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Imagining the fifth dimension can be really extremely intriguing and tricky. Today in a #Drishyam way I'll establish how visual memory is the memory that affects us the most. Visuals help in learning the most. (Have included videos of all dimensions being imagined). 

So,  if you saw the movie #Intersetellar, you have heard a term fifth dimension. 

Especially, if like me,  you have also been given an education of horrible thin books being held up in a class to show the X and Y axis and for years you have wondered the Z axis is simply stupid because it is put on the same paper. Just because it's diagonal,  it means nothing. Right? 

Ofcourse,  we do understand what 3D is, because we see ourselves and other things having a depth but often we can't see it in our given frame of reference. But what spiked up the most curiosity in me was not the paper being folded and two dots in a plane touching each other to create a wormhole. We know that's possible. Come on,  we have all folded papers. 

But tantalizing is this – The definitely fathomable, aspect of past, present and future existing simultaneously. 
You see them in movies; cinema being the biggest driving force of visual media that affects our minds.  It has a capability of altering our perceptions of life forever. 

Not only sci-fi movies where you often time travel and reach Dinosaurs or the future but also movies like Chronicles of Narnia, and the Harry Potter series that constantly try to tell us of a parallel world that can be accessed in the right now from the reality that we live in. 

We call them imaginary world's or fantasies because certainly we cannot consider it as reality.  Only yesterday, we were having a conversation that,  creative writers are way evolved than we are and try to tell us things through their works of art that only few can understand. They are not necessarily what they seem to be. J. K. Rowling, for example,  speaks of collecting portions of Voldemort's souls – an aspect relating to we leaving portions of our souls in different planes. 

And the gateway. The gateway of reaching another parallel world. The possibility of a number of parallel worlds within our own reality. In # Narnia, it was the cupboard,  in #HarryPotter, it was some place in London where they could be teleported or walk into a wall to reach the platform for a train to HOGWARTS. 

Even as I'm going through the different dimensions,  it is extremely intriguing that right from Shaktiman series,  to those of us in Vedic schools, who had been taught of it even before,  our culture does speak of energies in our body that needs to be chanelled.

Across religions, a lot of people now believe in reincarnations and the eternity of a soul. The spiritual meaning in the context of Quantum Physics and all these dimensions that make one feel so ignorant are questioning my awareness of reality.

But if we really can at a point,  at a heightened level of awareness see our past and future,  (or probable possibilities), and also travel across it,  what then is time? If the one directional time as taught to us that never reverses,  never goes back, as taught to us that we can never undo the past,  can we then really change things? If the concept of anti-time is true,  then movies like Terminator make even more sense. That then,  is not an imaginary work of art coming from quirks of artists. Not from possible realities but actual realities.

In the context of these awe inspiring jaw dropping realities what is the context of moral and legal policing?

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