Consenting adults in a ROOM charged with #IndecencyinPUBLIC!

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Masaan movie richa chadda moral policing

Everything is banned. Can I get water? No. Banned

First #beefban and now #sexban.

Why talk of homosexual rights and gay marriages in India, (the land of Kamasutra), when the most common form of sex of a man and woman, both being consenting adults and who cared to book a room is considered a CRIME? Booking a room and not doing it on the streets is what got the 40 couples charged with "Indecency in PUBLIC ".

A scene of an exploiting police officer who ate THREE LACS comes to mind? #Masaan.

If you still unaware,  here's an excerpt.

On Thursday afternoon, theMalvani police raided hotels around Madh Island and Aksa beach after being tipped off by being an informer about a prostitution racket. While they booked three people under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act – ITPA, the police also took 40 to 50 consenting couples to the police station and charged them under the bizarre offence of 'indecent behaviour in public'.
They fined them Rs 1200, kept them in the station till 10 PM in the night and even made some of them call up their parents!
A female constable even slapped one of the girls when she pointed out that the police had no business rounding up couples! When the Twiterrati heard about this brazen misuse of the law, they lashed out. Here are some of the top tweets:
My immediate Tweet fighting #IndecencyinPublic #MoralPolicing #MumbaiPolice arresting 40-50 consenting adults

Response I got as expected. 'Perverted criminals'  seriously? What is happening to this generation? Why is police leading to more suicides as in #Masaan? 

Twitter responds to #MumbaiPolice arresting 40 consenting adults in hotel rooms for #IndecencyinPublic 

Apparently it is all fine till men #forcibly #molest or #rape or #kiss, but if there is a woman's consent it is NOT OK. 

For most women#MyFirstPublicIndeceny has to be some man flashing in a bus or train or for me: even in Jagannath Mandir 

What does Malwani Police want? 

That couples actually do it on streets? Sorry, I've a problem. That would make me uncomfortable. Consenting adults doing whatever they want behind closed doors is none of my business. Remember the Abhishek Bachhan famous tweet to Uday Chopra, 'Get a room, kids'.
Abhishek Bachchan had tweeted to U day Chopra to get a room

But then apparently 'Get a room' can't be a hotel. It has to be a private home. But look at the real estate prices and just the way the weird friend character in the Shortfilm, Best girlfriend puts it, 'Roomie ki ma ayin hain. Ab unke saamne achha lagta hai kya?'

My friend just asked,'So, if I go with my wife to a hotel, I'm not allowed to have sex?'

I'm a Hindu Brahmin and I never understood the beef ban.

In a secular country like India how could all other religions tolerate such an act by the BJP? Isn't it against the Constitution? We were taught the preamble in school. I used to be so #ProudToBeIndian that we have always been a peace loving tolerant country. I guess we are still secular,  right? How did the #achhe #din of #Modi government make it happen?
Fine, don't slaughter in a Hindu dominated area. But to even disallow meat slaughtered elsewhere?

I don't eat beef. Never will. But I've a problem with forced ideologies.

And this? Omg, what will be next? Condoms to be banned? Safe sex will be banned? #HumanTrafficking will be made ok? Till you shut down your ears to whatever is happening,  there's logic.

The meaning of CONSENT in a sexual encounter

As it is the men in happy relationships and marriages DO NOT UNDERSTAND the concept of MARITAL RAPE. They do not understand that if the woman does not have consent,  they are not supposed to do it. The art of controlling desire and not forcing it even if a woman was walking naked does not happen in India. Unimaginable.

But I feel good when I read that there are people in this world who also accept and are mature enough to acknowledge that even if she's your friend and was even maybe flirting with you, it is still rape,  it is still molestation if she kept saying NO. India is a land where most regressive men still think a woman's NO is actually a YES.

BECAUSE the women were NEVER ALLOWED TO SAY YES. It just didn't matter. Now that we women are saying,  we will say YES if we WANTED,  why is it so difficult to understand?

The growing divide between parents and children 

I see why it is difficult to understand. Because the people who shape the society, ( or try to,)  are still trying to increase the gap between the parents and the children. The parents who were barely growing to accept facts and getting a chance to have their own opinions (regardless of society) ,  based on art,  cinema and cultural media that they liked to read or see,  are being manipulated by this 1% of media. (#TVF's #PermanentRoomates comes to mind? The dad asking the daughter to stay in a live-in?).  But Twitter,  Facebook,  instagram etc holds 99% of media.

Go ahead and sex starve even those where both adults are willing and consenting. Will the police not be responsible for INCREASE IN RAPES then? 

Rapes in Public are ALLOWED. (This is sarcasm. To hint that people don't stop it). But consensual sex amongst adults behind closed doors is indecency in PUBLIC? Fined 1200 for it? Seriously?! Parents humiliated? Why! Why is the government forcing people to a regressive society where unsafe sex will be promoted? 

People do not book rooms ONLY FOR SEX

Imagine this— a young couple were afraid to offend people on Marine Drive and Bandra Bandstand and THE POLICE, all EASILY OFFENDED people and the INTOLERANT groups and decided to safely book a room to only 'kiss'. They didn't want to spend 6k for a kiss in Mumbai. And they feared the cameras hidden in the hotel. But there were none. Otherwise they would have reported it to the police. Ya, because they thought police is to protect us. But there came police beating them up, torturing them, harassing parents , telling them how to raise their kids because they had lawfully paid for a room? 

Now they are also in the society limelight for having committed the most heinous crime in the history of humanity — consensual sex —which, by the way, they have not even had.

#Update: Only yesterday I saw a couple kissing on Marine drive in broad daylight and in the loneliest corners a car had to pay the police 2000 bucks because they were holding hands and staring into each other's eyes and not even kissing. 

If a nation,  a people starts fearing it's own police that they will not abide by the law,  then how can we progress? 

I've read articles where sex workers are afraid to go to the police. Atleast prostitution is banned in India. 
But rape of a sex worker is a crime too. But where can the sex workers go for rescue? 


Also, I do understand it must be a cheap hotel. But is it then not straight attack on the poor? Are only the rich in India allowed to have sex? Let's go by facts. It is a tourist destination. What if budget tourists really had a change of plans and needed a place to sleep? Expect a raid! Whoa! 

This also leads to the mentality (as in Honey Singh's song — de de love dose, milta na mauka roz . Men will insist and persuade even within a marriage and within a relationship for sex when they finally can afford a room, even if the lady is not ready at that given time. 

Even married couples at times book rooms. 

Why have people forgotten that in india people still live in joint families where you have so many people, even a married couple is shy to have any sexual intimacy. What will then a poor couple do? They will book a room in a poor hotel! A legally wedded poor couple. What about them? When police raids as it does, and only caring for money, they do not care who are there. Being a man and woman in that hotel is enough I guess. There is no use of being sarcastic . India does not get sarcasm. Peoples voices are not being heard. #SpeakUp

Also #BrokeGirlintheCity or two #Broke colleagues may share a room. Friends share a room. Urgent needs as in #JabWeMet. Sometimes you just need a place to change? When there's no mall nearby? 

Why is #EveTeasing #PubliclyHarassing not #IndecencyinPublic? 

Only yesterday a man got away happily with attempting indecency near Infiniti Andheri in broad daylight. Aren't there enough rapes , forced sex cases to cover? The police does not care about Eve teasing. molestations, rapes!! Or thefts! (Your stolen high end phone or gadget comes to mind?).

If we call on 100 for help we hear an IVR. No kidding. 

Aren't morals a personal thing?
 Since when has India become a dictatorship in 2015? How do we let moral police get away with moral policing? 

Indian culture — Tolerating injustice is also injustice. Where are the human rights commission guys! Where is the world media? How long does it take to like, comment, subscribe? In today's social media why is the nation quiet?

I'm the most neutral person. Without being victimised I feel like speaking. I feel this is outrageous.

Isn't it our duty as a collective mass voice to #SpeakUp?

The nation needs to understand that forcing a woman into prostitution is a crime. Not consensual sex. Driving young prosperous young adults to even suicide at the thought of their parents being called, is a crime. (#Masaan - Saurabh &  Richa Chaddha scene).

We were happy to see the movie. God knows how that was allowed. But people DO NOT GET sarcasm. Half the people will say,  'See,  this is what happens!'  Or maybe the police was expecting 3 lakh from each couple. Point is,  as long as we do not speak up and parents and children do not unite,  #MoralPolicing will continue. Because it operates on the cultural gaps between generations. It exists because children are scared to talk to their parents. That is the fear tactics that they play on. It is also because the way we are brought up,  people feel having sex is shame.

I wonder if parents would consider having their son alive was better? He would have never killed himself if he could have faced his father. But the irony is if he would not have gone to this girl, he would have gone to a prostitute maybe. Only increasing the chance of STDs and HIV.

A major part of the population does nothing. Their sexuality gets screwed up. Maybe they can never enjoy it. It is not so easy for this generation to pretend it's awful and gross and suddenly do with a stranger after arranged marriage. Movies like Margarita with a Straw speak about coming to your parents about being a bisexual. Normal parents will kill you if you are even heterosexual.

Many years ago, I was reading an article with my parents. Parents in UK were asking their girls to have sex at home so that they are safe and do not end up in a cheap hotel with cameras or with a bad guy. So that they can ensure they have safe sex. We just read it. That's about it.

Got something in mind? Speak na.

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