So what happened on Valentine’s Day?

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The words still echoed to me from my Gmail.

'So you noticed those changes? Hmm? Hmmmm?? I saw your forward mail.
Something must have happened in your love life? ' Mom was her lovable playful self.

I wanted to speak to her. Be frank to her. 

Of course,  it was the valentine's day weekend. Of course,  a hell lot had happened. 

Tweet: Of course, it was the Valentine's Day weekend. Of course,  a hell lot had happened. #AyeshaDiaries #love #SliceOfLife

I wanted to tell her. She was my best friend. I wanted to tell her. Only if I could, that is.

'Hmm?? I already sensed. You had said you had gone for the play with Ginee. But I didn't say you lied because you would be mad at me again! I'm a master after all.  A teacher knows. ' She still seemed harmlessly playful.

' Hmmm... Hmm'

Should I say we met at the play? Oh, God!

'What hmm? Tell me. Think I'm Mausi. It's her day. Say thinking you are telling her. '

' Ya. It was this guy. He–he–said he liked me. That's all.' I heard myself speak. What's wrong with me? Why am I giving in?

'What's this guy? There must be something? Two legged animal? Or not? Odia? '

Yes, indeed Odia. My two lone crushes in life. How many times do you think coincidences happen!

'No. Four legged. Creature. Like those–'

' Ya',  she giggled, 'Four legged bear?'

'Ya! ' I laughed on. Well, he was.

'Oh, come on. Tell.'

The stark reality loomed like a black flash in front of my eyes. So strong that the lighted white room seemed dark. What was I thinking? Getting into mom's prank and telling her? It was a trap. That could kill her and get me killed!

'What do you want? Am I thinking or what? It's just a little moment to smile &  forget. It's nothing. Nothing really. That's all. '

I know I was being caught. I know I don't know how to lie. They are not supposed to ask the right questions! If only parents ever understood. But that's life,  now, isn't it? It's not supposed to be easy.

I remember his words.

" 'Thank you so much for being my valentine. This–was the best valentine of my life so far. '

' You don't like me? You don't like me at all? And you spent pre-valentine, Valentine's &  post-valentine day with me. ' His over - confident smile. "

Deep sigh. No. I don't like him.

I'd repeated this to him, to my office colleagues, to friends, in the 'Finally we got a groom for you' moment and to Mehernosh.

'So, when are you marrying him?' seemed the most obvious reaction after I said what happened.

As if we all have seriously stopped expecting so much from human beings that, even the slightest glimpse of romance seems unearthly enough to be the obvious catch to grab.

'What's the problem? He's a body builder, 6ft tall, romantic, filmy, your type....' my friend Mehernosh had texted from Dubai.

'His name.'

'His name? You got to be kidding me, Ayesha! '

I know it must be a game for him or whatever. Just that he knows what I like. He's got my kind &  he's playing it well. But how do I care? If it's still happening. I'm prepared. I'm not stupid. I won't be hurt. I can't be hurt. I know he's going to walk away when he's done. Ok, well, maybe not.

My valentine's words crept in a flashback. 'You are so confused, Ayesha. You are so lost that you can't feel what's going on. There are so many things that are going on in your mind. Why won't you share with me, baby? '

' Lost? Me? No.'

But,  it's all about letting it go till it goes.

Tweet: It's all about letting it go till it goes! So what happened on Valentine’s Day? #AyeshaDiaries #MumbaiDiaries #SliceOfLife

Suddenly why is everyone about getting me married to him or hopeful of some future? How traditional can people be?

Valentine's Day Eve:

I was so sick. He was so earnest to meet me. I kept reserving my energy taking proper rest,  put on my black satin shirt & black jeans with a white belt and fixed my look still lying flat on bed.

My hand found his arm & I walked interlocked in his arm. It was so natural, I suddenly remember, "I usually get my hands into the man's arm but I've somehow have not been comfortable with you to do that yet."

He lifted me in his arms all the way from the parking lot to Flamboyant. Those looks, fond gazes, the care as he released me to the ground, he indeed seemed pretty excited about making me his Valentine. Back at home one can't imagine going on a date atleast on Valentine’s Day. From fundamentalist political groups threatening to get you married if found with a lone man to ultra attentive parents,  you are so dead! Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. All we would do is celebrate the chocolate day, rose in pre-valentine's week and kick day,  slap day and what not in post-valentine's week inside the college premises with FRIENDS!

They offered us the wooden patterned corner seating with red & turquoise cushions. As beautiful as it looked, it was uncomfy. They won't give us the complete sofas. And I was at my worst sickness,  having been escorted from work to home for rest earlier in the day. Finally, we got a better one.

Although he kept going for calls,  it was still nice with a decor of white &  turquoise, tiny white flowers' center piece to match.

'Thank god I didn't wait for forever. This soup was heaven! Decreased my anger for you going on calls. Hahaha! '

He gave me a 'I'm glad' smile as he sat.
'Parents. You know they are out now' he digged in, ' Nice, indeed'

'The lemon really helped me.'


' You can talk. Koi punishment nahi hai'

And he would laugh. 'Aap bhi to bol sakti hain'.

I kept taking my medicine from my bottle to control my pain.

'Beudi '

' Oye! I'm not a drunkard. It's just medicine'

I join him in laughing.


'You! 'I continue my squinted glare to playfully threaten him.

'Don't give me that steeling killer glare. I'd kiss you. It makes me want to kiss you right now. '

Incorrigible rebel as I'm, I continue.

' Should I kiss you? '

I move back with a smile,  concentrating on food.

Eyes still on table, ' You know I don't like PDA. '

' PDA? Oh, no Post Date Analysis? '

' Hahaha. No. In fact I do like PDA then '

' Oh. Public Display of Affection? Great! 'he leans ahead to kiss me.

With the ' You are Incorrigible' look on my face I lean back to my chair.

'I've never had chestnuts before '

' You don't like it? '

' No' I twist my lips apologetically.
' Array, you are serving all mushrooms to me. What will you have then? '

He fed me a lot. Fork after fork just found my mouth.

' No. I swear I can't have more. No. No. No. No. No. '

'Just one. Come, on. You know I hate wasting food'

Deep sigh. Nor do I. But, aren't men supposed to have the larger appetite? I'm always used to eat just a bit.

A little kid of 3 feet or less was taking a click of her parents maybe, who lovingly sat in a cosy sofa outside.

'Wow, so cute! ' I'm all #Awww mode.

' You want to click a picture too? '

' Where? We are already out'

'There, in the sofa'

'No, they are still sitting.'
We can't sit on them.
' We can't disturb them. Let's go. Sometime later ' I flutter my eyelashes,  getting into my shy mode.

But whooops, he picks me up again. I check if my waist is covered and resign happily in his strong arms.

Back in the huge car, he gave me a shoulder massage to ease my pain. My groans were as obvious. Of relief.

It was fun hell ride later as he kept lying to his friends waiting up for him for the movie that his tyre has been punctured &  what not even as he kept taking circles to talk some more with me.

'When should I pick you up tomorrow?'

Pretty direct a question &  of course I couldn't ditch him on Valentine's day eve.

But in my mind I kept thinking, can I kiss him? If I meet him, he'd expect it. He's been waiting for this since weeks.

'It's not about you. It's about us. There's exactly a week left for valentine's day. If it's meant to be, then we should wait for the special day'' he had said.
For Ayesha,  it was becoming a dream come true. A chance date. Ayesha had thought it would end at the first date. But life surprises her, as always. An understanding date who respects her consent and comfort so much. He's been constantly speaking of Valentine's Day and made it much awaited. Someone who's seriously asking,  'Would you be my valentine?' But what actually happens on Valentine’s Day? After deciding on entering Taj what will happen? 

S01E03 | The Valentine's Day kiss

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