemical free Non -toxic

    What are affordable safe chemical free blush available in India?

    A chemical-free non-toxic blush that works like HEAVEN is the LOTUS Ecostay Blush in Barbie Pink. When I first tried it, I felt it is exceptionally pink and will never suit me. But it was the best.Like a stupid internet researched scholar having seen and read everything available, I knew I had to buy an orangey peachy shade for Indian skin. And I did.Shut up. In retrospect, I should have bought the pink one. I regret to this day. I obviously cannot afford two blushes. Each used to retail at 700 -800 bucks I guess.

    The absolute value for Money Blush in India

    Coloressence Satin Smooth Highlighter Blusher

    For some reason, they don't call it blush. You know what I'm talking about. The round pans with transparent caps. The best cheap blush that is also safe is the COLORESSENCE highlighter ones. It looks nothing like the bright pink picture populated here. It is dark dark purple looking but on the face it is a lovely subtle pink. Look at all my glam pics here. That is the only blush I am wearing all the time
    Buying LinkColoressence Satin Smooth Highlighter Blusher, SH-4 from amazon India.


    Some articles are claiming it is natural. So, going back to our criteria, we don't know for sure obviously but if they're advertising so, let's just roll with it. Personally, in all these years, I never faced any issue.

    Lotus Herbals Long-Lasting Ecostay Blush Review

    Fragile, breakable, expensive
    The Lotus Herbals Ecostay blush is amazing but very breakable. If the 600 bucks worth of thing falls even once, you are dead. The so-called premium looking heavy box is very very breakable.

    The best Lotus Herbals Ecostay Blush Shade

    for my skin. (You can see how I look, here)
    However, the strawberry shade (Strawberry touch) is the best I've ever seen! Surprisingly, it suits all skin tones. The peach shade is nice too. (The one that I have is in the shade: Rose Kiss.) Very very wearable and subtle.
      It is breakable but honestly, feels awesome. 
    My Lotus shade has some shimmer; coloressence blush is matt  The powder-based blush is buildable and blends very well on everything. (Foundation, powder base, or even just a BB cream face).
    • Strawberry Touch (lovely barbie pink one, like a happy strawberry icecream)
    • Pink Petal (slightly dusky pink)
    • Dawn Glow (very very pale peach)
    • Rose Kiss
    Buying Links  Buying Lotus Herbals products can be really hectic and a burden, as no stores have them, you can get it here from amazon.It is also available in Main market building in Bhubaneswar in Queen's Collection. In Mumbai, you will have to go to New Beauty Center in Crawford Market. (This video has footage when we went shopping in New Beauty Center).

    It is selling at Rs. 552 (amazon fulfilled - which means "no hidden delivery charges"), instead of 625 for 6g. Quite a good grab. 

  • Lotus Make-up Ecostay Long Lasting BLUSH -AMAZON INDIA
  • Buy it from FLIPKART, if you're flipkart fan
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    4. POWDER/Compact | Safe chemical free Non -toxic

    A. Safe Loose Powder

    What are affordable safe chemical free loose powders available in India?

    Luckily most translucent setting powders are safe at 0 Have heard rave reviews of ELF setting powder. But haven't tried it personally. But have tried other ELF products. So, will recommend. Have used the Lakme warm pink loose powder and compact for years. Right from the maroon packaging to the 9 to 5 range.

    B. Safe Compact

    What are affordable safe chemical free compacts available in India?

    Lotus Herbals Ecostay compact review 

    Lotus Herbals Ecostay compact was buttery smooth. And, is EXTREMELY FRAGILE. Had bought it for around 700 bucks.
    • It was good. It felt almost like you don't even need foundation if you're going for a great look. 
    • It felt on the skin like butter, unlike Lakme that hits your hard.
    • Extremely pigmented
    • DOES NOT LAST, melts in hot weather
    • NOT as mattifying as Lakme or Maybelline (WAY cheaper at 140 bucks vs 700)
    Buying Links
    Lotus Ecostay Long Lasting Face Powder SPF 20, Royal Ivory C3, 9gm

    Buy from flipkart

    The 600 range Lotus compact powder offers good coverage but melts in hot Indian weather and can't keep up to sweat levels as 130 bucks Lakme normal compact does.( Yes, that cheap maroon packaging one). I remember the lady in Dadar charging me Rs.150 for it.

    SAFEST | CHEAPEST | MOST affordable compact in India

    Maybelline New York Compact: 

    Maybelline New York Fit Me 12Hr Oil Control Compact is the updated version Maybelline offers now.
    Maybelline New York White Super Fresh Compact, Coral, 8g used to be my latest safe compact find. I've many repurchases in my amazon order history screenshot. And could easily get one in Amazon Fresh delivered in 2 hours! also. Extremely convenient. (Amazon Fresh is not available in Bhubaneswar yet!)
    Rated 2

     Lotus Ecostay alternative.

    I have not used it personally. Seems a cheaper one in the same eco stay category.

    Buying Links Lotus Flawless Complexion Compact

    E.L.F translucent powder 

    Amazon price link to E. L. F -Studio-definition-powder for 5-10$ as a tag-along product.
    (In online shopping, a tag along product means that it doesn't hit add to the cart total value to make it eligible for free shipping.) 
    It comes in translucent &  vixen –a yellow tone.  Will that suit our skin better? 
    The score is 0. It's completely SAFE! 
    It's affordable if you're already buying from Cosmetics Studio Finishing Powder is rated

    Safe vs Common Affordable compact performance comparison

    Revlon streetwear performs slightly better at lasting than the premium buttery Lotus one.

    Buying Links
    Lakme's Rose face powder warm performs incredibly well being more affordable. You get a ton of quantity than pressed powder and a little goes a long way.
    • Also, as chemical loaded as any other Lakme product might be, this beauty right here, Lakme Rose Powder - Warm Pink does work for Indian climate. Plus, you get so much for this price! Imagine like stupid fools, we used to pay 120 to 800 for a compact case. 
    • huge dabba to carry
    • I don't know about you, it used to always break for me. Have used the LAKME Compact for years!
    Buying Links
    Buying LinkMaybelline Fit me poreless facial powder (rated 1, if not 0). 
    I would suggest buying as safe as 0 as you have options both affordable and performing well. I personally use Maybelline New York White Super Fresh Compact.


    5. Kajal👁

    I've very sensitive eyes.

    Just to be honest, I do use Lakme eyeconic kajal and THAT has never troubled me. Although I am famous for being extremely irritated by Lakme mascara. Used to give me headaches. I can't stand chambor eyeliner pencils. My head hurts and drills after a while. Revlon is also a very chemical brand. (but certain products are in safe range till 3). So I stayed away though the blackest black midnight black eye pencil at least performed well in my teens. I am an extremely princess diva when it comes to eyes. I wear contacts and specs. So, your spectacled and contactled turtle friend is SENSITIVE on the eyes. Nothing works for me. Chances are if you have pleased me, you've pleased the queen.
    Lotus seems to be a herbal brand and I've not faced any headaches after use of its products but being natural and preservative-free, if they don't perform or stay longer it's hopeless. The mascara in NEW BEAUTY CENTER, Crawford Market, really strained my eyes, though! Eww.

    What are affordable safe chemical free kajals available in India?

    Lotus color kick kajal

    In kajal, lotus seems the only brand that claims it's safe. You can also look at coloressence, it also claims but I've personally never used their eye pencils.


    Currently, my make up includes Lotus kajal which smudges and is therefore good for eyebrow filling. But, if the weather is good and it's not that hot outside, you can still count on it (or if you don't have an oily face). Wouldn't smudge much on the upper eyelid for a nice 6-8 hours. Not as great as Lakme eyeconic but it's natural and safe and (affordable)! I've been repurchasing it.
    Buying Links
    Buy Lotus Colokick kajal pencil from FLIPKART Lakme eyeconic eye pencils are awesome in
    • black,
  • royal blue(which is a very very pale color and not even close to any shade of royal blue),
  • Turquoise and
  • regal green.
  • We have been using them for years. They stay 10 hours when applied on Pond's BB cream applied on eyes as a primer and with powder.
    Sometimes even more than that. They don't refuse to leave me in even 24 hours. Even Maybelline Colossal used to smudge on me. Everything smudges on my eyes. Except these.
    And although I'm a contact lens user, so far they have never bothered me other than sometimes getting inside the lens.

    Safe lotus kajal vs Lakme eyeconic 

    I've also used Lotus Kajal and that works fine but eyeconic is way better in terms of how long it lasts.I have no proof of Lakme being safe. Safest kajal is DIY at home as I made some in the lockdown #StayAtHome activity. PRO Tip: Add some bee wax to it, and it lasts longer. Save yourself from being a raccoon. But who cares, the lockdown means enjoy being a raccoon. And safe. 

    6. 👀EYELINER |  Safe chemical free Non -toxic

    The good part about Maybelline is that you can easily find their most toxic(lip balms) and safest makeup check on

    6A. Safest & Best Gel Eyeliner

    What are affordable safe chemical free eyeliners available in India?

    Maybelline Lasting Drama Eye Liner Drama Gel Liner, Black

    • Maybelline drama gel eyeliner is safe at 2 and both my pots are being used. Performs like a dream
    • Comes with a brush
    • Buy in sale. I've got it for as low as 300 sometimes. It is extremely long-lasting, safe and an awesome product!
    • If it dries out, add castor oil or your fav eye oil. Almond oil or whatever. And it works again.
    SAFETY RATING (Promises 36 hours)
    Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner is rated 2..It's pretty safe! I bought it like an idiot paying MRP way above 500 at Central, Bhubaneswar. They did give me a discount of Rs.150 on Dream Lumi and the eyeliner, but amazon prices are currently less.
    • The bottle is really cute and super tiny. Not as big as it looks here. 
    • I'm yet to try the lasting effect for 36 hours but it did stay without smudging despite my constant habit to be scratching with my nails, on my eye makeup.
    Buying LinksMaybelline drama gel eyeliner

     6B. Liquid Eyeliner

    What are affordable safe chemical free liquid eyeliners available in India?

    Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner, Black, 3g

    The Lotus ecostay mascara, however, bothered me. Although I am fine with the rest of the Lotus ecostay "safe" range, I still have not gathered the courage to waste money on one.
    I however, tried and have been repurchasing it.


    • Amazing glossy effect
    • Long-lasting
    • Not waterproof
    • comes off in flakes while removing
    • don't attempt to have steam with it, not gonna stay. Eyeconic survives a steam room, though 


    Physician's formula organic Mascara(not cheapest)

    Let's face it. You do need a waterproof mascara also! (More on that below)
    May 2020 Update: still BEST. Love it. Even in Balaji shoot for highest TRP show on COLORS, everyone asked. The make up artists went mad. This stuff is crazy, dude!
    Oct 2017 : Best ever.
    • 24 June 16 Update: I've been using it for a long time now. It beautifully curls your eyelashes and you do not need any curler. What it does to your eyelashes is beyond words. It's the best.
    • It is not waterproof but even in hot Indian weather (in Mumbai), it totally stood the test. It is SWEAT PROOF for sure. It only breaks down if it rains or if there is actual water contact. Don't try it in steam room. Stupid. You'll come out as raccoon.
    The Internet is filled with its rave reviews. Look at my instagram and youtube. That's what I am wearing for most parts. Sometimes coated with a waterproof layer from ESSENCE Mascara (that lengthens beautifully and volumizes over the already nice effect from  Physician's Formula Organic Mascara (in my supermodel glam looks here). In our shoots, makeup dada used to put Maybelline hyperglossy mascara on my Physicians formula and that looked ok too. And honestly, if a natural one covers your fragile naked lashes that might even help it grow, I guess that's better as a protective layer.I'd even slightly cut my lashes to help them grow like a fool. Have grown them back now, I guess. But don't do it!!

    But which Physicians Formula Organic Mascara to buy?

     Physician's Formula Organic Mascara comes in 3 forms again. Used the Metallic, False lashes Barbie and Black one too. Sadly only the metallic one comes with the curved CURL WAND. I never used an eyelash curler. So, well I washed and cleaned the wand and use that in the other tubes.
    Buying Links>
    Green Tube is normal oneTo increase lashes naturally.To curl your lashes. My first. Comes with that lovely curl wand.To fake lashes. Like falsies. It's ok, not as good as metallic one.

    Amazon US buying links:
    Reviewing is not judging based on what we want but clarifying who it is best for.
    I want lengthening,  volume,  and also a natural look.  Naturally lengthening won't be bad too! Lol. So, yes olive oil!  But if the black one does work, I'll be most happy. 
    May 2020 update: So much has changed. I have yet never used false eyelashes and I like some huge eyelashes. But the ESSENCE mascara pink one works better than the false pink physician's formula mascara.
    P.S: Adding that drop of Lavendar Essential oil to the mascara feels awesome and keeps it safe! Add natural aloe vera gel if it is drying. I've been doing it and I seem to be fine. 


    Lotus Herbals Pure stay eyeshadow vs Lakme vs Makeup revolution 32 eyeshadow palette-Flawless

    Like the other Lotus Herbals ecostay range brothers, Lotus eye shadows also love falling out and wasting product from the lovely rose gold boxes. They don't even perform like my Lakme Tanjore rush eyeshadow palette, which is superbly pigmented and lasts forever. (And my face is the worst ever. Nothing lasts on me). I've been dying to get the Desert Rose palette. I'm sure they are full of chemicals, but they never irritated me. I've been severely irritated by the older Lakme mascaras and liners (The pre-Lakme eyeconic range). My eyes would pain. But this is going good and I hate that I had bought it at Rs. 550 from a retail store.
    The so-called baked Lotus Herbals ECOSTAY Long lasting Eyeshadow just falls out into powder form and you feel like you purchased it to use only once!! 


    • extremely pigmented and
    • the color range is fab. 
    • They perform better than the Makeup revolution 32 eyeshadow palette-Flawless


    • Comparing to the Lakme one, I feel, it is just getting used up so fast!
    Fragile, fragile, fragile. Boy, does it break or what?
    Lotus Herbals ECOSTAY Long lasting Eyeshadows are available in shades:
    • Electric Glaze, 
    • Rainbow Passion, 
    • Serene Wonder. 
    I've it in Serene Wonder(first from left). 
    • Nice neutral nude shades. 
    • The light pink blends like a dream with Tanjore Rush's purple. 
    • If you get it on deals, you must buy it. But I've foolishly paid more than 600 bucks in-store outlets! 
    • The colors are fabulous. 
    • The texture is powder creamy, which is why it breaks. But once on the eyelids, it stays for a few hours. But not a forever stay like Lakme.
    Buying Links

    Eyes lips face E. L. F

    These eye shadows from ELF are safe.


    They're very tiny. I have used the golden one. It is very good but tiny. If you get on a deal, go for it.
    • Lasts nicely
    • Feels buttery
    • Can use to slightly bronze also
    Buying Links
    • e.l.f. Flawless Eye Shadow, Golden Goddess, 0.21 Ounce
    • e.l.f. Flawless Eyeshadow, Blushing Beauty, 0.14 Ounce
    • 9. LIPSTICK

      IBA HALAL claims to be absolutely safe and organic. I own this Iba Halal Care Pure Lips Moisturizing Lipstick Shade, A35 Dark Chocolate, 4g. 
      • This is buttery smooth to feel.
      • does not last a very long time as most natural lipsticks are expected not to
      • This dark chocolate shade is EXACTLY deep gothic Safiya Nyggard vibes.
      Buying LinksClick here to buy.I have never tried lotus lipsticks that should be safe too as they're pretty pricey.My 2000 BodyShop lipstick also claims to be chemical-free but they're not affordable. (Don't ask me the story behind how I ended up buying it)But some products from Bodyshop were found to have lead too.Coloressence claims to be nature's essence and natural. Haven't tried lipsticks but have tried lipliners. They're good.

      10. Bronzer

      I'm worried about E. L. F blush bronzer duo because it could be too light for Indian skin. They had a nice all in one concealer palette with green,  peach etc. quarters. 
      But all these products are at 2 in green. Bronzer is put over a coat of primer, foundation, concealer, powder. So, you can use a brown shade as per your skin tone from a safe eyeshadow or make it.

      The safest Bronzer is DIY Bronzer with zero chemicals

      I made my own DIY bronzer with these natural ingredients. Click on the links to buy.
        Buying Links
      The Cinnamon powder for me was a gift. But, I've linked some cinnamon powder. (Joy by nature is cheap and good if you can get it over a deal, say Rs.140/150 each) and Johnson's baby powder. Plan to add the cornstarch now that I'm home. Did it. Corn flour is amazing too, added to Cocoa Powder and Cinnamon. Allins Exporter is bad, in the sense, buying directly from them is risky. I have 2 sets of essential oil combos, so individual prices go down, like how! I own oils and allin's. Allin's are not food grade, though.
       (Update 1 Sep 2016: Used it. But, plain cocoa powder sometimes feels to be better).It works amazingly well!
      The streetwear compact ka dabba came to my rescue to store it because otherwise, every compact packaging is terrible. I know talc is so not ok. But then somehow Johnson's just feels good.


      Amazing for a small-time. For long last flawless makeup look, you need a touch of the safe elf or lotus eyeshadow for the contouring.

      11.NAIL MAKEUP

      Safe affordable nail paint/ nail polish available in India

      12 FREE

      Iba Halal

      💅Buy here: Iba Halal Nail Paints
      Big Update: Spotted brand Iba Halal selling 12 free nail paints.
      💅Buy here: Iba Halal Nail Paints
      For nail paints the most affordable and safe bargain is at Enalsa, Faces, Maybelline Color Show and Sally Hansen. You get crazy deals on Sally Hansen that can bring it down to 120 also!
      Eyetex Dazzler is the cheapest and 5 free nail paint in India. 45 bucks.
      Nail Paint remover: Go for acetone-free ones. Dazzler, Colorbar and FACES have safe removers.


      If you're new to the safe makeup game, nail polishes come free from various harmful chemicals. A 9 free is the safest as it is SAFE from 9 different hazardous chemicals. 3 free is the least safe, but safer than a zero free, obviously.


      Check 14 best SAFE NAIL PAINTS in my post here.

      I've used personally Lotus nail paints, Sally Hansen, Faces and Enalsa a lot.

      9 free: Nail paint available in India 

      SUGAR Cosmetics Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer does not contain formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens and lead.
      Buying LinksBuy SUGAR Cosmetics Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer on Amazon

      6 free 

      PURE BLEND The Mighty Princess Non-Toxic Luxury Nail Polish
      Buying Links
      (Boysenberry Creme, 9ml)
      • INDIA'S First Toxic Free Luxury Nail Polish 
      • We feel warmth and proud to present you India's First Nail Polish Free from very harmful toxins 
      Formaldehyde, Resin, Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Mercury and Harsh chemicals like Sulfates and Parabens.

      5 free: Nail paint available in India


      Cheapest and safest Nail Paint in India: Eyetex Dazzler

      Latest Update: In May 2020 India Lockdown, I see Dazzler nail paints retailing at 45 bucks as 5 free:
      Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin.
      Buying Links
      OBUSE Paint Me Premium Nail Polish Nykaa Nail Polish Coat Nail Enamel MI FASHION Nail Polish Bella Voste Regular Nail Paint C.K.I Nail Enamel Haven't tried any from 5 free chemical free non-toxic nail paints cuz I didn't know India had finally been so lucky. But, definitely on my wish list now. It is soon gonna change.
      The glitter one's description does not mention the 5 free claim, but maybe the marketing intern slept.
      Buying Links

    Buy MI FASHION Mirror Chrome Nail Polish from Amazon
    MI FASHION Cocktail Shades Long Stay Nail Paint Polish Combo Set of 4 Wine,Passion Pink,Plum,Peach from   flipkart   
    5 Free: Bella Voste Regular Nail Paint5 free | C.K.I Nail Enamel Silver 9 ML, 788
    Buying Links
    Buy C.K.I Nail Enamel Silver 9 ML, 788 on Amazon

    4 free Nail paint available in India 

    Tried personally!I tried the little duo of Elansa Honey'n'Nectar & Tan Commandments Nail Paint Pair. Buying combos is a great way to save on nail polish cost, especially, when you're sure of the brand. It's pure and sure. Or, so it says. I mean, it does say Avocado Oil. And, that is expensive. Plus, it is four free. And, it was as low as 89 for Subscribe and Save from Amazon this December holiday season 2018.
    Buying Links
    Here's a link to my nail orders this year.
    ENALSA nail paint review
    I'm seeing some problems with Enalsa availability.But otherwise, the content is a lot and performs at par.It is safer and offers more quantity for the same price. Most value for money if you get on a deal.

    FACES nail paint review:

    I have been using Faces for more than a year for sure.It really is a small but cute bottle. Square shaped.Works fine. Does chip after a few days.Lasts same as a Lakme, Elle 18 or a Sally Hansen for that matter. Only if you do the proper top coat thing, any of these nail paints will last longer. The range is extensive. Many shades are there. If you wanna buy, here are the links!
    Buying Links
    1. Elansa Rosy Blush & Two2Tango Nail Paint Pair
    2. Inglot Nail Enamel, 945 Red, 15ml
    As far basics go, a five free is any day better than a four free nail paint. And, a nine free is fabulous! I'm still in trance. I cannot just type. I can't believe my eyes. But, hey, the Sugar one is even more affordable that way. I don't see any diminishing return of marginal utility, you see? FOUR FREE: Inglot Nail Enamel, 945 Red, 15ml

    3 free nail paints available in India

    Buying Links
    Faces Splash Nail Enamel, Do the Tango 55, 8mlLotus make-up Colour Dew Splash 7mlMaybelline New York Color Show Nail Enamel, Keep Up The Flame, 6mlSally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Polish(Tried sally hansen personally! It is amazing. Great quantity and lasts long)

    3 free 

      Lotus Makeup Colour Dew Nail Enamel, Pink Flirt, 7ml
    Please note that Lotus nail polish is not formaldehyde-free.
    Lotus Nail Paints, however, claim to be:
    • Acetone, DBP and Toluene free
    • Chip Resistant
    • Long-Lasting

    Lotus Herbals Ecostay Nail paints review

    The nailpaints do stay. Any idea if Shehnaz Hussain lipsticks perform? I've read a lot about Sha eyes too. Do they perform? Please write to me in comments about your experience.
    P.S: The lady in Beauty Centre, Mumbai lotus counter says the Lotus Ecostay nail paints are priced higher than their two free (toluene and DBP) are also three free and stay longer. All nail paints are also Acetone free. She says they have been trained and they know what Lotus make up products in India contain.But ladies, why won't they write it officially and flaunt it if it were so?If Lotus nail polishes are selling like hot cakes because they are toluene and DBP free, why would they not write that in their higher version? Being a Marketing MBA topper, this doesn't make sense to me at all. I prefer honest brands who are transparent about everything. If Lotus nail polishes are selling like hot cakes because they are toluene and DBP free, why would they not write that in their higher version? Being a Marketing MBA topper, this doesn't make sense to me at all. I prefer honest brands who are transparent about everything.You can get it from amazon, here. The idea is to buy when it is less than Rs.120. I've got it from amazon for great deals. Always check for amazon fulfilled though, otherwise nail paints, is the category that can drive you mad. Who wants to Rs. 80 shipping charges for a nail paint you show as Rs.70?The below ad gives you an image but the damn thing is a cost for 2 nail paints. Shades I own are zillions. They chip after a while but eating with hands, being Indians, I freak out of chemicals.
    Buying Links
    • Honorable mention: 2 free REVLON
    Buying Links


    Check 16 best SAFE NAIL PAINTS in my post here.

    Prices may vary. But usually from cheaper to expensive:
    Enalsa, Maybelline COLOR SHOW range,Faces, Sally Hansen

    Indian makeup brands that claim to be safe

    Starting with Indian make up brands, I went for Lotus Herbals although they are very expensive. I mean, the Lotus Herbals Ecostay Range. I've updated some latest finds, here.
    Update 14 Oct 2017:
    Coloressence also apparently claims to be safe. The brand used to be called, Nature's essence before. Please note that for Indian brands, be it Lakme or Lotus herbals, we ain't got no proof, girl.
    Mooi Naturals Herbal Antioxidant Grapefruit, Pomegranate Cranberry Eye Contour Serum For Under Eye Sensitive Skin ,10ml under eye oil/roll on is the best ever. (Let's see if my dinosaur sized dark circles go away) 300 something
    Update 17 Jan 2016: 

    12.Safe Cheap Primer Alternatives

    Most of us know that a primer is what makes the makeup stay the best and if you are blessed with a near-perfect skin, you can always cover the pores with primer and go out with just powder.
    I'm still debating if I should buy a primer. The affordable ones that are raved about are by no means having any information on being safe.
    So, I'm trying.

    Aloe Vera GelGlycerine
    LactocalamineNatural Rose water toner

    Buy Iba Halal Rose water :Vegan & cruelty free, paraben free, alcohol free

    ALOE VERA GEL as Primer Review

    2020 Update: Aloevera is amazing and tricky. I tried everything on the market nearly. But switched to having an aloevera plant. Nothing beats DIY. Yes, even the plant. But that's for skincare. For a hurrying time to do your makeup, you can roll with Patanjali. That's the cheapest and convenient to travel with. BioCare (haven't used), can be cheaper if you see quantity for the price, but maybe it doesn't have as much aloevera. BioCare shea butter was amazing. But amazon reviews say, all products of this same brand BioCare need not be the best, though some are.In a slightly pricer category, Aroma Magic sunscreen aloe vera gel is amazingly refreshing and serves as a sunscreen too!
    I bought an aloe vera gel from a local store for Rs 50 or Rs.60.
    NATURE'S ESSENCE ALOE VERA GEL. (Found it later online on amazon.) It is good, no doubt but the Patanjali aloevera gel has a thinner consistency and the press it out packaging comes in handy when you want to make DIY face mists, hair sprays, or heat protectants.

    Buying Links

    Yet to try the Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel.UPDATE: Have tried and tested the Patanjali Aloe vera gel. It is awesome!! And, also cheapest natural and safe alternative to primer available, unless of course you want to DIY the actual aloe vera gel from the plant. This is the only market alternative that you have that money can buy, at the least. If you know of a cheaper one, don't forget to let me know!!

    Got an Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Gel with sunscreen (which is a great thing in Indian heat!!!). It all does the job ok. One tip is to let the Aloe vera gel dry. If you start buffing on it, you have wasted everything. The foundation or BB cream will fall out to pieces. People in a hurry should always try a BB cream or even better a CC cream.
    Buying Links

    2020 Update: Used the whole bottle years ago. It is a nice primer alternative. But so far, I find Lactocalamine to be the best primer alternative.
    The NIVEA MEN AFTER SHAVE is very much raved about as a primer. Haven't used it yet.

    In my move to try everything natural and yet surviving without a hole in my pocket, I'm trying my best

    2017 Update: Aloe vera gel with glycerine works nice. For the nails, glycerine actually makes the glitter nail paints completely come off like a peel. Let me know if you want to know more. Full-face of Lotus? Is it worth it?

    13 Oct 2017: Lotus Herbals has also come up with a primer? 
    My quick review is to not waste all your money on Lotus Herbals. The main objective is finding the perfect safe alternative to chemical loaded drugstore cosmetics. As I keep finding stuff, I'll be updating this post. (And I kept my word. See above. ;))

    The good:

    There are some really affordable cosmetics that are not so harmful and whether they score a perfect safe 0 or even a green 2, we can (if not completely throw out chemicals)  at least make better and informed purchase decisions.
    For those who don't know, offers a skin deep rating where 0 is the safest, with a colour doing green and yellows are bad and reds are terrible.
    I have tried to include in this post, what
  • you can safely buy or maybe DIY, that is absolutely chemical-free 
  • or at least the best option there is, 
  • and something that works, and so far available in the market. The list in the post tried to stick to the budget-friendly, affordable safe makeup only. 
    P.S: Move that lazy thing. Comment! Just type & hit enter or touch,lol! ;) I love to hear from you. P.P.S: LIKE : Chirp/Tweet @Doveranalyst      Shortcut to comin back Keep visiting!
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